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The Youth Hope Foundation and The Salvation Army received checks from 'The Face of Redlands', photographer Marc Piron and Deborah O'Hara owner of Redlands PR parent company of Deborah and Marc developed the concept of the campaign with the help of the Redlands Police Department to address the issues of homelessness in Redlands.

"The Homeless Awareness Campaign" launched on March 16th 2011, although not a fundraiser, did generate some cash, $1400 went to Youth Hope, Heidi Mayer and $3750 went to the The Salvation Army, Captain Patrick Lyons.

Youth Hope used the funds for a variety of things that will help kids from 14 to 24 years old who need help, bus tickets, food, clothing, lodging, school, medical attention etc.

The Salvation Army used the funds to send 10 under privileged/displaced children to a Summer Camp in Ramona, San Diego County, Ca.

Please visit their websites to get a better understanding of services provided and the donation process.

What is the FACE of Redlands?

This is a philanthropic project, designed to address the issue of local homelessness. Currently, there are over 150 homeless men, women, and families - with children - in our town. Funds raised by this project were donated to the local Salvation Army and the Youth Hope Foundation to directly help these members of our community. This philanthropic project also supported needed efforts to educate the people of Redlands on how best to help address local homelessness.

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Resources Sheet: Office of the Chief of Police

  • Blessing Center: Food, Clothing and Cold weather shelter - 760 E. Stuart Ave. Redlands, Ca 92373 - (909) 793-5677. Closed March 30.

  • Salvation Army: Food, Clothing and Counseling Services - 838 Alta St. Redlands, Ca 92374 - (909) 792-6868

  • Assistance League: Dental, Clothing for Kids - 506 W. Colton Ave. Redlands, Ca 92374 - (909) 792-9430

  • Youth Hope Redlands: 14 to 24 years old. Clothing, Counseling, Food. - (909) 663-4543 (contact via phone only).

  • Redlands Sexual Assault Services: Counseling and Services. - 30 Cajon St. Redlands, Ca 92373 - (909) 335-8777

  • Counseling Services and Showers - 51 W. Olive St. Redlands, Ca 92373 - (909) 793-1087

  • Legal Aid of Redlands - 500 E. Citrus Ave. Redlands, Ca 92374 - (909) 792-2676

  • Family Services Association: Food, Housing, Clothing, Showers - 612 Lawton St. Redlands, Ca 92374 - (909) 792-2673

Video of Premiere

Coffee Table Book

The FACE of Redlands Coffee Table Book - This 13 x 11 hardcover book has 80 glossy pages featuring Marc Piron's homeless images, images of community members photographed for the exhibit and extra shots taken at each shoot. Each book is $150 with profits benefiting the Salvation Army.

Order Prints and View the Homeless Collection

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FACES of Redlands

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  • Martha Green

  • Gay Blackstone

  • Nancy Varner

  • Perrie Mundy

  • Heather Stevning

  • Margarita McAnally

  • Carol Beswick

  • Dixie Watkins

  • Lois Lauer & family

  • Char Burgess

  • Marsha

  • Mimi Barre

  • Christine Curry

  • Shelly Stockton

  • Nelda & Monty Stuck

  • Leila Ayoub _Chef Caprice Cafe

  • Heidi Myer with boys - The Youth Hope Foundation

  • Patty Peoples

  • Melissa- McDuffs

  • Claudia Leyden

  • Bill Hattfield

  • Zac Tucker & Ber

  • Scott Sorenson

  • Al Harris

  • Jim Bueermann

  • Mike Ramos

  • Alex Parades

  • Dave Maupin

  • Blessing Center - Tim Breon

  • Emanuel Jacobson

  • Buddy & Benji Swimmer

  • Paul Emerson

  • Roberto – The Farm

  • Leonard Corbett

  • Captain Patrick Lyons – SA

  • Julian Garza

  • Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Bailey

  • Jim Brawell

  • Elvio- Ex. Chef Citrone Restaurant