Charitable Affiliations

"About Redlands is a proud and devoted contributor to local charities, non-profit organizations and the arts. "When we are motivated by the desire to serve, we are looking out for others. A service mentality is a far more abundant attitude.”

Giving back to the community is very important to us and gives us the drive to find new ways to attract people to shop, play and stay in Redlands.

In 2018 promotional support provided for:

The following is required from each organization for in-kind promotional support requests.

  1. Please email a request for promotional support to each fiscal year (sample- We would love to have your continued support in sharing/communicating our events with the people of About Redlands.)
  2. Subject line "Promotional Support Request"
  3. List organization here Select FREE LISTING. We will send you a welcome email requesting your online links that we will add to your listing.
  4. Place icons to follow About Redlands on all social media platforms and website. Acknowledge About Redlands inkind donation on your branded social media accounts and event programs.
  5. $125 annually for unlimited support at the GOLD level ($1200 value)

Each donation $1200 Value

Each inkind donation includes:

  • Fundraising events posted in About Redlands Social Media network of 70,000 Followers.

  • Your event posted on Redlands Official Community Events Calendar. Some restrictions apply. Non-partner businesses associated with a fundraiser must be a partner of

  • Your event posted in one e-newsletter which is sent to 6,901 subscribers. Deadline for submission is the 25th of each month for the e-newsletter sent the 1st of each month. Email or sign up to receive the monthly email update reminder here-- simply reply to that email with what you'd like to add.

  • Submit your event via this form HERE and email all flyers, brochures, etc to : Once we receive everything we will list it HERE and then post on the About Redlands Social Media Network of 70,000 followers. Redlands LARGEST online network.

ORANGE and BRONZE memberships are earmarked to help us continue this support for our local non-profits. We thank all those partners for their continued support!

In 2017 $56,400 in-kind promotional support was provided

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