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This is the Tween-Friendly Redlands Itinerary Everyone Will Love

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Discover How to Make Your Next Redlands Family Adventure Fun from Start to Finish

It’s Thursday. Market Night is always a good time, but with three kids, you want to see Redlands with smaller crowds. And let’s be honest, less witnesses to the mayhem that three kids can produce.

How do you satisfy everyone? Can you eat good food, experience unique venues, and still like the kids at the end of the day without breaking the bank or dissolving into bored fits of tears (that’s me, not the kids)?

You can. Here’s how. Order the signature dish at a half dozen eateries and share, visit unique gift shops and spend no more than 30 minutes in each place.

The following is an itinerary I personally used.

11 AM - A Shop Called Quest

Enjoying Comic Quest

Three out of three thumbs up from the tweens! For the adults, the air conditioning is fully functional. This store has a wide variety of classic comic books, graphic novels, and super hero figurines.

The tweens agree, the biggest draw is the wall of Pop Funko. For those unaware of this phenom, Pop Funkos are plastic character figurines ranging from Finding Nemo to The Walking Dead.

Prices range from grandma’s Christmas money to the more practical, allowance sized expenses. The staff is friendly and helpful, adults and kids will find plenty of unique items to browse and did I mention the air conditioning? Don’t miss it.

11:30 AM - Sugarbee Cafe & Bake Shop

In front of Sugarbee's

One of their most popular items is, no surprise here, the Sugar Bee. We’re talking about a spicy, breaded piece of chicken with kiwi, sweet jalapeno relish, and cream cheese sandwiched between a waffle. Our tweens gave it 2.5 out of 3 thumbs up. They all agreed that the chicken was the best part of the sandwich.

You can combo this venue with Cheesewalla. Place your orders, stake out a table in the alley, and get selfies with the wall murals while you wait for the food. Don’t let the term, “alley” deter you. It’s a plant-lined sidewalk with sturdy tables and immaculate stone paving.

12:00 PM - Cheesewalla


The donut grilled cheese received mixed reviews from the tweens. One felt that the sweetness was not pronounced enough, making it merely a donut shaped grilled cheese. Donut fans will recognize that the bread is actually a glazed donut.
But make no mistake, it didn’t last long and there wasn’t much sharing involved.

The BBQ mac and cheese was universally favored because of the sweet BBQ sauce and the contrasting yet complementary textures of the bread, meat, cheese, and onions. (These are my tween’s words, not mine.) They really liked this sandwich.

12:30 PM - Sweet Memories

Browsing Sweet Memories

This gift shop is a combination of nostalgic memorabilia and Spencer’s-like adult humor, most of which is harmless and will go over the kids’ heads. You can get everything from a Star Wars metal lunchbox and candy cigarettes to politically incorrect and thought provoking socks. Yes, socks. If you’re looking for a unique gift or just some fun footwear, these socks are not to be missed. The kids will get a kick out the bins of candy and the adults will revel in Zoltar’s fortunes.

12:45 PM - Jax Toy Shop

Whether you’re a young child or an aging tween, you will enjoy Jax’s collection of toys, crafts, and stuffed animals. The kids enjoyed the discussions and demonstrations from the owner as much as the inventory. Ladies, two words: Fashion Plates.

1 PM - The State

The State

It’s dark, it’s hip, it has a wide selection of mixed drinks, and they have their own version of the popular Canadian dish, poutine. I will admit, I was initially put off when the poutine arrived with melted cheese instead of whole curds and topped with shredded beef instead of gravy. I felt deceived. But deception is really a form of illusion and this illusion was an oasis of buttery soft meat and tender fries soaked in flavorful broth. The kids loved it; we bought two to share among six of us and for purists, the side of plain fries were pretty good too. For the adults, there’s the Vodka Mule. The State’s mixologists make their own ginger syrup. These drinks go down smooth and easy.

1:30 PM - Lincoln Shrine

Redlands' Lincoln Shrine

Now that you’re fueled up with apps and drinks, walk over to the Lincoln Shrine. It’s the only dedicated museum to Lincoln this side of the Mississippi.

As an East Coast native, where Lincoln’s iconic status is second only to George Washington (and if we’re being honest Washington really only reigns in Virginia) this shrine does a good job of capturing Lincoln’s wisdom and the significance of the Civil War. The docent, Bob, is the real gem in this venue. He’s a wealth of information and kept the kids entertained with a Civil War era sword.

Open Tuesday - Saturday 1pm-5pm

2 PM - Smiley Library

At Darby's

The architecture is the star of this show. Inside and out, up and down, the building is a feast for the eyes. If you’re interested, there’s a small bookshop on the lower level. Despite the crypt-like silence, the tweens felt like the library was kid friendly. If you’re not native to the area, check out the huge white eucalyptus trees. They look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

3 PM - Darby’s

At Darby's

End your adventure at Darby’s where you can zone out on one of the dozen TVs programmed with sports that range from bull riding to Little League baseball. Pick a dessert to share, enjoy the curated selection of music, and relive your favorite highlights from the day.

You’ll be done before dinner and thanks to the moderated ordering, you’ll also be hungry for it!

There are Plenty More Great Places in Redlands to Go with Kids.

Loving Redlands

From art walks and local hikes, this quaint town offers enough to keep you and your kids exploring for days.

Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or visiting for a day-trip, we think Redlands offers something for everyone. Browse our tips about where the locals like to dine. Or check out this awesome one-day itinerary. It features multiple places to eat and things to do in Redlands.

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