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Redlands BEST Burgers 2019

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  • Written by: Bruce Herwig Redlands Photographer
  • Published:

I’m always looking for interesting photo projects, and when I was asked to write a burger blog I was thrilled! This would combine two of my favorite things, burgers and photography. 

This quest has introduced me to some of the finest restaurants, general managers and business owners in the area. I found across the board they cared deeply about their food, and loved to talk me through the finer points of burger building philosophy (ie lettuce…should it go on top, under or skip it all together?) 

This project also took me to where I thought I would never go…no meat burgers. I was pleasantly surprised to try some great tasting, healthier alternatives.

  1. Brewcakes Pub

    (restaurant is permanently closed)

    "The Burger" - Angus Beef patty with cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Served with BBQ ranch on a brioche bun.This was tricked out with an extra patty, pulled pork, and a fried egg! 1150 Brookside Avenue #J1

  2. Caprice Café

    WagyuBurger-ComtéCheese, Butter Lettuce, Bacon, Teriyaki Onions & Mushrooms.The combination of flavors here were a party in my mouth!

    More info

  3. Carolyn's Café

    Frisco Burger -Beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and 1000 island, served on grilled parmesan bread.Loved the crunch on thisone!

    More info

  4. Citrone

    Gaucho Burger-1/2lbprime beef,CitroneBacon, Avocado, Pepper Jack Cheese, Grilled Onions with a Chimichurri Sauce.Did you knowCitronesmokes their own bacon? You’ve never tasted anything like it!

    More info

  5. Olive & Citrus

    WagyuBeef Burger- Smoked Cheddar, Bacon-Onion Jam andAioli.One of the newest restaurants in town, the brassbar is a beauty to behold!

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  6. Darby's American Cantina

    TheDarbonator– premium beef patty, Applewood smoked bacon, fried pickles, fried egg, guacamole,cheddarcheese,onion straws, jalapeno straws and chipotle ranch.Maybe one of the best looking burgers I’ve ever seen!

    More info

  7. Greensleeves

    The "Sleeves" Burger - Steakhouse blend, maple bacon jam, smoked gouda, avocado, charred tomato, iceberg lettuce.They had me a “maple bacon jam and smoked gouda”…oh so good!

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  8. Living Root Cellar

    Beet Burger–beet,carrot,pintobean patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ and mayo on a multi-grain bun.Make it gluten free by placing the burger on a lettuce wrap instead of the bun.Combined with a broccoli salad and "Liquid Lazarus" superfood smoothie, this was the healthiest option I've had so far...tasty too!

    More info

  9. Martha Green's The Eating Room

    Cali Burger With Bacon -Served with Bacon Portobello Mushroom, Avocado, and Bleu Cheese onaKaiser Roll. You know the bread is fresh when theybake it themselves in their own bakery!

    More info

  10. Plant Power Fast Food

    The Big Zac - Two 'beefy' style patties, special sauce, American ‘cheese’, lettuce, onions and pickles.This one surprised me…if you blindfolded me I wouldn’t have known it was a vegan burger!

    More info

  11. The Tartan

    TartanBurger–Beef,Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, & Pickle.The Tartan burger is legendary…just like the outside patio with live bands!

    More info

  12. Terry’s Diner

    Terry's Super Cheeseburger-Large beef patty served on an Onion Bun, topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles,Thousand Island Dressing, Bacon and Avocado.Bring your appetite…it’s onemassive,Classic Americancheeseburger!

    More info

We are fortunate to live in such a “burger rich” town. I know there are other great burgers in Redlands. Did I miss your favorite? Leave a comment and we’ll see if I can go take it’s picture!

Bruce Herwig is a marketing professional and an award winning photo enthusiast. Look for his Color Me Redlands coloring book and annual Redlands Photo Calendar at local retailers or online at

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