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The tales of the Mariposa Elementary School’s haunting has spread far and wide: the story of the little boy who lives in the nurse’s office, whispering into children’s ears as they play on the playground, bouncing a ball in the middle of the night, playing on the swings when there is no wind to explain its movement. But Mariposa Elementary isn’t the only haunted area in California. In fact, Redlands happens to be one of the most paranormal active areas in all of America.

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The Barton Mansion

Made infamous by a video shot by paranormal investigators in the early 2000s, the haunted Barton Mansion is one of the most eerie places to visit. There have been many theories about the mansion, built in the 1860s. Some say that it was a hotspot for Devil worshippers, others say that it was built over an ancient Native American burial ground. What they all have in common, however, is that it’s haunted. People often hear footsteps where there ought to be none, some have reported an intense feeling of being watched, but the most famous is the demonic face that appears throughout the house. It watches as you ascend the stair case, darting up and down the steps, then emerges from one room only to completely disappear again. Spooky!

Prospect Park

Due to the dense foliage throughout Prospect Park, one of the oldest and largest park in California, it’s often used as a dumping ground for the murdered. In 2013, for example, a 34-year-old man was arrested for dumping the body of a prostitute he raped and murdered there. Homeless people have also taken refuge in the park and have died. In fact, the park is thought to be a prime location for Satan worshipers to gather at night too. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s one of the most haunted areas in the Redlands. But it’s the theater that hosts the most supernatural occurrences. Visitors have claimed to hear footsteps rushing across the stage and seeing the seats mysteriously open and close by themselves. Rumor has it that a teenage girl was killed behind the theatre stage and it’s here that much of the unexplained occurs.

The Morey Mansion

Built in 1890, the Morey Mansion is famous for being the honeymoon home of Carol Lombard and Clark Gable. That and the hauntings, of course. The house was built by David and Sarah Morey and, not too long after they moved in, Sarah died of a mysterious illness. Within a year, David had hanged himself in his room. Soon the house became a bed-and-breakfast and many guests of the house have reported haunting experiences: objects falling off shelves, inexplicably loud bangs in other rooms and door knobs rattling in the middle of the night. Apparitions of a young boy and girl playing as well the mansion’s former caretaker, have also been reported to roam the grounds of the house. As of 2010, the home has become a private residence.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, in which glasses of beer mysteriously fly off the tables;

  • The Fieldmoore Estate, in which a man’s figure is often seen throughout;

  • The University of Redlands’ Merriam Hall, in which a man in an army uniform is often seen wandering.

  • Redland’s Mariposa Elementary school is filled with happy students by day, but at night its known to be extremely quiet, dark and eerie. In the 1950’s, a boy named Billy was happily riding a bike and was suddenly hit by a bus in front of the school. Although Billy later died at a nearby hospital, many claim that he still wanders the school grounds. It has been reported in several different cases that if you knock on the nurse’s office door, someone will knock back. There have also been reports of Billy rocking the swings back and forth, from time to time. “I visited Mariposa Elementary school with my older sister and her boyfriend when I was about 15 years old,” said Arnie Lopez, San Bernardino resident. “It was a Friday night and we went to knock on the office door/nurses door and sure enough, something knocked back. I never ran so fast in my life.” School officials claim that there is no paranormal activity going on whatsoever, which is understandable when you do not want the public trespassing the school grounds in the wee hours of the night. “I have been to Mariposa Elementary and knocked on the nurse’s door at midnight, and the AC clicks on and the door is vacuumed in and knocks back,” said Yucaipa resident, Rob Thorpe. SOURCE

  • Kimberly Crest Video - his is the 5th stop on our Haunted Redlands tour. Kimberly Crest is reportedly haunted with a previous owner named Mary Kimberly Shirk. 1325 Prospect Dr. in Redlands, Ca.

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