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Cross + Swan Events brings premiere custom event service to the Inland Empire. Through our unique mix of private and public events, Cross + Swan guarantees quality event production for all.


What we do

Cross + Swan Events is a company dedicated to producing and hosting quality events for all. The range of our events knows no bounds, so contact us today to ask about the event you have in mind! Listed below are some of Cross + Swan’s unique event specialties - to start celebrating, book your own custom event today!

  • Custom Events & Celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events & Fundraisers
  • Local Pub Crawls & Progressive Events

Who We Are

Sydney Patterson

Hailing from sunny Southern California, I have always had a passion for service and hospitality. I realized this during my experience planning events for the past 6 years. My strong attention to detail and passion for pulling off events stems from working beside my mom. I’ve worked for Bon Appetit and the University of Redlands doing events for 20 to 10,000 people and have been able to be a key event planner and coordinator for many of their high-grossing events.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in Redlands for most of my life. I also spent some time in Burbank, CA, where I graduated from MUD. I then furthered my education in New York City, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Redlands. From the many non-profit organizations to the amazing pride that the people of Redlands have for their small but growing town to the history that brings people to visit, Redlands is a truly unique and wonderful place.

I’m very involved in Redlands and have been since a young age. I’ve had the opportunity to donate my time to the Assistance League, the Redlands Fire Department, and the Redlands Bowl. I’ve assisted with events for all of these organizations as well, including galas, golf tournaments, and children’s workshops.

My strong communication skills have tailored me to be a leader in the workplace while providing consistently excellent customer service to clients and patrons alike. I’m an excellent multi-tasker, and I’m highly organized. I’m a think-outside-the-box gal that can work with any budget. My warm and enthusiastic personality, along with flawless precision and attention to detail, has helped contribute to the success and client satisfaction I have received.

I couldn't be more excited about making my dream of owning a business come true with not only someone I have known for 12 years, but also someone who is as passionate about small business and event planning as I am.


Hello there, website visitor! My better half on the left there said I couldn't just leave blank space here, so read on to find out a little more about me!

I started my professional career at a young age, and I’ve spent the last 6 years working in event planning and social media marketing. The bulk of that time was spent coordinating events and running the social media campaign for San Bernardino’s resident PBS and NPR stations, where I grew to love the dynamic, creative world of event planning and management. I was able to plan and execute events of all types for PBS - from concerts and meet & greets to conferences, and painting workshops to exclusive screenings. After leaving KVCR, I had the opportunity to conceptualize and implement the social media campaign for Riverside’s Fox Performing Arts Center, where I developed the ability to be self-motivated, adaptable, and ready to solve any problem.

I deeply believe that you can’t make anything great happen in your life without passion. I’m passionate about so many things, both personally and professionally, and I think the best way to see what I’m all about is to let you know what those things are:

  • I am passionate about events - I am both creative and obsessively detail-oriented (I blame my mom for that), and the event industry affords me the opportunity to put those qualities at the disposal of my clients.
  • I am passionate about local business, and I’m a firm believer in the sentiment that you “… get a lot of job offers in your life, but you only have one hometown.”

Sydney and I are Redlands girls through and through, and one of our main goals at Cross + Swan is to bring businesses together to give locals and tourists alike a taste of everything our wonderful community has to offer. I am passionate about so many things in my personal life - helping people and giving back, cooking delicious food for my friends and family, playing with my adorable puppies, reading great books, and solving a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes.


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James T. said on Nov 28, 2018

Sydney and Jacqui helped us put together a truly memorable vow renewal from 2500 miles away with seven months' lead time. From the start they put us at ease with conference calls, group chats, and emails--any question or concern we had they were quick to follow up and work behind the scenes to make sure everything was sorted out. We had complete faith in them both to see our vision for our event and to make it happen. And they did.

We are so pleased we followed all of their suggestions for vendors--the vendors they suggested were outstanding in every way, from the flowers to the food to the bartender to the DJ (hands-down the best, most creative, most talented DJ I have ever experienced at a private function).

Sydney and Jacqui also excelled at day-of coordination. They spent the entire day at the venue making sure everything was just right. They had even the smallest details well in hand and we were able to fully relax and completely enjoy our special day.

Hiring Cross + Swan was the smartest decision we made when it came to planning our vow renewal. They are worth every penny, and lots more to be honest. We recommend them without hesitation!


Deborah said on Oct 10, 2018

I have used these gals several times: my daughters wedding, rehearsal dinner, celebration of life, baby shower and many more to come. Jacqui & Sydney's attention to details is stupendous. Not to mention all their crafty ideas. I'm not a Pinterest kind of person so having these two on top of what's hot has been a blessing. I have recommended them to friends who have also been very happy. It's the only way I'll plan a party from now on! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Jim Nolin said on Oct 23, 2017

Cross + Swan has taken care of 3 events for me, for groups of anywhere from 50 to 150 guests at each, and I couldn't ask for better results. All the planning and details of each were discussed and developed with a minimum of fuss and feathers, and, despite the inevitable last-minute problems and snafus (completely out of their control, I might add), all event were executed without any undue problems or attention from me to solve. Food, drink, venue, and decorations all fit the mood of the events, and I was able to enjoy the company without worrying about a thing. If you want to have a happy day, get these women to plan it for you!


Bright Bird Photography said on Jul 6, 2016

So many cute details at this rustic wedding in Topanga... Thank you to Cross + Swan Events for all the details!


Tunde Hrotkó Hartnell said on Jul 6, 2016

Sydney and Jacqui, thank you so much for taking on the task of coordinating and planning our crazy Hungarian wedding! You ladies did such a great job putting up with our wild ideas, last minute changes and a rain storm on the wedding day! Not only did you create a wedding that we will never forget, but it was truly the wedding of our dreams:))) Thank you so, so much!!!

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