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Nonprofits Worth Knowing

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Our lives are filled with food, gifts, and general overabundance. Why not give spread the love and add giving back to your community to your to-do list?

Here is a list of 10 local non-profits that would deeply appreciate your generosity (pt.I):

  1. StrongerTogetherNow

    "We work collectively to provide resources that support the community as a whole. 

    We highlight social injustice and the need for local, positive change.  In doing so, we open dialogue on important issues and promote the rights of the people, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, age, disability, and/or national origin. 

    We create a sense of community, not division.  We demand change at local levels and influence local leadership." - StrongerTogetherNow

    Support StrongerTogetherNow:
    • Donate (donate tab linked into Linktree on IG --> HERE)
    • Volunteer - email
  2. Beloved Foundation

    "Beloved Foundation eases the burden for families that are suffering financial hardship as a result of caring for a loved one with stage 4 or terminal cancer by providing financial and emotional support. We believe that by helping to pay for basic needs, such as rent, utilities, and co-pays, that families won’t have the added stress of debt or financial burden now or in the future.

    Since we began in 2009, we have given away over half a million dollars in support to families in the Inland Empire, California, often preventing eviction and improving quality of life for the patient and caregiver." - Beloved Foundation

    Support Beloved Foundation:
  3. Mansion Memories

    "Mansion Memories is dedicated to serving children in crisis, and their families, who are in the midst of illness, loss, or emotional turmoil. Our goal is to provide free, memorable events that draw on favorite storybook characters, laughter, and kindness as powerful tools to endure whatever hardships our guests are facing. We believe that creating magical moments will give children the hope they need to embrace a brighter future, and help the family, as a whole, move forward with a united sense of purpose." - Mansion Memories

    Support Mansion Memories:
  4. Thrive Single Moms

    "Thrive is a nonprofit organization created by single moms for single moms.  We understand the challenges that come with leading a family on your own.  We believe that there is power in community.  We focus on creating opportunities for single mom families to develop self-sufficiency by meeting real needs with practical ministry.  Through our comprehensive Empowerment Program, we focus on creating overall health and opportunities for single moms  to pursue their purpose." - Thrive Single Moms

    Support Thrive Single Moms:
    • Donate
    • Volunteer
    • Get your Thrivebox - ThriveBox is a seasonal subscription box that features curated products to inspire your life's vision, deepen your spirituality, build and celebrate your community and express your unique beauty.
  5. YouthHope

    "YouthHope's mission is to build confidence and promote self-sufficiency for homeless, runaway, and under-served youth by providing trust, hope, support, and education. "No one is a lost cause". 

    YouthHope provides a warm and caring environment where homeless youth, runaway, and at-risk youth can congregate and receive much-needed love, hugs, and essential needs." - YouthHope

    Support YouthHope:
  6. Angels’ Closet

    "The high school and middle school years can be a challenging time for any young person. For one facing financial difficulties, it can be especially trying. Imagine not having the basic necessities — clothing, shoes, socks, toiletries, even underwear — and then trying to fit in and be accepted. It just doesn’t happen.

    It is our mission to provide clothing and other necessities to foster, at-risk and in need middle school, high school, and college students — this is achieved with the support of the community. It is also our mission to provide financial assistance to help students participate in school social activities such as homecoming, prom, graduation events, senior yearbook, and senior pictures. We believe that by providing this much-needed assistance, we will be promoting a more positive educational experience for all of our student clients." - Angels’ Closet

    Support Angels’ Closet:
  7. The Unforgettables Foundation

    "The Unforgettables Foundation's mission is to enable low income families to give their children a dignified burial and empower communities to memorialize children who have died.

    The Unforgettables Foundation seeks to educate parents and caregivers to confront, control and conquer the primary risks to children's health and wholeness. It is our hope to encourage communities to recognize the financial trauma which is often associated with the death of a child." - The Unforgettables Foundation

    Support The Unforgettables Foundation:
  8. Micah House

    "Micah House is an educational after-school program for children and youth from 1st through 12th grades. Established in 2001, Micah House seeks to meet the tremendous challenges faced by kids today in the under-resourced neighborhoods of North Redlands California.

    Micah House exists to bridge the gap from school to home providing homework help, tutoring, literacy education, and character-building themes which would not otherwise be available to under-resourced students in Redlands. 

    Micah House is an educational enhancement program that emphasizes spiritual development as well as academic improvement.

    In addition to homework, Micah House offers extracurricular activities including art, music, bike restoration, and gardening. The computer lab and volunteer tutors make study times both fun and meaningful.

    The daily program integrates each component as a tool to model character-building concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, anger management, and self-confidence, skills that are essential for a productive, healthy and successful life." - Micah House

    Support Micah House:
  9. Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals (REDFOSA)

    "Redfosa is an all-volunteer non-profit group in the City of Redlands, CA. The specific purpose of this group is to save the lives of homeless pets in and around Redlands through coordination with Inland Empire animal shelters, regional shelter partners, animal rescue groups, veterinarians, and trainers; through community education and awareness campaigns supporting pet adoptions, pet fostering, pet reunification, adoption counseling and adoption support, and the importance of spay/neuter; and through volunteer assistance to support offsite adoption events and fundraising campaigns that benefit animals in need." - Redfosa

    Support Redfosa:
  10. The Redlands Conservancy

    "The Redlands Conservancy envisions a community in which residents of all ages value and steward the historic and noteworthy buildings and sites and the irreplaceable natural and agricultural open spaces – quite simply, Redlands’ unique sense of place. 

    The Redlands Conservancy seeks to protect and preserve Redlands’ historic built environment and irreplaceable agricultural and natural environments while inspiring appreciation and a sense of stewardship in Redlands’ residents." - The Redlands Conservancy

    Support The Redlands Conservancy:


We encourage you to make giving and volunteering an important part of your future! Let's grow this community as a team.


If you feel we have missed an important non-profit, please let us know! Email your non-profit along with some details to Niko at

Thank you!

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