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Ixchel Triangle

Ixchel Triangle is a locally owned business with its roots in Guatemala, where they partner with indigenous artisans to create heirloom quality bags and leather goods. Business operations are conducted with the highest regard for people, earth, and culture -- ensuring that all artisans are paid above market value for their wages while utilizing traditional Mayan methods for dyeing and weaving.

In their spacious Redlands storefront, you can also shop handmade goods from local businesses such as Compassion Rocks Jewelry, Rust Vintage Denim, and more.

Every Ixchel Triangle product begins as a design concept by our team.

Ixchel's commitment to sustainability is manifest in every stitch of our products.

All necessary natural materials are sourced, planted, and propagated locally in Guatemala with personal relationships at the center.

Our bags and accessories are constructed in partnership with co-ops and individual artisans to ensure ethicality and that Ixchel Triangle operations benefit earth, culture, and people. All this is done using traditional methods by hand.

The results? Timeless designs with extraordinary stories that you can be proud to carry.