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18 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Redlands

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  • Written by: Lorin Grow Furry Face
  • Published:

Two things we love, food and our dogs. Why not combine the two?! Here is our list of local dog and human-friendly digs. Enjoy!

Because we firmly believe fur babies are part of the family, we hate the idea that they have to stay home every time we eat out. Just because we have opposable thumbs shouldn’t mean we get to have all the fun! Whether it’s breakfast, dinner or grabbing a drink, there’s a substantial number of dog-friendly restaurants in the greater-Redlands area. 

When to Look for in a Dog-Friendly Restaurant 

The following list outlines some of the local restaurants contacted for this article. Each of these establishments was asked the following five questions:

  1. Do you offer dog-friendly seating areas?
  2. How often is this area utilized by dogs and their pet parents?
  3. Do you offer outside water bowls or any dog-friendly treats or extras?
  4. Do you currently promote your dog-friendly seating areas?
  5. Are you open to any dog-friendly promotions or events?
  1. Batter Rebellion

    Well-mannered dog on patio

    Indoor patio seating with 3 tables, and 2 outside covered tables, water bowls upon request.

    Batter Rebellion

  2. La Volata Pizzeria

    Two patios: 1 covered completely and 1 with umbrellas if needed, no misters, fresh water on request, 1-2 dogs/week, open to dog-related promotions and events.

    La Volata Pizzeria

  3. Darby's American Cantina

    Darby's newly added patio overlooking State St. is dog-friendly. More ideal for small dogs as it is relatively narrow.

    Darby's American Cantina

  4. Copehouse Bar & Bistro

    Outside seating with 8 tables. Fresh water will be provided if requested.

    Copehouse Bar & Bistro

  5. Escape Craft Brewery: Barrelhouse + Downtown Oasis

    Dog in front of pint of beer at Escape Brewery

    Brewery seating, multiple tables in and outside, lots of tables and seating to choose from. 10 dogs/day, fresh water for each dog, no treats or extras, promotes on social media, very open to dog-related promotions and events.

  6. Eating Room + Dough'Lectibles Bakery

    Outside in front - 2 tables with umbrellas, outside water bowl, no treats or extras, extremely limited availability.

    Eating Room/Dough'Lectibles

  7. Nekter Juice Bar

    Shared outside seating with 4 tables with umbrellas, 1 dog/day, fresh water on request, no treats or extras, open to dog-related promotions and events.

    Nekter Juice Bar

  8. Hangar 24 Brewery

    Dog licking the bottom of owners pint

    Brewery seating, long family style table with multiple tables around, covered patio with a stretch of grass in front of patio. 10 dogs/day, fresh water, no extras, promotes dog-friendly seating and very open to dog-related promotions and events.

    Hangar 24

  9. Olive Ave. Market

    Outside seating, 8-10 tables (4 in front, 6 on side + in back), grass, 5-8 dogs/day, fresh water on request, treats inside the front door so pet parents can grab without going inside. Promotes as dog-friendly online, mostly word-of-mouth, open to dog-related promotions and events.

    Olive Ave. Market

  10. Oscar's Mexican Restaurant

    Outdoor seating with 4 tables, 1-2 dogs/day, fresh water on request, no treats or extras, open to dog-related promotions and events.

    Oscar's Mexican Restaurant

  11. Ritual Brewing Co.

    Brewery seating. Dogs allowed inside. 10 dogs/day, fresh water for each dog upon request, no treats or extras

    Ritual Brewing

  12. Stell Coffee & Tea Company

    Outside patio with umbrellas and 10 tables, four tables out front with umbrellas, grass along the side. 5 dogs/day, water bowls, no treats or extras but menu sides of meat are available. Promotes as dog friendly, open to dog-related promotions and events.

  13. Eureka!

    Outside covered patio with 9 tables, a misting/cooling system, and dog bowls. Often have 4-5 dogs/day and 8-12 dogs/evening. Store-bought treats are provided.

  14. Bricks and Birch

    Outside seating in front, 5 tables, no umbrellas, dog bowls. 1-3 dogs/day, free in-house-made dog treats when time allows.

  15. Kluddes Kitchen & Bar

    Outside covered patio with 6 tables, 1 dog/day, outside water bowls, no treats or extras.

  16. Greensleeves

    Outside fenced seating shaded by a tree. 1-2 dogs/week, fresh water on request, no treats or extras, word-of-mouth only.

  17. Mu Restaurant

    Outside seating with 10 tables, 1-2 dogs/week, fresh water, no treats or extras but menu options for dogs, promotes dog-friendly seating and is open to dog-related promotions and events.

  18. Burgertown USA

    Outside shaded patio with 4 tables. 1-2 dogs/day, fresh water on request, no treats or extras. Promotes as dog-friendly.

Additional Dog-Friendly Restaurants Near You

Are you a dog-friendly restaurant that got missed here? Are you listed here but have made recent changes? Please send us an email with answers to the 5 questions above or the changes made, and we will update this list!

Show Your Local Dog-Friendly Restaurants Some Love

Want to support businesses that welcome your pup? Show them some love on social media when you visit! Simply posting an image or video with a tag and positive comment is an excellent way to support the establishments you care about. 

Want to help your mention go even further? Be sure to tag About Redlands to get your post re-shared.