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Caprice Cafe

Fine dining French-American fare. Organic meats and fresh wild seafood. Vegan and Vegetarian options. Atmosphere is casual/chic. Outdoor patio. Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu. View latest video. Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name. Venue under 100.


History & More

  • Caprice opened its doors in downtown Redlands in 1988. Since then, the cafe has continually evolved, and now stands as a fine dining restaurant offering elegant indoor and patio seating. Caprice is known for having some of the finest cuisine in the Inland Empire.

  • Chris Pepino, Caprice’s former manager, bought the restaurant from Nabil Ayoub in 2013. Pepino, a musician and documentary filmmaker, began working at Caprice in 2002 to supplement his income. “I fell in love with the restaurant,” he said. “The food was so fantastic. I was really comfortable here. Then the opportunity came to take over.” He’s remodeled and added seven dishes, including Kurobuta pork belly (from highly prized Black Berkshire pigs), which is slow-braised with spiced apple chutney ($16). Pepino, 37, describes the menu as a melange of Eastern Mediterranean, French and Californian with Asian influences [Credit: The Press-Enterprise]

  • We can accommodate parties of up to 40 people with advance notification in an indoor or patio setting.

  • The décor has changed over the years including cozy seat cushions and pillows in natural warm tones creating an inviting dining experience. The pleasant patio with white linens, ceiling fans and misters is Redlands only fine dining patio.

  • Owner Chris Pepino named The Face of Redlands YOUNGBLOOD

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  • Mon - Thu: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Fri: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Sat: 11:30 am - 9:00 p


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  • Caprice Cafe
  • 104 E State Street
  • Redlands, CA 92373


30 Reviews

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Jamie Wilsey said on May 26, 2019

The best burger ever!!


Kim Loescher said on Apr 8, 2019

Sit at the bar. It's fascinating catching a glimpse into the kitchen through the tiny window and watching the various plates receive that final touch.

Im certain their grilled bread is made with crack cocaine, because it's highly addictive and you'll sell your own mother for more.


Sarah Morrison said on Apr 8, 2019

That they have delicious crab cakes!


Jeanae Tuchon said on Apr 8, 2019

They have an excellent vegan salad and ask...the soup just might be vegan too!!! The salad is generous and delicious, far better than salad at any other non vegan restaurant, and reasonably priced. Ask for their vegan options. The corner table is cozy and the service is excellent.


Ray Zeigler said on Aug 13, 2018

Delicious food, excellent drinks, unbeatable atmosphere - this place has it all! Owner Chris Pepino is a great businessman as well as a wonderful musician, and he knows how to keep the quality top-notch!


Deborah said on Jul 11, 2017

The patio is the best downtown Redlands- hands down. We also like sitting at the bar and watching the kitchen do their magic. The bread should be illegal it's absolutely divine. As Vegans it's easy to order as they serve tofu. Highly recommend!!


Adrian Donovan said on Jun 25, 2017

Just ate there last night. All of the staff were professional, prompt, and friendly. My wife and I split the Roasted Beet salad, wow, is that good.. my wife enjoyed the eggplant lasagna, and I had the Wagyu burger... the food was absolutely fantastic!


Carl Alvarez said on Jun 16, 2017

Hands down Caprice the best in Redlands.


Veronica Saverino said on Jul 21, 2016

Worth every penny! They use all top quality ingredients and the service is amazing! This is definitely our go to place on a night out!


David Hazekamp said on Jul 21, 2016

Good food cost money. It is not cheap to buy the product and to make the product. The problem lies when you pay the money and the finished product is not good and that happens often but this place is consistent and always the best. I have clients that have come here as far as Indian Wells just to eat at Caprice's.


Cora said on Jul 21, 2016

By far the best burger ever!!!


Wendy Cunningham said on Aug 15, 2015

Great food totally worth the price!


Cora Lou Thompson said on Feb 27, 2015

My all time favorite restaurant!


Cheryl Van Gelder said on Jul 31, 2014

Caprice is my husband and my favorite restaurant. The food is wonderful and the service is the excellent!


Valerie Maskey said on Jul 31, 2014

The dog friendly patio is a plus. I haven't been there in a long time, looks like it might be time to correct that. It was great, just my friend that I used to lunch with moved away.


Shirin said on Apr 2, 2013

I love the calamari here


Claudia Salazar said on Jan 14, 2013

I just want to compliment your Chef! She is the best and I love this place. Thank you!


Jennifer Sonnen said on Dec 19, 2012

Best restaurant in town. Quality ingredients. Simple but elegant presentation. A better value than many other places. Luv Caprice!


Alan said on Apr 3, 2012

My wife and I went for the prime rib special on Saturday night. In keeping the narrative short, I'll just say not everything was perfect. BUT...when I pointed out what I felt was lacking for me, our server Liz was going ALL OUT to fix things for us. The assistant manager Justin came by our booth and was terrific as well, offering to compensate us very generously for something that wasn't even a shortcoming on the part of the Brass Key. Without going to elongated detail, it's that kind of service that will keep me coming back again and again. KUDOS to the Brass Key staff!


RDJ said on Feb 7, 2012

I was initially taken to Caprice Cafe by a friend who frequents there and a long time customer. What I most liked about the menu was that I was easily able to find items from the regular menu that were compatible with my health-driven food choices. On top of that, I found the food wonderfully prepared and portions compatible with my preference of "enough but not too much". Recently I had a sole special over mashed potatoes over baked grape leaves ... mmm-mmm-good! We were adequately attended to but not brooded over. For some, the price may seem unusual for a "cafe" but the quality of preparation led me to the conclusion that there is no short-order cook in the back slamming out everything on the same grill after a quick wipe and another bolus of grease. I loved it and will return as often as I get the chance.


Jonathon said on Nov 28, 2011

Visiting from out of town, we came here for lunch today with family and had a wonderful meal. The diverse lunch menu had great options for our entire party, which is always a good thing. The crabcake burger was excellent - one of the best i've had - and opting for the salad instead of the fries was a great choice, as it came with a hefty side of arugula & spinach. The brunch burger my grandfather had looked incredible, and he ate every bite of it.

My brother had the angel hair pasta - which he enjoyed - except that the olives in the dish still had the pits in them (which he was warned about). Probably not the best idea to serve olives like that in a pasta dish.

Service was excellent and our waiter was very knowledgeable - will definitely come back when we're in town next!


Alice said on Nov 2, 2010

My friend and I decided to visit here for lunch on the spur of the moment, and were happy with our choice.
She had a summer salad with fresh berries, and loved how fresh everything was.
I was torn between two items, but decided on the spinach lasagna. Despite being filled with fresh spinach leaves, it was cheesy and melty, and just plan yummy!
The service was excellent. This restaurant has an industrial, modern Italian ambiance. They do have a nice wine list, too. Though parking was a little difficult, there was a graduation party going on nearby, so I'm sure that was a large part of it.
I will definitely visit when I'm in the area again!


Caroline said on Oct 15, 2009

The BEST dirty martini in town!


Denise said on Sep 7, 2009

The dining room, hidden in an office building, has an almost temporary feel to it, although the place has been around for twenty years. But with attractive table settings and flattering evening lighting, it is more than comfortable and even a little romantic.


Suzie said on Aug 25, 2009

We stumbled on Caprice after trying, and being disappointed at, most of the Inland Empire's non-ethnic cuisine. Caprice makes the best pasta I've had in Southern California. It's a gem. We tried three of their vegetarian pasta dishes, and they were all excellent. The noodles were obviously made in the restaurant and the sauces and vegetables were excellent.


Andrew said on Jul 17, 2009

Caprice is -- without a doubt -- the best restaurant I've been to in Redlands. The food is excellent, the staff is friendly and while eating there is no deal, I always feel like I get more than my money's worth.

The hand-made pastas are the lightest and most delicious I've tasted this side of Italy, along with delicious seasonings and sauces. Make sure to try the Mediterranean Plate. Until I went to Caprice, I had never enjoyed Dolmas, now that's all changed.

My only criticism is the restaurant's interior ambiance. Because it's built out of some sort of strange antique-mall'ish setting, sitting inside isn't the aesthetic experience you might be hoping for. But the food and service more than makes up for this.

I have yet to find anything better in the Inland Empire.


Jason said on Jul 17, 2009

Wow. This is possibly my new favorite special occasion restaurant in Redlands. I went on Valentine's day and not only was the menu well thought out, but it was incredibly delicious, came out at a very good pace and the waiters were courteous, responsive, and even showed a great deal of excitement about their jobs and the food they were presenting. I've never had quail before, but I think I need to start after that magical course. The sea bass was equally good, perfectly cooked, well seasoned, and treated with just enough playfulness to make it memorable but not too much to be absurd. And the dessert was incredible too. Well balanced between different flavors and textures across the board, if this place can make a meal this good consistently it is a sure winner.


Lindsey said on Jul 17, 2009

Delicious. Our dinner was excellent. The food was the star of the show, and we all left fully impressed. The service was unremarkable, which I found to complement the experience overall. We had everything we needed without having to ask or being overwhelmed with information or chatter.
We started with the Antipasti platter, with delicious prosciutto, Parmesan, Burrata, as well as olives and peppers. Simple and delicious.
Roasted Beet salad had a little too much dressing, but tasted great.
Our party ordered two different entrees and shared tastes of each. The Squash ravioli with sage, Roquefort, and pecans was very tasty, and the two piece small order was a perfect size. White Lasagna was good as well, and was topped with fried basil, providing an interesting and wonderful surprise flavor. If I'm ever in Redlands again, I'll be coming back to visit Caprice.


Allison said on Jul 17, 2009

This is such a cute little place. We sat on the patio one Saturday evening to enjoy the crowds passing by which on that particular night, were very few. I ordered the Wild Mushroom Risotto with Asparagus which was a bit undercooked but still very flavorful. You can definitely taste the mushroom flavor as it's very strong.

My friend ordered Jidori Farm chicken with lemon and thyme which was bursting with flavor. Not to mention, the portion was rather large.

The service was exceptional!

If you're looking for a quiet evening to have a candle light dinner with an excellent fine dining menu, Caprice is the place for you.


Deborah said on Jun 28, 2009

I love this place! I would recommend stopping in and trying the Baby Squid & Garlic Aioli. It is an experience like no other!

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