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Kids Historic Walking Tour Quiz

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Now that you have picked up your copy of the Historic Downtown Redlands walking tour from the Redlands Visitor Center, (AND completed it) it is time to put your knowledge to the test! Take this quiz to see what you have learned.

*short bonus tour and quiz included

Pick up your Historic Downtown Redlands walking tour at the Redlands Visitor Center:

14 N. Fifth St. Redlands 92373, across from "Umbrella Alley"

  1. How many trains used the Santa Fe Depot?

    A. 7

    B. More than 10

    C. About 12

    D. Less than 5

  2. What block is the birthplace of the University of Redlands?

    A. Deming Block

    B. Fox Theatre

    C. Smiley Library

    D. Phinney Block

  3. The Post Office was designed in what style?

    A. Old Mexico

    B. Early California

    C. Southern Spain

    D. All of the above

  4. A.K Smiley Library was…

    A. given to the citizens of Redlands.

    B. first Albert K. Smiley’s home. 

    C. originally located in Yucaipa.

    D. Both a and b

  5. I got this tour and quiz from…

    A. The Redlands Visitor Center

    B. Redlands Community Hospital

    C. Darby’s American Cantina

    D. None of the above

Bonus Tour:

  1. Location: Ed Hales Park
    The popular soap sign on the side of the building dates from 1849-1902 and was covered by the construction of the Chandler Building in 1903. The Chandler Building housed Redlands’ first modern post office. When the Chandler Building was demolished in 1972, the sign reappeared. Ed Hales Park was dedicated some years after the removal of the Chandler Building. Ed Hales gave the city over 30 years of volunteer service on the Planning Commission. In 1986 the sign was repainted to highlight the original ad.
  2. Location: Chandler Building (The Chandler Building was torn down and Ed Hales Park was put in its place)
    Postmaster William N. Tinsdale moved the Redlands post office to this site in 1903 where it remained until 1918. The buildings upper floors saw life in the form of a large meeting hall and offices for different lodges and clubs in town. The building was later name for Guy Chandler, who owned the structure and operated the “Chandler Furniture Co.”
  3. Location: 104 E. State St.
    This corner has a history of dried goods dating back to 1896. Aaron Leipsic sold dry goods on this corner for over 30 years. This was the second building he had constructed at this location. By 1933, J.C. Penny was located in this building and was only moved from the site in 1984. Extensive remodeling took place in 1986-1987 to create a turn-of-the-century style.
  4. Location: 110 and 112 E. State St.
    The first issue of the Citrograph l, Redlands’ first newspaper, announced the Davis Restaurant on E. State Street in 1887. This restaurant was a violation of the downtown fire ordinance set in 1889; no wooden buildings were allowed downtown. Davis was forced to remove the wooden additions on the rear of the restaurant. A new building was erected in 1903 and first housed Palace Billiards and the the office for the California Citrus Union. It was in the CCU office Mutual Orange Distributions was born, later known as Pure Gold.
  5. Location: 120 E. State St.
    Built in 1907, the Great American Importing Tea Company and Greg Wolfin Grocery were the first to use this building. In 1975 Pizza Chalet torn down the wall separating the two businesses to create more space. 

Bonus Quiz:

  1. The painted mural in Ed Hales Park is an ad for ______. 

    A. Citrus

    B. Women’s clothes

    C. Soap

    D. Baby formula 

  2. The Chandler Building was Redlands first modern ______.

    A. Orange Packing House

    B. Ice Cream Shop

    C. Animal Shelter

    D. Post Office

  3.  _________ was located 104 E. State St. from 1933-1984.

    A. J.C. Penny

    B. The Tartan

    C. Target

    D. Ed Hales home

  4. The Citrograph was the name of the _________ in Redlands.

    A. Pool Hall

    B. Newspaper

    C. School

    D. Basketball team

  5. Gourmet Pizza Shoppe was originally a…

    A. Grocery store

    B. Shoe repair

    C. Tea company

    D. Both A and C