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The Meek House Coffee + Tea

A European- vibe, mom and pop shop. We serve only Fair and Ethically Traded Coffee. Because we try to spread kindness through humility one cup at a time. Our cup of coffee affects more than just...


27471 San Bernardino Avenue, Suite 140 Redlands, CA 92374


Halloween Light Show & Events

Drive-by Light Show

Looking for a memorable Halloween experience? Take a drive-by Mission Pediatrics Redlands office located at 114 W Vi...

  • All Day on 10/31/2022

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Off the Beaten Path

As a local Redlander you are probably looking for the inside scoop. You have been to State Street and eaten at all the well-known spots. Is it time to shake things up? Well, the team at Creative 7 Designs has some off the beaten path suggestions for you to escape the madness. Check out their hole in the wall, uncommon, secret spots. Photo Credit: Bruce Herwig

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Nonprofits Worth Knowing

Our lives are filled with food, gifts, and general overabundance. Why not give spread the love and add giving back to your community to your to-do list?

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Badger Bowls: Meet the Family!

Badger Bowls is a new family run deli/cafe in downtown Redlands. Their mission is to be all inclusive and seriously delicious. Continue reading for their GRAND OPENING details and more about their team.

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The Six Best Gifts a Pet Owner Can Give a Pet

We asked Furry Face owner Lorin Grow to name the top best gifts pet owners can get for their pets, expecting to hear about the Lamb Chop squeaky doll (a big hit at our house) and some chewy tendon braids.

She said, not even close.

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The Rebel Life Chose Us: Batter Rebellion

New local business, Batter Rebellion, tells us how their restaurant dreams became reality, what tasty bites you can expect, and what the future holds for them!

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The Face of Redlands, Part 2 "YOUNGBLOODS"

The YOUNGBLOODS photography art exhibit took place in 2014. It was the second phase of Redlands' Photographer Marc Piron's "The Face of Redlands." The purpose was to raise funds for unique art installments to Downtown Redlands and the Downtown Art Walk. Watch the video here.

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The Top Local Venues to Celebrate

Delicious food is arguably one of the best traditions. Take your visitors to a variety of Redlands restaurants for a fun evening out, and impress your mother-in-law with your knowledge about the best local eateries.

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Local Mama Resource Guide

Mama-ing is tough enough! Let us help you with some local resources.

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How to Navigate a Pandemic

Remember our favorite African Proverb? "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Well, if this pandemic has taught us one thing it is that we are strongest together.

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Our Local Parks

Did you know Redlands has 18 parks?? Continue reading to see which are kid friendly, preferred by our furry companions, a hiker's dream, and great for events!

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“To De or Not to De”….Tox that is!

Can we assist or speed up detoxification through supplementation and elimination diets?

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Zion Takes Redlands

Hi, I’m Zion. I’m seven years old and will be in the second grade this upcoming school year. My family moved to Redlands, CA from Rex, GA last year. Since I’ve been here, I’ve met a lot of cool people and visited a lot of really neat places. I love to read, write stories, cheer, and go on adventures with my family.

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The Flu is not inevitable

Question: I am so afraid of catching the flu, as I do every year. What can I do besides get a shot?

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Places to Eat with Kids

Dining out with children can be a challenge. How do you really know a restaurant is kid-friendly? Well, check out what these locals have to say about their favorite spots to take children.

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Cookie Corner – Home-made Goodness

They aren't just "another" cookie shop, they are locals specializing in giant, soft, chewy cookies.

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Signature Cocktail Tour, Redlands 2022

The time has come! Grab a buddy and get ready to weave through town tasting some of Redlands' finest signature cocktails and mocktails. Not sure what a signature cocktail and mocktail are?? Keep reading to find out...

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COVID: Through Our Local Business' Eyes

Do you know someone who owns a local business? Are they your best friend, brother, or mother? Maybe they are a neighbor who you only see rushing to their car. Local businesses are made up of people within your community. COVID-19 and the shutdowns have effected them in every way. It is our hope to help the general public understand that things are not always black and white.

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What a Great Time to Head Outdoors

In 2020, the world as we knew it slowed down and stopped, giving way to a new world of uncertainty and, at times, isolation and loneliness. Our entire way of life has been disrupted. Yet, there lies at least one opportunity amid this upheaval: we now have more time for each other and for nature.

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Mom’s Mattress Myths

Question: My mom told me that our mattresses has dead skin and mites in them so we should vacuum the mattresses. Is this true?

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18 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Redlands

Two things we love, food and our dogs. Why not combine the two?! Here is our list of local dog and human-friendly digs. Enjoy!

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Once Only a Haven for Hispanic Food, Ranch Succeeds in New Markets

There's never been a question about the foundation of the Ranch Market. Once only a haven for Hispanic food, Ranch succeeds in new markets.

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5 Mental Health and Wellness Tips for Parents

From being the driver and chef, and sometimes the judge, parents take on many roles for their children every single day. But with the current health crisis, taking on these roles feels harder than ever.

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Beloved Couture Bridal: Where Your Dress Makes a Difference

Reasons to shop for your wedding dress at Beloved Couture Bridal: incredible designers gowns are sold at insane discounts, the money stays in the Redlands community, AND you help ease the financial struggle of families supporting loved ones with terminal cancer diagnoses.

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Dining with Dogs in Redlands

Perhaps I'm biased (ok, I AM biased) but it seems like dogs are increasingly more present in people's day-to-day lives. For many, they are part of the family, often referred to as 'kids' and parents seem to be just as quick to show pictures of their four-legged as their 2-legged kids.

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Attorney’s best advice is one simple way to protect your family

When I talk to my neighbors in Redlands about what I do, they sometimes ask me what’s the best advice I can give them. Without hesitation, I recommend immediately looking at your auto insurance declaration page, you know the one that shows the amounts of coverage you have.

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Top 10 Fave Redlands Businesses

Jacquelyn and Ian are huge supporters of all things local -- you may even recognize this incredible couple from our Live Local Love series on Instagram. Well, they are finally telling us their favorite spots around town!

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10 Must-Try Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup Recipes

Did you know there are tons of ways to incorporate Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup into your everyday diet? Candice Wenzel, owner and founder of Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Company, makes and sells elderberry syrup using organic elderberries from Three Sisters Farm, raw honey from Soffel Farms, and oranges from Jacinto Farms.

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Fed is Best

Mothers are often criticized and judged for how they raise their children. So, Redlands' local mamas from FIT4MOM and Occupational Therapist, Danielle Delorenzo, are here to share their unique feeding journeys.

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Mom Hacks by Mamas for Mamas

Our FIT4MOM mamas were asked to share some of their favorite 'mom hacks' (some gave tips/advice). Lots of great responses came in! We are excited to share with you!

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Why I Love Redlands: Gabriel Gonzalez

From mouthwatering local eats, alluring orange groves, engulfing mountain ranges, to its distinctive inhabitants -- Redlands has a unique appeal to everyone who calls it home. Gabriel Gonzalez is no different.

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Coops Coins - Bullion, Currency & Stamps

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t collect something.” said Randy Briggs

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