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Places to Eat with Kids

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Dining out with children can be a challenge. How do you really know a restaurant is kid-friendly? Well, check out what these locals have to say about their favorite spots to take children.

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"We LOVE Dr. Nichols and his team. They are all extremely patient and kind. From the moment you walk in, you are treated like family. " Kayte Carr, mom to Teegan and Finley Green (pictured above chowing down at their family restaurant, Martha Green's The Eating Room).

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Kid & Adult Approved Redlands Restaurants

  1. The Eating Room

    “The Eating Room is a weekend staple for our family! We walk down from our house and when we walk in Leif just knows where he is. He walks right over to our normal table. He loves the cinnamon rolls! He gets super messy, so we are always given extra napkins. And even a wet napkin to clean him up before his eggs come. Leif also loves being able to color at the table.” Sydney Petterson Erickson, Co-owner of Cross + Swan Events

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  2. Darby's American Cantina

    "We have been dining at Darby’s since they opened. Amazing food, drinks and great atmosphere. The wait staff ensures the kids are feed as soon as possible; which is a huge plus for us parents! Everyone is extremely welcoming and understanding. This is especially apparent when my daughter babbles and screams to hear her own voice. These are only a few of many reasons we continue coming back to Darby's." Nicole Hoss

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  3. Olive Ave. Market

    "We love Olive Ave. Market and not just because they’re our neighbor. It feels like home and is one of the few kid friendly coffee shops in Redlands. The staff loves on my kids like no where else! They have something for everyone- it’s not only coffee and tea. I’ve met a few of my closest mom friends at Olive Ave. Market. Our kids are going wild playing and we get to sit and have adult conversations. For some moms that’s the only adult interaction they’ll get that week. Motherhood can be so lonely and Olive Ave. Market has really given us a safe space." Elizabeth Richter

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  4. Terry's Diner

    "Becca Dobias and I would like to thank the amazing staff at Terry's Diner for being so kind and kid friendly while serving awesome food! They kept the coffee coming as they saw we were out numbered by our kids and let our kiddos play with everything, all with a smile on their faces. Thank you for letting us have a mom date!!!" Danielle Delorenzo, Founder of Mornings with an OT Mom

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  5. Carolyn's Cafe

    "We like Carolyn’s Cafe because they are so great about catering to our kids. Coloring sheets, adjustments to the kids menu if we need it and they don’t look at us funny when we ask for the coffee cake to come out AFTER breakfast. Eating out with kids is always a little challenging but the staff at Carolyn's Cafe is always so warm, welcoming and willing to work with us! We love it!" Natalie Johnson

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  6. Oscar's Mexican Restaurant

    "The staff at Oscar's is extremely friendly and patient with my kids. The booths are large enough for our whole family to fit comfortably. We love the decor, and music that's always playing." Tory Jones, owner of Ixchel Triangle.

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  7. The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

    "We have been going to Gourmet Pizza as a family since my siblings and I were kids. Now that we are grown and have our own families, we still get together to celebrate birthdays at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. The pizza is great, and the atmosphere is perfect for kids to be themselves. They even have books for the kids to read while waiting for food. My brother and I decided to take an annual picture with our nephew, Benny, here because it is a place all of us love and has become part of our family tradition." Travis Mulder

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  8. Tartan of Redlands

    “Our family loves the Tartan! We sit on the patio as often as possible because the kids are crazy about the live singers!" Rachel Martinez

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  9. La Volata Pizzeria

    "La Volata is one of our favorites. They make a bomb vegan pizza perfect for the whole family. They have a awesome wine and beer selection for the parents!" Mara Bowdidge

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  10. Eureka Burger

    "What’s not to like about Eureka Burger? Not only is it a great atmosphere, with awesome food and drinks but it is super kid friendly. The kids menu has great (healthy) options and they will bring a kids snack plate (fruit and veggies) out right away so your kids have something to munch on while you wait for your meal. It’s a win for everyone in our family!" Craig Johnson

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