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The Face of Redlands, YoungBloods, part 2

The Face of Redlands, part 2 "YOUNGBLOODS!" a Marc Piron Project...a photography art exhibit.

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Many of you may remember or were apart of The Face of Redlands, part 1 photographed by renowned photographer Marc Piron. This was a Homeless Awareness Campaign with proceeds presented to the Youth Hope Foundation and Salvation Army.

The Face of Redlands, part 2 "YOUNGBLOODS!" a Marc Piron Project...a photography art exhibit. The purpose is to rally together raising funds though DCAF (Downtown Community Art Fund) for unique art installments to Downtown Redlands and the Downtown Art Walk that will add to Redlands integrity and beauty while aligning with our goal of attracting people to this town for continual prosperity and growth. A community’s downtown area is the face it presents to the world. Its condition speaks volumes about the health of the local economy. A vibrant downtown affects the community’s ability to attract tourists, businesses, jobs, and investment that enable a town to endure and thrive.

WHO: This is a project where 40 individuals were selected who are a significant part of this town and moving it forward. We are calling this group the "Youngbloods" as they are all under 40 years of age -- 40 under 40.

WHAT: Photography exhibit produced by Redlands photographer Marc Piron. These images will showcase who the YOUNGBLOODS are as individuals and the uniqueness of their personalities.


300 coffee table books produced which includes all images with a mission statement from each Youngblood. Books will be available for purchase during the Downtown ArtWalk for $45. Cash and credit card accepted. Checks made out to: Redlands Community Foundation. All Proceeds from books sales go to the Downtown Community Art Fund (DCAF) c/o the Redlands Community Foundation.

Groups tours available with Marc Piron. Contact Marc 909.263.7550 for availability.

The Organizers

  • Ryan Berk, owner of a la minute and Parliament Chocolate
  • Marc Piron - Photographer
  • Robb Pearson, Director DTR Art Walk and GM Augies Coffee House
  • Deborah Ohara owner All About Redlands, Inc.

The fee to participate was $500. Each “Youngblood” paid this fee or had a sponsor. Each one received a copy of a book featuring the images with a statement by each person photographed and the 60x40 image presented at the show. Youngblood Sponsors: Homan & Stone - Managing Partner Ron Homan; Todd Underwood of Allstate Insurance; Ryan Berk al la minute; P & R Paper Supply Company Inc; David & Callene Sorenson; Dr. Kenneth Hutchins; Chris Pepino.

Sponsors of the FACE of Redlands YOUNGBLOODS

A Downtown Art Fund has been established and managed by the Redlands Community Foundation where proceeds and sponsorship contributions will benefit Redlands beautification projects and the Downtown Artwalk.

VIP Reveal Signature Sponsors

  • B & G American Contractors. The commitment to serving our clients and adding value through the construction process has kept us strong and growing. We are committed to maintaining longlasting relationships with local business and The City of Redlands.

  • James Patrick Caley D.D.S.. Dr. Caley balances the most up-to-date dentistry practices with good ol' fashion care for patients - treating each like friends and family, rather than just another case. Dr. Caley is a strong supporter of local business.

  • Gina Diaz Photography - VIP REVEAL Photographer

  • Bailey's Window Cleaning - Venue

Youngblood Sponsors

  • Homan & Stone - Managing Partner Ron Homan, "The Redlands Young Bloods are a team of talented young entrepreneurs that have excelled in their chosen profession and have made Redlands their home. They are business owners with a balanced approach and an earnest heartfelt commitment toward giving back to a community that has enriched their lives. The synergy of this team is to in some way help develop a more dynamic and vibrant community that embraces its rich history while contemporaneously supporting new campaigns that reflect the spirit of these young entrepreneurs. These creative new ideas have already started to shape our downtown with the bi-annual Downtown Art Walk, parklet on Citrus, alley art, and murals throughout the downtown area. If our community is to effectively evolve we must reach out and support those that are talented and brazen enough to create this change."

  • Todd Underwood of Allstate Insurance- Todd is passionate about supporting local business owners.

  • P & R Paper Supply Company Inc - As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in the relationships we have developed with our customers. Many of these customers are YoungBloods.

  • David & Callene Sorenson - Loyal supporters of local business.

  • Dr. Kenneth Hutchins - Loyal Suporter of Local business.

  • Chris Pepino - Local business owner supporting local business.

  • Gato Feliz Media - Coffee Table Book Illustration