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Redlands Restaurants with Patios

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Dining al fresco at its finest! Discover some of our favorite restaurants in Redlands with outdoor seating.

Eating outside isn’t a new trend. The practice dates back to medieval times when cooked meats and pastries were served outside before a hunt. The practice’s popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, swelling during the pandemic when indoor eating wasn’t just frowned upon — it was banned. While we’ve undoubtedly returned to indoor table service, we’re still fond of eating outside. 

The ‘al fresco’ dining trend is undoubtedly one we’re glad has stuck around. (Hot Tip — If traveling to Italy, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t call it ‘al fresco.’ The term translates to ‘in the chill’ or ‘in the cool.’ Just say you want to eat outside.)

Thanks to the beautiful weather here in Redlands, there are a host of restaurants that offer outdoor dining options. These are some of the ones we love.

27 Redlands Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

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What to Know About Outdoor Dining in Redlands

Redlands’ fabulous weather, exquisite elegance, and blossoming culinary scene make outdoor dining a hit. There are dozens of great places to eat in Redlands with patios. The outdoor settings range from simple picnic tables to elaborate gardens and historic walkways. 

When is the Best Time to Eat Outside in Redlands?

One of the perks of living in Southern California is year-round outdoor dining — and Redlands is no exception. Generally, spring and fall are the best seasons for outdoor dining at Redlands restaurants. But winter can also be delightful and most Redlands restaurants with outdoor dining spaces have heaters available for when the temperature drops. 

During the summer, the heat can make an outdoor lunch rather warm, but the vast majority of patios have umbrellas to provide some relief. And the beauty of those hot summer days is the warm summer nights. They are dreamy indeed!

Are Redlands Restaurants with Outdoor Dining Dog-Friendly?

Many of the restaurants in Redlands with patios are dog-friendly, with pups being permitted in the outdoor spaces. If you are unsure whether your dog is allowed at a restaurant, we strongly recommend calling in advance. Our list of 18 dog-friendly restaurants can help you find a good place to grab a bite and/or a drink with your pup. 

Can I Make a Reservation on the Patio?

As with any restaurant, it depends. Not all restaurants make reservations, and in some cases, a restaurant may not be able to guarantee a specific location. That being said, we live in an amazing community. We always recommend calling to make special requests. When restaurants can, they’re very happy to accommodate your needs.

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Support Your Local Redlands Restaurants

The best way you can support our local Redlands restaurants is by being a good patron. But what else can you do? Give them a positive review! Posting about your meal helps spread awareness and encourages others to visit the places you love. 

Help your review go even further by tagging About Redlands and we’ll reshare your post to amplify your message. 

Do you have a rave-worthy Redlands restaurant with an outdoor space that should be on this list? Send us a note. About Redlands was founded to help support local businesses and our community. We’re always on the hunt for more fabulous places to spotlight.