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Our Travel Guide to Redlands Breweries: Drink. Local. Beer.

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Looking for the best 'brewery near me' in Redlands? From quaint microbreweries and renowned brewhouses to family-friendly environments and date night musts, these local breweries are offering some of the best pours around.

This bustling Southern California destination was once a sprawling orange grove — a deeply rooted history that can be seen growing in patches throughout the city still today. While the fast-growing metropolis nearby has seen traffic boom and skyscrapers rise, Yucaipa and Redlands’ mix of historical buildings and welcoming residents maintain both town’s original charm. 

One of the best ways to experience these local cities is to acquaint yourself with the growing brewery scene. And we’re not just talking about your favorite big-name beers. We’re talking locally owned and operated craft beer breweries.

* The cost of producing and hosting this content was donated to the Redlands Visitor Center, Public Charity, to support their LOCAL t-shirts series outlined at the end of this article. No business was charged to be included in this article. This piece was produced as part of our effort to support the local community by driving increased patrons to local businesses.

7 Must-Try All-Local Redlands & Yucaipa Breweries

Group of friends raising their glasses together to cheers

Breweries have a unique environment - not unlike a coffee shop. You will see groups of friends meeting to cheers a cold pint, others working away on their laptops, you'll even see families laughing, and dogs relaxing.

This selection of breweries highlights the local joints committed to unique atmospheres, high-quality pours, and a wide array of flavor profiles. Up first...

1. Hangar 24 Brewery

Right: Hangar 24 Betty IPA with blue sky, Left: Hangar 24 Orange Wheat in front of American flag

You can't go wrong with any Hangar 24 offering! Two local faves are their Orange Wheat (left) and Betty IPA (right).

Between the crisp beer, mountain views, and graceful aircrafts, Hangar 24 is infamous as a local favorite. They have always prided themselves on sourcing locally grown ingredients whenever possible. 

They are best known for their Orange Wheat. But if you are a beer enthusiast, you've probably heard of their Barrel Roll series, as well as their Pugachev’s Cobra special releases for members.

Hangar 24 got its name from owner Ben Cook who used to share home-brewed beers with friends after a successful day of flying. The group would gather at Redlands Municipal Airport's Hangar No. 24, crack open a few cold ones, play music, tell stories, talk aviation, and genuinely enjoy their time together. 

Founder and CEO, Ben Cook, said it best, "These days, the location of where the beers are brewed has changed, but the quality time spent enjoying a delicious, handcrafted beer and conversation with friends is the same as ever. I personally want to invite you to join the adventure. Cheers!"

So, aviation lovers, sunset chasers, and beer enthusiasts, this is your call! See you at Hangar 24 Redlands.

  • Hangar 24 is a kid- and dog-friendly brewery! They often times have house-made rootbeer or orange soda on tap for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic option.
  • They do not offer games, but there is plenty of room for your kids to enjoy. Upon request, Hangar 24 staff will bring a bowl of water for your furry friend.
  • 1710 Sessums Dr, Redlands, CA 92374

2. Our Brew

Left: Our Brew pint of Hidden Hazy IPA, Right: Our Brew pint of Glitter Hard Seltzer

Our Brew offerings - Hidden Hazy IPA (left), Glitter Hard Seltzer (right)

Opening their doors in 2018, Our Brew is one of Redlands' newer breweries. The environment is bright, fun, open, and extremely welcoming. Our Brew thinks of themselves as one huge family, and the second you walk through their doors you are part of that family. The staff and owners of Our Brew exude respect and admiration for their clientele.

What really separates Our Brew from the pack is their menu! There has a little something for everyone. They offer a handful of hard seltzers, including: 

  • A seltzer slushy
  • A lemon lime blonde called Sucia
  • Double Fluff Chocolate Cookie Pastry Stout
  • A Cinnamon Golden Stout
  • Imperial Coffee Stout using Wild Goose's Coffee Beans
  • IPA
  • DIPA
  • Hazy IPA

The list goes on! Grab your beer buddy and head over to Our Brew.

2351 West Lugonia Ave, Redlands, CA 92374

3. Hops & Spokes Brewing Company

A pint and tall can of Hops & Spokes most popular brew - Cranberry Double Hazy IPA called CranBEARING it All

CranBEARING it All, Hops & Spokes Cranberry Double Hazy IPA (YUM!)

Hops & Spokes is a family-owned and operated brewery in Yucaipa with a very appropriate theme — bicycles. Their team tells us, "We believe beer and bicycles just go together!" 

I think it is safe to say we all agree. Owner, Adam Tissot, took up cycling following a high school football injury as a form of rehab. He quickly fell in love. Twenty-five years later Adam, wife Kristin, and Kristin's father grind their metaphorical gears and get to work after 12 years of brewing from home! Queue the birth of Hops & Spokes Brewing Company...

All of their beers are handcrafted on-site, including their best-selling Take a KICKSTAND Blackberry Wheat, and CranBEARING it All Cranberry Double Hazy IPA! As if these flavorful and unique offerings weren't enough, the atmosphere really brings the heat.

The colorful, comfortable, and exciting space will have you dazzled! They also have lots of bike parking and even an area for bicycle repairs.

We look forward to seeing you at Hops & Spokes!

  • A dog- and family-friendly Redlands brewery! The environment and design of Hops & Spokes keeps kids entertained. You will most likely see other families there too. Of course, your furry friends are welcome! Water is available for all.

34324 Yucaipa Blvd A, Yucaipa, CA 92399

4. Brewcaipa

Brewcaipa was built by Scott Daniels, a retired Fire Captain. The brewery has a modern, western style to it, due to the roll-up doors and beautiful sleek wood covering inside and outside of the building. 

Walking into Brewcaipa you will feel like you are farther up the mountain, rather than 15 minutes from Redlands. They feature live music every Friday and Saturday night, trivia every Wednesday, and other family-friendly events like line dancing, paint nights, dueling pianos, yoga, and more!

Brewcaipa always has unique and rotating food vendors. Kids can enjoy a craft soda, while your dogs will LOVE the water. They offer a wild variety of brews, but one really caught our eye - their "brew-slushy" (pictured above on the right). This unique concoction is an experimental brew and typically around 5.5% ABV. 

You will also find:

  • Imperial Stout by the name of Diablo Brebaje
  • The BrewcaIPA
  • Brewcaipa Smash
  • Salt & Lime Lager
  • Brewaii a Coconut Cream Ale

And the list goes on! Swing by to try these brews and enjoy the ambiance yourself!

35058 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399

5. Smudgepot Brewing Company

Four pints of beer from the new brewery, Smudgepot Brewing Company - COMING SOON!

Smudgepot Brewing Company - COMING December 2022!

Haven't heard of Smudgepot Brewing Company? Well, they are brand new and not even open yet! We hope you join us in following their journey and welcoming them with open, beer-loving arms. They aim to be open in October - stay tuned!

Here is their story, "Smudgepot Brewing Company is an idea that’s been brewing since 2015 when a wine tasting trip ended with a homebrew kit being delivered the next week. This hobby turned into a passion. Join us for a fun environment and some great beer."

  • Kid and dog friendly - Coming in HOT!

2025 W Park Ave #3, Redlands, CA 92373

6. Escape Craft Brewery

(left) The Dude sandwich and Cream Ale called Boardwalk Surfer, (far right) Big Haze Energy IPA, (inside right) Cheeky Tiki sour

Be sure to eat when you visit Escape Craft Brewery's Downtown Oasis! The Dude sammie is a must try.

As their name suggests, Escape Craft Brewery aims to be a type of staycation. Walking through their doors instantly transports you back in time and to a tropical paradise. The decor at Escape brewery in Redlands is eclectic, historical, tropical, vivid, and endlessly dreamy. They have 20 house-made craft beers on tap and are constantly dropping new flavor-packed brews.

As if this weren't enough, Escape's newest location, Redlands Downtown Oasis, has a little something for everyone — wine, hard seltzer, guest beers on tap, Capri Sun, Pup Shack treats for dogs, and FOOD!

The food here is a must. Their weekend brunch is amazing, and the Detroit-style pizza is out of this world. You will also find tons of vegetarian and vegan options too, including meatless nuggets on the kid's menu.

  • Both locations are dog- and kid-friendly! You will find lots to hold your child's attention in both locations. 
  • Both locations have Capri Suns, and Escape's Downtown Oasis location even has a kids food menu. 
  • Your furry friend will love the Pup Shack treats too. Plus, don't forget to check out the kid and dog merch.

Downtown Oasis: 440 Oriental Ave, Redlands, CA 92373

Barrelhouse: 721 Nevada St #401, Redlands, CA 92374

7. Ritual Brewing Co.

(left) Tigers Hate Cinnamon - Horchata Pilsner, (right) Acorn Street - Blueberry Cobbler Witbier

(left) Tigers Hate Cinnamon - Horchata Pilsner, (right) Acorn Street - Blueberry Cobbler Witbier

Ritual Brewing Co. is located in an industrial warehouse with an open and welcoming atmosphere. The name fittingly illustrates the act of enjoying time with loved ones, friends and family; “a place to celebrate the rituals of life.” 

Play an enticing game of giant Jenga with friends. Or challenge your bestie to a rousing game of corn-hole. The lively atmosphere and competition might have you and your friends here for hours! Now we are sure you are wondering, how was the beer?

Ritual Brewing Co. features 24 taps of delicious year-round brews and limited taproom exclusives. If you have never been here, start with a flight - you are going to want to try their vast array of flavor profiles. Some local favorites include:

  • Blonde Ale HoneyBuzz
  • Hop-o-matic IPA
  • Wit's End
  • Hellion (a Belgian-style Golden Ale) 

Then there is the real crown jewel, Ritual's barrel series. You will find limited-release barrel-aged beers throughout the year, including Barrel Aged Fat Hog, Barrel Aged Big Deluxe, Barrel Aged Extra Red.

  • Kid- and very dog-friendly. Older kids will love playing corn-hole and jenga. Your small kids will need to be watched closely. They are not allowed to stand or lay on any games.

1315 Research Dr, Redlands, CA 92374


Launched in 2021, The Redlands Visitor’s Center’s DRINK LOCAL SERIES was specifically designed to highlight locally owned businesses in our hometown. The first of the series highlighted local breweries, including: 

  • Escape Craft Brewery 
  • Hangar 24 Craft Brewing
  • J. Riley Distillery

The second DRINK LOCAL SERIES highlighted local coffee shops. The following shops are part of the Drink Local Coffee series:

  • Olive Avenue Market
  • Stell Coffee & Tea Company
  • Amend and Revise Coffee Roasters
  • The Meek House
  • Dirtbag Coffee Shop
  • Sugar Bloom Cakery & Coffee
  • Wild Goose Coffee Roasters
  • Molinos Coffee 

The third DRINK LOCAL SERIES is highlighted in this article. As you can guess, it focuses on breweries! Each series is accompanied by a commemorative t-shirt that showcases the highlighted businesses. (Drink Local Beer T-Shirt pictured below available online or in-store at the Redlands Visitor Center.) 

Look for the Redlands-Yucaipa Beer Trail passport available at the Redlands Visitor Center. You too can participate in the Redlands Visitor Center’s DRINK LOCAL SERIES by frequenting these shops and/or buying a shirt. These are both great ways to support our local businesses. As a reminder, the following breweries are part of the Drink Local Beer series:

  • Hangar 24 Redlands
  • Our Brew
  • Hops & Spokes Brewing Company
  • Brewcaipa
  • Smudgepot Brewing Co.
  • Escape Craft Brewery
  • Ritual Brewing Co.

Show Your Local Shops Some Love

What’s another great way to support your local shops? Tag them on social media when you visit! This list makes a great DIY Redlands brewery tour. As you sample and toast, make sure to share your experience on social media.

An @mention with a positive review plays a substantial role in helping small businesses get found. Plus, you can make your mention go even further by tagging About Redlands to get your post re-shared!

The Redlands Visitor Center thanks JAM Sportswear for the AWESOME t-shirt designs!

All Redlands and Yucaipa Breweries were invited to participate in the Drink Local Beer t-shirt and brewery tour passport. Those listed gave us permission to add their business information online in this article free of charge and gave the Redlands Visitor Center permission to add their logos to the t-shirts. Each brewery made a donation to the Redlands Visitor Center to print 100 t-shirts and tour passports.

About Redlands has worked closely with the local non-profit, Redlands Visitor Center, on this series. We donate these articles to further promote and support local small businesses.


DRINK LOCAL BEER T-Shirt available at the Redlands Visitor Center or online here.

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