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50 Things to Do in Redlands
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50 Things to Do in Redlands

East of Los Angeles, you’ll find a quiet slice of small town charm. Nestled just below the San Bernardino National Forest, Redlands offers easy access to hiking trails, a plethora of quaint shops, and a variety of local restaurants.

Removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, the arts thrive and community gatherings abound.

Here's our curated list of the best 50+ things to do in Redlands

Though known for its orange orchards, Redlands California offers a lot more than sweet fruit. The small town is dotted with parks perfect for picnics and breweries ideal for hop-filled tastings.

Here you’ll find a variety of local trails, theaters, and shops.

  1. Redlands Trails

    Hiking Redlands' Trails

    From simple walks to steep elevation gains, Redlands offers the perfect starting point for your hiking, biking, and walking adventures. We’ve compiled a variety of hikes that take you through town and up into the foothills here.

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  2. Redlands’ Visitor Itinerary

    Don’t waste a minute! Make sure your Redlands adventure is loaded with fun. These Redlands’ Visitor Itineraries include tips about historical landmarks to visit, tours to take, and parks to see.

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  3. The Lincoln Memorial Shrine

    Redlands' Lincoln Memorial Shrine

    The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is the only museum and archives dedicated to the study of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War west of the Mississippi River.

    It is open 1pm-5pm Tuesday - Sunday.

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  4. A.K. Smiley Library

    The Smiley is not just a library. It’s a repository of local history. The newest wing houses historic items of various fascinations; the library holds classical statuary and fine art worthy of a museum. Its collection includes books for toddlers, picture books, easy readers, books-on-tape, magazines, and fiction and nonfiction collections.

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  5. The Kimberly Crest House and Gardens

    Redlands' Kimberly Crest House and Gardens

    This 6-¼ acre estate in Redlands, CA features a Victorian Chateau and Italian Renaissance styled gardens. It was originally the home of Mrs. Cornelia Hill, who built the stunning house in 1897. The gardens were added in 1905 when the house was purchased by John Alfred and Helen Cheney Kimberly.

    Today, The Kimberly Crest House and Gardens is now owned and operated by Kimberly-Shirk Association, a 501-C3 Non-Profit organization on behalf of the people of Redlands.

    Public tours on Thursday, Friday, and Sundays. Gates are open on Highland Ave to their parking lot until 5pm.

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  6. Ford Park

    Spanning 27 acres, Ford Park features two fishing ponds, lighted tennis courts, and picnic and playground facilities.

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  7. Redlands Dog Park

    Let your pup play leash-free at the Redlands Dog Park. It’s conveniently located in the northwest corner of Ford Park, adjacent to the Fire Prevention Demonstration Garden.

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  8. The Redlands Bowl

    The Redlands Bowl

    The Redlands Bowl is the oldest continuous music festival in the United States at which no admission is charged. This amazing summer concert runs from June to August.

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  9. Open Door Escape Room

    A live interactive escape room where you and up to six people have 60-minutes to decipher clues, discover hidden items, investigate a mystery and ultimately try and find the secret ESCAPE!.

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  10. Redlands Outings

    Where to go and what to do when you want to enjoy Redlands for a little day outing? This collection of Redlands Outings has you covered.

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  11. Redlands Theater Festival

    The Redlands Theater Festival season runs from June to September. The shows take place at Prospect Park, located just two minutes from downtown Redlands.

    The park is green and wooded with a spectacular panoramic view of Redlands. The theater is a half-timbered, open-air theater with remarkable acoustics.

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  12. The Redlands Art Association

    The Redlands Art Association houses art shows and classes. Located in downtown, the Gallery is open from Monday through Saturday, 11am - 4:30pm and Thursday Market Nights until 8 pm.

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  13. The University of Redlands

    The University of Redlands

    The University of Redlands campus features a palm-lined main street, lush green lawns, and canopy of 100-year-old trees.

    The Administration Building was built in 1909. From its steps, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view. Tours are offered from 10am - 1pm Monday - Friday.

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  14. Cosmic Bowling

    Add an exciting twist to bowling during Empire Bowl’s Cosmic Bowling nights.

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  15. The Redlands Symphony

    Founded in 1950, the Redlands Symphony is recognized as one of the top symphony productions on the West Coast.

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  16. LifeHouse Theater

    An independent, interdenominational theater, LifeHouse Theater shows original musicals and plays. More than 500 volunteer actors make up the staff.

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  17. San Bernardino County Museum

    A regional museum, San Bernardino County Museum features exhibits and collections of cultural and natural history. Among its special exhibits is the Exploration Station – a live animal discovery center with extensive research collections.

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  18. Edwards Mansion

    Redlands' Edwards Mansion

    The magnificent Edwards Mansion was built on Cajon St in Redlands, California in 1890. Ready-made plans were purchased by Mr. James S. Edwards, pioneer citizen and citrus grower, to build the fourteen-room house. It took over one year to build the original salmon pink structure.

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  19. The Asistencia

    To schedule a time for your visit, please contact or call 909-372-0855. Established as an adjunct to Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, San Bernardino Asistencia is often said to be part of a second, inland chain of missions. Located near Heritage Parke, today it is the site of a museum, small chapel, and gatehouse. The San Bernardino County Museum gave the keys for the Asistencia to the Redlands Conservancy in a move that should save money and bring a new level of expertise to stewardship of the historic property.

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  20. Redlands Footlighters

    Founded in 1945, the Redlands Footlighters has been bringing creative productions of live theater to the Redlands area for more than 70 years.

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  21. Sylvan Park

    Redlands' Sylvan Park

    Spanning 23.3 acres, Sylvan Park has traditional park features such as open grassy fields, picnic areas, a playground, stage and volleyball court. Additionally, it is home to horseshoe pits and lawn bowling. Free lawn bowling lessons are available. This fun activity provides a great way to get some fresh air and socialize with friends.

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  22. Redlands Restaurants and Fine Dining

    Redlands' Fine Dining

    Our small town is home to a large collection of exceptional restaurants. From home-style comfort food to elegant fine dining, you’ll find everything you want. Peruse our comprehensive Restaurant, Food & Fine Dining Directory.

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  23. Barton Mansion

    Built in the 1800s over an Indian burial ground, the Barton Mansion went on to achieve the haunted house trifecta, being the site of both an insane asylum and a jail. It's now been renovated into industrial office space.

    Hopefully the previously reported "yeti-like monster wearing a robe and carrying a lantern," was removed as part of said renovations. If not, you know, don't die around the water cooler or anything.

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  24. Discover Redlands’ Haunted Mansions.

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  25. Panorama Point

    Be inspired by the best views of Redlands.

    I-10 E, Take exit 81 for Ford St, Turn left onto Ford St, Take the 1st right onto Reservoir Rd, Take the 1st right onto S Wabash Ave, Turn left onto E Sunset Dr. N, Turn left onto Panorama Dr/Panorama Point Dr. Point in Redlands. Closed from sunset to sunrise.

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  26. Fine Dining

    Make dinner an elegant occasion at one of Redlands’ Fine Dining destinations.

    Find a Romantic Evening

  27. Local Coffee Houses

    Whether you’re meeting a friend to grab a cup of jo or you’re spending a quiet moment by yourself, Redlands offers a plethora of Local Coffee Houses.

    Discover the Best Coffee in Redlands

  28. Fox Dance Studio

    Kick your heels up and dance at the Fox Dance Studio. Offering a variety of dance lessons and open dance nights, this is a fun and lively way to be active.

    Lean Some New Steps

  29. Breweries, Brewers, and Tasting Rooms

    Sip and savor the best local hop and wine varieties around. Redlands is home to a collection of Breweries & Brewers. And, we have a wide variety of Tasting Rooms. Visit one or visit them all. It’s sure to be fun.

    Browse Breweries Browse Tasting Rooms

  30. Live Music & DJs

    Fill your soul with sweet, sweet tunes. There are a variety of spots showcasing live music and DJ performances.

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  31. Breakfast Joints

    Redlands' Breakfast Joins

    Whether you believe it’s the most important meal of the day or the most delicious, Redlands has a wide variety of Breakfast Joints perfect to satisfy your cravings.

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  32. Picnic lunch at Prospect Park

    This 11.4-acre natural park features trails and picnic facilities. It contains the Avice Meeker Sewall Theater, an outdoor amphitheater with seating for 407. The theater is home to the Redlands Summer Theater Festival.

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  33. Historical Walk Downtown

    Throughout Redlands’ downtown corridor the historical buildings are marked by plaques. They are normally affixed to the exterior walls near the store doors and include tidbits about the building. Go for a stroll and see how many you can find!

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  34. Story Time

    The Smiley Library offers regular storytime for ages 5 and up!

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  35. Southern Style Breakfast

    Get a big bite of the South in Southern California at The Eating Room. The breakfast menu includes their famous Elvis Special: Bananas and Peanut Butter French Toast and their very own Muselix.

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  36. Redlands Shopping

    Hiking Redlands' Trails

    Quaint shops. Awesome second-hand stores. Fun boutiques. Fabulous art galleries. Redlands has it all. Get the Redlands Shopping Guide.

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  37. Local Pizzerias & Italian Restaurants

    Make tonight a pizza night. Or pasta night. Or a pizza pasta night. Redlands has you covered.

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  38. Rustic Tea

    There’s something about tea that’s just good for the soul, especially when it’s shared with a friend. Reservations are required for this Rustic Tea event, but you won’t be disappointed. Or hungry! Tea includes a large collection of bites.

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  39. Market Night Downtown

    Established in 1988, Redlands Market Night is one of the most successful certified farmer’s markets in southern California! Visitors are welcomed into an inviting atmosphere complete with lighted trees, brick sidewalks, historic buildings, and great musical entertainment.

    Market Night Downtown operates Thursdays - 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

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  40. Dining with Outdoor Heating

    Dining al fresco can be really fun – if you’re warm enough. That’s why in Redlands many of our restaurants with outdoor seating have patio heaters.

    See the complete list: Dining in Redlands with Outdoor Heating.

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  41. Shopping Downtown Redlands

    Downtown Redlands is home to a plethora of art galleries, clothing shops, novelty boutiques and more. Check out our guide to Shopping Downtown Redlands.

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  42. Redlands Galleria

    This family-friendly antique shopping mall has a huge collection of novelty items, fine décor, and old school toys.

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  43. Redlands' Best Burger

    Redlands' Best Burger

    Tartan has been a family owned and operated dining destination and watering hole for Redlands residents and visitors for more than 50 years. The menu includes a collection of New American cuisine, including their ultra juicy “Tartan Burger,” voted Redlands BEST Burger in 2014.

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  44. Historical Glass Museum

    Redlands’ Historical Glass Museum is not a museum made of glass. However, it is the only museum west of the Mississippi River that only displays glassware made by American glassmakers and artists. The exhibits include over 7,000 examples of glass pieces found in the home from the 1800s to present times.

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  45. Saturday Morning Certified Farmer’s Market

    Redlands' Farmer's Market

    A year-round farmer’s market, the Saturday Morning Certified Farmer's Market is open from 8 am to 11 am Saturday mornings. It features a collection of produce booths, artist stands, locally grown meat and more.

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  46. Coops Coins

    Coops Coins has one of the most comprehensive selections of bullion, currency, and stamps. And it should. It’s the oldest coin and stamp retailer in the country under the same ownership.

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  47. Weekend Brunch in Redlands

    What’s better than breakfast and more indulgent that lunch? Brunch! And here in Redlands, we do brunch right with an incredible selection of breakfast-lunch fusion.

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  48. Redlands Parks

    We have some awesome parks Redlands. Prospect Park spans 11.4 acres and features rails, picnic facilities, and a 400+ seat amphitheater. Caroline Park has a water conservation garden with native plants, multiple trails, and open spaces.

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  49. Barton School House

    Redlands' Barton School House

    Built in 1901, the Barton School House is oldest Redlands school still standing. It was named after pioneer Ben Barton, who sold a tract of his Redlands ranch land to be developed into Redlands Colony in 1881.

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