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Taste of Redlands - Self-Guided E-Bike Tours

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Two fun ways to explore some of Redlands’ top restaurants, historic landmarks, and fabulous shops.

There's a lot to love about Redlands, but our favorite part is the community. We have such unique, fun, and creative individuals here — not the least of which is the amazing folks at Pedego Electric Bikes. Combing their love for Redlands and biking, they've outlined two self-guided e-bike tours that are fabulous!

What is a Self-Guided E-Bike Tour of Redlands?

As the name would suggest, the tour is a suggested route that has been pre-planned by some of Redlands’ bike-route experts. It maximizes your ride while seeing multiple fabulous landmarks and shops. 

Do You Have to Stick to the Routes?

Nope! That’s the beauty of a self-guided tour. It’s a suggested route. If you want to add or skip a stop, that’s entirely up to you.

What’s on the Self-Guided Taste of Redlands E-Bike Tour?

Taste of Redlands E-Bike Tour

The tour takes you past various historic landmarks, including the Redlands Bowl and the Orange Blossom Trail. You’ll conveniently see good places to stop for a bite (and/or a beer), such as Escape Craft Brewery. Plus, you’ll be treated to some fabulous art along the Redlands Art Walk. 

And we can’t help but mention that the tour begins at the Redlands Visitor Center (our personal favorite). Pop in to say hi and check out our collection of locally-made artisan goods.

What's on the Self-Guided E-Bike Family Tour of Redlands?

Redlands e-bike family tour

The second route created by Pedego Electric Bikes is specifically designed with families in mind. It includes:

  • Orange Street Alley
  • AK Smiley Library
  • Redlands Bowl
  • A Public Restroom
  • Normandie Court
  • Olive Avenue Market
  • Museum of Redlands
  • Historic Post Office

View the digital map of the self-guided family tour.