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Di Milano Nail Spa

We got a lot customer from the post you made on IG and FB. I am so thankful for your service!!

226 Collective

We primarily signed up as a thank you for previous referrals, and to have our business listed in the directory. We are currently near fully booked for the the first 2 quarters, so we are not doing any active marketing at this time. All that to say that there's no need to post about us on social. Thank you!

Dirtbag Shop

I always talk about you guys to local business owners and the first thing I usually ask is if they are a part of About Redlands. They usually know who you are, but I have experienced a few that don’t. My best explanation is that you guys help promote Redlands businesses and when they ask how I explain the different ways you do whether it’s through the directory, events, stories, feed and IGTV.

I always mention how great you guys are at suggesting new ways of getting out there, especially since I am a new business. Since you guys have been updating daily on any new news for businesses during this time I mention that now and how you guys helped me.

Honestly, I didn’t know who to ask and since you guys have so much contact with Redlands businesses you were the first one I thought of!

Thank you again for your help with everything. When all of this is over, I’m definitely going to increase my membership.


Three Sisters Farm

I've been meaning to thank you for continuing to let folks know about the Grove Market. Despite the negative comments (which there are always bound to be), we are finally getting the exposure and traffic that we have hoped for. The vendors are so thankful to have an outlet for our produce and are happy to be selling in the sunshine and open air to customers who appreciate having access fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks again for your service, we really appreciate your voice! Abby Harned

Power Plant & Nekter

Keep up the great work you do for local businesses in town. You have an amazing platform. Gagan Batta owner.

Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market

You have the pulse on the community and enough followers and engagement to make us want to connect-as we know people are interacting with the content we provide when it comes from AR. Mike Barnett, Marketing Director

Vasa Yoga Studio

Being a part of the About Redlands community makes you feel connected to other people in the area that you may not have connected with before. I love when new businesses join and love watching the connections grow as our community grows bigger and stronger. Being a small business owner is tough and every support or resource we get is amazing. Thank you About Redlands! Lisa Vest, owner.

Capture Your Beauty

“I would like to say Thank you so much for this post on your page. I booked one appointment because AboutRedlands. I’m blessed to be apart. Great work Ladies!” Crystal

Angel's Closet Charities

Just a note to let you know Eureka Burger has contacted us regarding their 10 year Anniversary - Angels' Closet Charities being selected as the Charity to benefit from the event on June 24. I can't thank you enough for the referral as it means so much to us to raise the funds to help the kids. I will send you the flyer when we receive it - or they may contact you not sure. Thank you so very much for all the help and support you have given us - it means a lot! Pat

Joshua Northcott - Hounder & Co

Thank you for the referral! We love you all.

Ryan James - Grub to Go

The About Redlands site and services you offer are well managed and easy to interact with; it’s been pleasure to be apart of!

Tory Jones of Ixchel Triangle

Our pop up event last weekend was a huge success. Hundreds of people turned out to support our local businesses. I had at least a dozen customers tell me they came down after seeing our Instagram live on About Redlands and even more who came after seeing your posts about our event. We have a nice social media following, but it's so important to reach our local community through social media especially for events and About Redlands has that!

Cathy Nobles Schmidt - resident

I am so thankful for all of your information and keeping us informed!

Bella Pelle by Colleen Preci

Thank you so much for creating an inexpensive way for people to market their business locally! It’s a blessing to me! The video you made for me and posted has brought me so many new clients. I can’t thank you enough.

Welsh Insurance Services

We set an appointment off the IG ad you ran! Boom! Thank you! Scott

Premier Home and Design

We received 30 new Instagram followers after you posted us. I also got a call for an estimate from your Facebook posting 👏🏻 Thank you!! Meriel Wasbotten

Simple Touch - Interior Solutions

We just opened and are located off the beaten path. Most of our walk-in traffic has been from your site. THANK YOU! Nicole Trozzi

Joe Ayers

I love your "About Redlands" and your enthusiasm to educating us on all things Redlands. Redlands resident

Active Life Chiropractic

I received a new patient the very first month I signed up! After the recent Instagram post I received a lot of new followers and a new patient. Thank you! Dale Andelkovic

Laura's Travel Service

The team at AR are totally committed to the business community of Redlands! She too is a small business and is all about helping the rest of us getting the exposure we need and don't have enough time or expertise to do ourselves. Her membership fee is money well spent! Owner Lynda Creatura Schauf

Green Accounting Team

I would like to thank About Redlands for advertising LOCAL businesses on their site. I was able to find two local businesses to help me with my needs lately and I have About Redlands to thank for this.

First – I used Pride Plumbing Services when my water heater went out on me. My water heater was still under warranty however when I called the manufacturer, there were no local companies in my area to help me. The manufacturer told me I was on my own. I remembered seeing Pride Plumbing on the About Redlands site and called them. Pride Plumbing understood that my family was without hot water (it was February and a bit chilly to be without hot water). Michael had someone promptly come over, do a diagnostic, order the part and the next day I had HOT water. It was amazing.

Second – I used Exigent for my business IT needs, whom I saw on the About Redlands FB posting. Dustin was absolutely amazing. I emailed him telling him I was a newbie. Dustin responded quickly, scheduled a phone call and was able to tell me what would be best for my business during our phone call. Better yet, Dustin was able to recognize that my very small business did NOT need the extensive hardware that was previously quoted to me by another IT professional. Dustin and his staff were able to accommodate my business at a VERY reasonable rate with excellent service. His staff even called me to tell me that they thought my project would take a little longer to do once they started it. THANK YOU for doing this. They were very professional.

Also – thank you to About Redlands for guiding me to these businesses. Angela Green

Citrone Restaurant & Bar

You do great work. I have lived in Redlands my whole life. I am fourth generation Redlands. I bleed this town and love our business community. Your promotion and assistance to others is consistent, fair, and extremely beneficial. I enjoy reading what you write about others and especially for those very small, boutique companies, your service is tremendous. Thanks for what you do. Brandon Pearce

Redlands Estate Sale Consignments

How fortunate we all are to have this type of media for all of us to use. Deborah and her staff at About Redlands have brought us something that is special and unique. For those of you just inquiring about this page there is no other for resources and up to date information regarding anything to do with Redlands. Truly a visitor of Redlands or a longtime resident of Redlands & The Inland Empire should never be without. As a business owner there is no other advertising media that even compares with the results I have received from About Redlands! The time, effort and PASSION for Redlands that Deborah has put into About Redlands and her multitude of other support systems to Redlands is to be commended. Once again how fortunate we are to have Deborah and her business right here for our beloved city of Redlands! Owner David Hazekamp

Sister Sister Rescue

I love love LOVE about Redlands!!! It is my GO TO for all things Redlands. It is a very organized, and up to date site, that really keeps the community, and those visiting informed. Redlands is a special place, in a world gone crazy, we still have our gorgeous mountains, orange groves, local business, and small town charm. Also, my non-profit (Sister Sister Rescue) has been supported by About Redlands, and it has made our efforts to help local homeless animals even more fruitful. Never change Redlands! Thank you to those who work to preserve and improve our town. Allie Johnson

American Acrobats Performing Arts & Fitness

Marketing with about Redlands has been one of my best decisions for my new acrobatic fitness studio. The coverage that I get for the price is unbelievable. I always ask my clients where they heard about us and I often get feedback that it was through About Redlands. Debra has been a huge help to me. I am not very computer savvy so she has been very patient. It was smart for me to allow the professional to do what I am not good at! I also want to say that I have used about Redlands for my own personal use. It is the best place to go to know what is going on in Redlands. It lists all the events and all the fun things to which is great when I'm looking for something to do on the weekends. Karen Castle

Kathy Behrens

This is the ONE PLACE to go to get the skinny on what's happening in and around Redlands. Which, by the way, is a #coolplacetovisit with #lotstodo including #gorgeousscenery #greatlocalfood and #uniqueshopping. I may be biased 'cause I live here, but having traveled nearly 10,000 miles through countless small towns across America this past year, I don't think so. Redlands rocks! #smalltowngetaway #notlosangeles

Krystle Roth

Best spot to find out what's happening in Redlands!!! What's new, upcoming events, Grand openings etc. Also great place to Advertise your personal business!!! Agent - Berkshire Hathaway Perrie Mundy Group

Saverino's Deli

About Redlands is the best way to find out what's going on and all the Hot Spots to be in Redlands! It's my personal go to page. Owner Veronica Camacho

The Energy Lab

About Redlands has given our community a home for news, services, local events and everything going on in our town! I love that it helps anyone new to the area or visiting, find the activities they might be looking for and that it serves our local businesses! It keeps our small town feeling close and our community feeling connected! Jill Ruth Rooks - owner

Kaley Orland

The best resource for all Redlands events and information. I always check the AboutRedlands page and website when looking for fun date ideas or things to do in town! Recent grad of U of R!!

Shoulder to Shoulder Communications

About Redlands is a site created by a resident who knows what Redlanders need and want. It's everything in one spot, and like most community products, it's done with heart. This is a business that supports local businesses with honesty and enthusiasm, and gives freely of space and skill to the nonprofits that keep the town churning. If you're not taking advantage of the opportunity as a client, you're doing yourself a disservice; if you're not taking advantage as a Redlander, you're out of the loop. Toni Momberger - co owner

Shannon Leeton Rankin

Oh how I love About Redlands! As a client, it is by far THE best marketing tool around! My business increased virtually overnight when I signed on last year (no exaggeration!). Deborah is the most professional, relatable, easiest person to work with, who truly cares about peoples' success. As a subscriber, I am never left wondering what is going on in our little town. AR keeps everyone up-to-date on weekend activities, events, dining, and everything in between. I look forward to every post. So happy I stumbled upon this gem!

Gina Diaz

We all love Redlands for different reasons. People. Community. Food. Landscapes. Hometown. Stories. Whatever motivates you, Deborah's commitment to About Redlands is always there providing us with a landing page for the best local eats & hangouts, local events, and building relationships by connecting people, businesses and artists. About Redlands is an amazing platform for promoting local businesses, fundraisers and artists. If you fall in to one of these catergories, make @aboutredlands your go to page and improve the reach of your social media. Local Photographer

Augies Coffee House

About Redlands does so much to promote non profits and community events. I couldn't do what I do without their support. Robb Pearson GM

Escape Craft Brewery

Love About Redlands. Both as a business owner and a Redlands resident. Keeps us in the loop of what's going on around us, and keeps a small town feel even if the city is growing. Keep up the great job. Josh Fisher

Creative Insights Counseling

I just got a new client that saw me on Instagram w you!! Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D.

Darby's American Cantina

I want you to know that I very much appreciate the hard work you do for all of Redlands Businesses. You are a huge help for us. Effective today I would like to upgrade to a Gold membership for Darby's. Thanks again, Jon Darby (Gold partner)


THANK YOU for sharing our job flyers. I received about 25 inquiries and hired 2 college students to share the office assistant position at Playworks. FYI most of the applicants heard about it through your Instagram page. You have a much larger reach than we do, particularly since FB holds back the business page posts for a paid boost. Kelli Wilms

Jen Wertman Photography

I've had 1 birth inquiry and just booked an indoor lifestyle session all from this exposure. Jen (Orange partner)


As a local resident, I’ve been using AboutRedlands for a while so I was really excited to hear that you work with the Redlands Y providing inkind promotional support! (Gold Partner)

Bruce Herwig

I wanted to let you know that the About Redlands photo contests has been such a blessing in my life. It gave me the confidence to get out there, show my stuff and make a calendar available for sale. It's added a joy and "pride" in my work that I didn't have before. Thank you. (Orange partner)

Barich and Associates Insurance Marketing Services

Veronica from Saverinos Deli & Market and I were talking and we think you do an amazing job of PR. Thank you for all of your work!!!! Megan Barich (Gold Partner)

Becky's Violin Studio

I am excited that Becky's Violin Studio Page received 15 new views over night. I think I want to thank as they have advertised me in many places one of them being Facebook. My desire is to build this page into an educational and motivational place for people to explore lessons, for themselves or for their children. I want to make it easy for the public to learn about lessons to attend an interview, and ultimately to enroll at a price that is comfortable to them. (Orange partner)

Wave Lengths Salon Gallery

Aboutredlands is the best I follow you and get so much info and pass it on to my clients about what's going on in Redlands. Thank you so much!!!! Maureen Hartman (and Laura Paris) Co-owners

Sound Experiences

Thanks so much! I have three emails about piano and music therapy since your post! Denise Young More about Denise (Bronze partner)

La Volata Pizzeria

Within one week of partnering with About Redlands we saw an increase in traffic. Tuesdays are slow days for us and that Tuesday, following the sign up and posts on the About Redlands network, 4 parties came in and told us they saw us on About Redlands. What we spent for the year to partner with About Redlands was redeemed that night. Thank you! Chris Driscoll More here (Bronze partner)

Creative 7 Designs

A special thanks to AR for helping us connect with businesses that need our services in the Redlands area. Excellent service and partnership to help Redlands be stronger. Thank you for the recent new website design customers and upcoming new clients which we are scheduling meetings for now! AR is the best value for my business in Redlands and a great resource as well! (Bronze partner)

Abbey Lunt Photography

Thank you so so much! You are amazing and I cant thank you enough for being a big voice for my small business. xoxo (Orange partner)

Hoy Landscaping & Construction

We would like to give a big shout out to About Redlands for their bona fide customer referrals to our company. I had no idea that this was part of their service. We have been so pleased with how they post on Facebook and have received many business opportunities due to their high volume of customers that use Facebook and their website. We so appreciate all you do for our company and the community. Best advertising money we've ever spent. (Silver partner)

Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, Inc.

I just want to say that we really appreciate your support of our business. About Redlands has been great for us. We are grateful. Adrian Donovan (Gold Partner)

The Tartan of Redlands

Thank you for all you do for us. You're awesome. General Manager Linda Crosby (Silver partner)

Oasis Church

I wanted to pass on a huge "Thank You" and an update of our event yesterday. In total, we made 200 sack lunches for homeless teens that were distributed. What was impressive was that more than 20 people from the Redlands community showed up to help because of your post on Facebook. Thank you very much for that. It showed the true heart of the people of Redlands. Blessings! Jason

Barich and Associates Marketing Services, Inc.

I want to give a big thank you to About Redlands.. They have been such a help with Marketing Barich and Associates Marketing Services, Inc... For all local business owners if you aren't using About Redlands you should look into it. Thanks again guys for all the help and support!!! 2014 Megan Barich (Gold Partner)

Scott Sames- Christian Handyman has been a positive advertising purchase for Scott Sames, Christian Handyman. We get inquiries about 2 times a month. The first call we get has already paid for the price of the advertising package we purchased. Some of the jobs that have come from this site, have resulted in repeated business and further referrals. We highly recommend using the site to further your business exposure. (Silver partner)

Cutie Pie's Grooming

Six months ago my daughter and I opened our Pet Stylist business here in Redlands. We did not know anyone in Redlands just loved the location. Once we opened I looked for a way to let the people in Redlands know we were here and taking new customers. One of my customers told me to look up About Redlands. Well to make a long story short within the past six months we have grown so much that we have hired a part time stylist . All this is because of the people who have seen Cutie Pie's Grooming on you so much for helping our grooming business turn so successful! Pam Morrissey

Ultimate Carpet Care

The last time you posted something about us on Facebook we got a good few phone calls from it. Thank you! Ramez-Christina Kiriakos


I moved back to Redlands 3 days ago and this site has been very helpful. Thank you.

Stone Wheel Olive Oil Co.

Thank you, quite a few people who have been to have been coming to the store. Just last night a lady knocked on the window after I closed to tell me she saw my ad and just wanted to say how happy she is that the store is in Redlands. I love it! Coming soon, Nappa Smoked Olive Oil as requested by a customer!

Kathy Harper

This is a GREAT site for both "locals" and visitors to find goods and services we actually want or need right here close to home--We use it all the time to "refind" our plumber (Al's Sewer Service), HVAC service (Burgeson's, of course!), Pest Control (Craig and Sons) and anyone else we might need! We love the community event support, too!


I reference daily to find out what's going on in Redlands. Thank you, it's a great resource. Reporter- PE


I follow AboutRedlands quite a bit via Facebook and have even tried my hand at one of your photo competitions several months back. I know a lot of the people at ESRI who are new to Redlands use your website quite often to find things to do, see, eat, etc. Scott

New Resident

Hello About Redlands!

I've spent a lot of time in Redlands over the past few years but moved here permanently just weeks ago, so this is a great welcome to Redlands and your Facebook page has provided great information on local happenings and businesses. I didn't miss Parliament Chocolate's opening this past weekend due to your posting--what a great local group of people opening a shop I'll be sure to visit.

Thank you!
Best wishes,

Scott Sames - Christian Handyman

He has been very steady for past few months, a lot coming in from the page (YAH!) so he hasn't had any time to write an article or think of anything to get more business (he is a bit overwhelmed right now). Thanks again for all your assistance. Love the site!

Gina Diaz Photography

Dear About Redlands, Referrals are the best compliments I can receive. Thank you so much for the recent referral of Alan C., and others, to me for my photography services. It was a pleasure working with Alan and his fiance in providing a corporate head shot required by his employer with an extremely short deadline. After a 25 day business trip, Alan returned home yesterday to Redlands and we were able to meet in the late afternoon to make this happen for him. Your AboutRedlands page continues to be a fabulous source of information for local happenings and business support. I appreciate receiving new customer referrals. Thank you again for sending new business my way. Best, Gina Diaz

Bracken Bird Farm is the most wonderful thing that ever happens to Redlands and all local businesses! Thank you so much for all your kind help and support! Your continual advising and generous practical help are priceless. Joe Bracken, Bracken Bird Farm.

Rob Robbins

Thanks Martha Green. Being "newer" to Redlands, your Redlands restaurant highlights on is quite helpful.

Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that our advertising on is paying off in spades. We are sourcing our incoming calls for individual and small business information and enrollment, and the vast majority have been through About Redlands on Facebook. Thanks for all you have done for us, Happy Thanksgiving!!" Adrian Donovan

Redlands Benchwarmers- Sam Trad

You do a great job for your community. Thank you.

Charlie Cutler - The Cutler Group

I’m a big fan of your About Redlands Facebook page and, whenever I’m looking for something to do in Redlands, go to your page first. It’s a great resource and I’ve talked with many local business owners about how effective your marketing is. It’s great to see your success in promoting the support of local businesses.

Corrie- International Day Spa

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I really cannot express my love and gratitude for the exposure & support you provide to local businesses. 3,776 people viewed the post you shared on the About Redlands Facebook page & 33 shares is fantastic! We have already gotten 3 new likes on our page since you shared the post.

We want to thank About Redlands for being a great supporter of small businesses in Redlands. Deborah & her team help share our content and extend our reach to the community. If you are a local business in need of promoting your products and services we highly suggest contacting About Redlands.

Gay Blackstone

I really appreciate receiving the monthly e-newsletter as I live in LA and also have a home in Redlands. I reference the newsletter when coming to Redlands and thank you for keeping me formed. [Gay is a television and stage producer, director, consultant, lecturer and author. Late husband Harry Blackstone, Jr.]

ULTIMATE Carpet Care

You are of great value to our company. Sincerely, Ramez &Christina Kiriakos

Chef Lee Burton

I have received so many referrals from About Redlands and couldn't be happier.
Thank you for your support.

Bella Visage Salon and Spa

Thank you for looking out for Bella Visage Salon and Spa and helping my business grow. Deborah, thank you for making Redlands a better place. Mary Fruciano owner

Mia Joiner 'E'

I went and tried à la minute yesterday with my friend thx to your advertising! It was amazing!! Next up I am going to try Augie's Coffee House! Thx for coming out with these each day :)

Lucy Sanders- Restore the Real You Skin Care Clinic

6-27-12: 3 new clients today !! All from the Facebook posts you did for me. I'm a Gold member and 3 posts are included in my membership. I am not on Facebook and just learning how to use a computer so am very grateful that my business is and it works!!! thank u.

2-10-12: I ran a summer promo coupon on my page and AR posted it on the AR Facebook & Twitter pages. In two weeks I had 9 new clients. Each one bought products and made another appointment. THANK YOU!!!!!

James Patrick Caley D.D.S.

Wow, Just got my first patient who indicated she found me on AboutRedlands!
Thanks, Dr. Caley. Monday, March 19, 2012 03:54 pm

Debbie Baker Stobaugh

Posted on Facebook
If you want to know what events, specials at stores, restaurants, and listings of services and stores in Redlands, go to It is so easy and it's amazing what they offer. You can find out about so many events going on for the year. I have found many coupons for restaurants, and information about Dentists, and nail salons I wanted to go to. Check it out, lots of information there.

Samuel Khan

Thank you again, you guys are a big help. God Bless

Kim Mudie

5 more days...and I'll be in Redlands to visit, and look for housing...and a hairstylist job....sooooo excited to be a part of your beautiful city...:) has been so helpful. Thank you!

Kimberly Crest

I just wanted to tell you how much we sincerely appreciate you and all that you do for us. Thank you again, have a wonderful day!

Lee Burton- Chef

According to the Google robots AboutRedlands has increasingly become a more popular source of traffic to my food blog. Must admit, I'm totally impressed with what you've done with the website, and, in turn, for our small locally-based businesses. RIGHT ON !!!!

YouthHope Foundation

Thank you so much for posting our information. We have had a large response because of your promotion. We have now been able to pass out most of the shoes. Thank you for taking care of the youth and creating awareness for our cause! In Thanks, Alana Mayer Development Manager

Captain Patrick Lyons- Salvation Army

My wife and I used to find everything we needed before moving to Redlands. We were so grateful that there was such a resource available. Thank you.

Mimi Barre- International Skin and Body

I appreciate you and your About Redlands so much. Mimi

Kendra Salot - Accounting 4 Computers

I just saw the bling phone holder, love it! I have seen the great work you have done with Sonia Lan, a mutual client.

I love your site! I am a Redlands Chamber member, reside in Redlands and my kids go to school there too! I support and try to live by the 3/50 model to keep the business' I love there!

Lynda S. Schauf - Laura's Travel Service, Inc.

I spoke with a woman last night who follows you on FB. She just loves your postings and frequents the businesses you feature she said. So you are doing a good job.

Brett Bailey

I have noticed that you post the daily specials for the Tartan Restaurant. My wife is a waitress there and she has told me that since you have been posting those specials they have been getting quite a bit of new traffic coming in. I was wondering if you could post a special for my Window Cleaning business?

Vintage- John Meyer

Dear About Redlands,

You are the best thing that has happened to Redlands since the first orange tree was planted !!!! Thanks for all you do! John Meyer

Fox Dance Studio

We had several people bring in the flyers that you handed out on Friday Night! Thank you very much for promoting our local business! Hopefully they enjoyed their first experience here and will continue to come back, thanks again! Let us know if we can help in other ways like that, thanks!

Michael S Kelley Photography are the sole reason that I am hearing that my name is at least getting a "who is this guy" comment in Redlands these days!

Advanced Cleaning Concepts

We’re very fortunate to see that businesses like yours are doing something for our community we strongly support.

Thanks again and let us know how we may contribute, even in a small way. We'll do what we can for Redlands businesses in these difficult times.

Thanks again, Mike and Michelle Johnson, Advanced Cleaning Concepts

Hoy Construction

We just want you to know how much we love We posted our company Hoy Landscaping and Construction on your site in January. We have received several jobs off this site so far, and expect many more customers in the future. Also, when customers Google landscaping or construction on-line we come up to the top due to your search engine. We feel this site is not only good for us, but promotes Redlands too. We look there first now when we need other services. We feel so good regarding that we put them on our fliers and vehicles. We sure enjoy seeing what’s going on in Redlands and what restaurant Martha Green has tried recently. We think all businesses should advertise on this site. Soon it will be everyone’s first choice. See our web page here

Isabella's Ristorante Italiano

We tell everyone about the web site and I am even starting to list the web-site in ads where I can. I get calls from confused people all the time and always tell them to go to your website and download a free dinner coupon and some people now come in once a week again thanks to the coupon so it is slowly building and I love it...THANK-YOU..!!!

See our web page here

Olive Avenue Market

We ran a "Free Scone & Coffee" coupon on which was quite adventageous for us. Many new customers presented it as well as regulars. We appreciate this method of advertising and will do more this year.

Sonya Rozzi- Owner Olive Avenue Market
530 W Olive Ave, (909) 792-8823

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