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Tis' the Season for Hot Chocolate

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Narein is an 11 year old Redlander who LOVES exploring our local kid-friendly food and beverage scene. Here Narein hunts down tummy warming and soul filling hot chocolate! Where will you try first??

Hi, my name is Narein. Since it's winter and the weather is cold, there are only a few things you can do outside and my personal favorite is having hot chocolate. I thought I should share some of my favorite places to have hot chocolate in Redlands.

  1. Olive Ave. Market

    Olive Avenue Market also uses Parliament chocolate for their hot chocolate but it tastes quite different from the one at Augie's. Theirs is a bit on the sweeter side plus they make a design out of the cream! You should try their hot chocolate when you are there to get an amazing sandwich. They also serve brunch on weekends.

    Fun fact: They call their omelets, OAMlets.

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  2. Stell Coffee & Tea Company

    Whenever my mom goes to Stater Bros I always tag along because I can get myself a hot chocolate at Stell. My favorite part of their about their hot chocolate is that it is handcrafted and instead of using regular chocolate they use white chocolate! I've hardly ever met a kid of my age who does not like white chocolate so this place is a definite hit for kids.

  3. The Meek House

    Meek House is a nice and cozy place for people to spend time with their friends and family whilst having coffee, hot chocolate and/or tea. Since this blog is about hot chocolate, let me tell about the hot chocolate that I had when I first went there. It was nice, smooth, creamy and sweet with a twinge of chocolatey bitterness. There are three sizes for a cup of hot chocolate: kids, regular and large. It comes with a swirl of whipped cream with sprinkled cocoa powder (optional).

  4. Narein's Out of Town Option: Panera Bread

    If you're not in Redlands for the holidays you can go to Panera Bread for hot chocolate. They have awesome hot chocolate and they also include marshmallows with chocolate chips embedded inside of it!

About Redlands' Top Hot Coco Stops:

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