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Helping Communities & Local Businesses Thrive

About Redlands represents more than 2,000 locally owned businesses.

Our goal is to help small business owners find ideas, answers, encouragement and inspiration while building strong partnerships within the community. We believe that locally-owned, independent businesses are the backbone of our local economy and the foundation of Redlands unique culture.

We have unique and strong network reaching thousands weekly and showcase each business within that network. About Redlands has the largest audience in town. The audience is the currency. It's the ball About Redlands' eyes have been on for decades.

How do we do that? By posting information on About Redlands Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, G+ and Twitter pages. As well as, posting link 25+ times daily drawing consumers to the website.

We reach those that do not know your business. With SO many businesses offering the same products and services you have to find ways to get consumers to REMEMBER you! That's what we do!

  • 70,000 Social Media FOLLOWERS
  • 25 pages on are on the 1st page of Google
  • According to Google, is more relevant to local events than Trip Advisor or similar sites.
  • 70% of the website's traffic comes from outside of Redlands as consumers are looking to buy and experience in Redlands.

How to Utilize to its' FULLEST

  • Monthly Update Reminder - A monthly reminder is emailed the 10th of each month requesting events, sales and new information so we may post them to, Facebook, Twitter, and the monthly email e-Newsletter. Click Here to Receive the Monthly Update Reminder

  • Submit an Event or Sale - Please click here to submit an event or sale you'd like us to post to Mobile-friendly Event & Sale Calendar. We will spell check so no worries. Submissions are posted within 24 hours. This Event/Sales page is promoted to 26,000 within our Social Media network daily. 68% of consumers are now accessing info via their mobile phones and less on their desk tops.

Your Plan

You may log in here and upgrade and downgrade 24/7/365. The system automatically prorates. Also, we do not store cards on the site for your protection.

Orange & Bronze plans assists us in maintaining the community services we provide for Redlands and advertising support of local non-profit organizations; and the SHOP, DINE & STAY LOCAL CAMPAIGN 24/7/365.


  • Website & Social Media Links Added to Your Listing
  • One Monthly Mention on AboutRedlands Social Media Network
  • One Monthly Calendar Event. Mention can be an Event, Sale, Website or Facebook page. We post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &/or Pinterest pages. The business is responsible in sending us the information to post.


  • Business Profile Page on AboutRedlands. 200 word limit
  • Website & Social Media Links Added to Your Listing
  • 2 Monthly Mentions on AboutRedlands's Social Media Networks
  • 2 Monthly Calendar Events
  • We post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &/or Pinterest pages. The business is responsible for sending us information to post.
  • Collect & Display Reviews


  • Business Profile Page on AboutRedlands. 500 word limit
  • Flyer, Coupon & Menu added for print/view on Business Profile Page
  • Priority Listing After Platinum in Applicable Categories
  • Website & Social Media Links Added to Your Listing
  • Six Monthly Mentions on AboutRedlands's Social Media Networks.
  • We post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &/or Pinterest pages. The business is responsible in sending us information for us to post.
  • Six Monthly Calendar Events
  • 3 E-Newsletter Posts (6,377 Subscribers)
  • Collect & Display Reviews
  • Six Articles


  • Business Profile Page on AboutRedlands. Unlimited Content
  • Flyer, Coupon & Menu added for print/view on Business Profile Page
  • Priority Listing Above Other Members in Applicable Categories
  • Website & Social Media Links Added to Your Listing
  • Eight Monthly Mentions on AboutRedlands's Social Media Networks.
  • Same Day Posting Included.
  • We post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &/or Pinterest pages. We create all posts and fetch from the businesses social media network and website.
  • Eight Monthly Calendar Events
  • 6 E-Newsletter Posts. (6,377 Subscribers)
  • Collect & Display Reviews
  • Unlimited Articles

Platinum Benefits

Among the many benefits of having an About Redlands platinum membership ($300/month) instead of bronze ($25/month), the most popular, of course, is the story written by Shoulder to Shoulder. Shoulder to Shoulder will create a full news package. This will include the following: A news story, by credible, respected journalists, to be posted on a Redlands news site. At least one fact box, locator map, photo gallery, video, possibly an interactive element such as timeline, interactive photo or storymap, Link promotion on social media and to the About Redlands audience, which is the biggest audience in town. This is not a service offered to the public. Shoulder to Shoulder will do this exclusively for About Redlands platinum members.

Compare these other things:

  • A bronze membership allows two social media posts per month on whatever platform About Redlands chooses for them. They may be Facebook groups for certain demographics, or Instagram or Twitter posts. They require two to four weeks advance submission by the AR member.
  • A platinum membership gets you eight posts per month, on every platform. A post can be submitted the same day the AR member wants it to run (one of the lower-level members' posts will get bumped for this). If no post is submitted, AR will create one based on the member's website or social media pages.
  • Bronze members' posts get posted in available time slots, (with social media posts scheduled to publish at regular intervals).
  • Platinum members' posts are published during strategic times, based on research to maximize audience. Posts are also made more visually appealing.
  • Bronze members are included on the website as line items in a list.
  • Platinum members get a photo and are at the top of the list. Also, only platinum members are featured on the home page. Nobody but platinum members get photos.
  • About Redlands gets about 70 calls a week from people seeking recommendations. Platinum members get recommended first.
  • Whenever About Redlands comes across a nice comment about a business, it copies it and posts it to the AR website. For platinum members, it crawls Facebook looking for good reviews to publish, instead of just grabbing what they come across.
  • For all clients, AR will mitigate negative publicity. For platinum members, AR will hire a professional to manage the response.
  • Bronze members are sometimes in the e-newsletter (more than 6,000 subscribers), and they must submit what they want published.
  • Platinum members are in the newsletter every month, and if they don't submit something, AR will create something.
  • "For platinum members, we are like hiring a public relations full-time employee without the liability, benefits and retirement expenses."
  • After referring a platinum member, AR calls to seek positive feedback to promote. If the feedback is negative AR alerts the business owner so they can remedy the problem.
  • Platinum members can get a monthly invoice if they want, and may pay by check (but if they pay by check, they must pay for the whole year up front).

Plans- Platinum, Gold, Bronze & Orange

We Go FAR Beyond Promotions

  • Our goal is to keep your business TOP OF MIND -- putting your business name in front of people so they do not forget. It is not to directly sell to them. It's more, "This is who I am. This is what I stand for. Do you like me? Will you refer me to your friends? Will you buy from me later?"
  • Create collaborations between businesses as we own a proprietary business email database. We do not release this database but will send inquiries on behalf of the business to this database.
  • Send employees to businesses by posting available positions. Resumes sent to About Redlands reviewed and then forwarded to the business.
  • We answer ALL comments on the businesses behalf when we post within our Social Media Network representing the business. We send websites, menus, brochures, event dates, business contact, etc... Sample HERE
  • We drive Consumer Reviews to business profile pages. We mitigate poor reviews by sending them to the business owner. We are able to turn around 99% of negative experiences.
  • We provide inkind promotional support for City events, Service Club events and Non-profit fundraisers which attract consumers to Redlands. List of those we provide inkind support for HERE
  • Created pages that are promoted daily like Redlands Suggested Outings

When you send us information about your business we:

  • Post it on the Event & Sales Calendar which is mobile-friendly & used by over 5,000 weekly. Only 48% use Facebook and other Social Media sites so VERY important to have your information on which is available 24/7/365.
  • Post it on Facebook: 67,000 LIKES on About Redlands, Visit Redlands, 365 Things to Do in Redlands, About Redlands CA Kids Facebook pages. Twitter (3K+) &/or Instagram (11K+)
  • Add it to the monthly e-Newsletter if it's included in your membership.
  • Testimonials

Socialize with Us

  • Pinterest- Twitter - Facebook - Instagram
    If you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum member (all those with a Profile page on can now Share, Tweet & Pin your page.

  • About Redlands FACEBOOK Pages: About Redlands - Visit Redlands - 365 Things to Do in Redlands - About Redlands CA Kids - RedlandsPR

  • Tag the About Redlands Facebook Page - at the end of any post you type @AboutRedlands and that same post will show up on our page which we will share on Twitter and our other pages and networks.

Sample of Tagging

International Day Spa
Special offer for 2/12: Prep for Valentines Day Receive 20% off any Bikini or Brazilian Waxing Call 909.793.9080 to schedule. Offer available while appointments last on 2/12 only. @About Redlands

  • Post to the About Redlands Facebook Page - you may go directly to the About Redlands Facebook page and post there as well.

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Text Us
    You are welcome to text a sale or photo and we will upload it to our Facebook pages. Please text to 909.721.1399. Please include business name. If you simply want the photo promoted, that's fine, just don't forget to tell us your business name so we can add that. You may also send us a Facebook message to All About Redlands

  • Current Stats - Click here to review current stats


  • Subscribe to Monthly e-Newsletter - sends an email newsletter entitled "What's Happening in Redlands this Month" the 1st of each month to a subscription base of 5000+. To subscribe to this e-Newsletter Click Here

  • Sample e-Newsletter "What Happening in Redlands this Month" - Click here

  • Reach us by phone- 909.721.1399

All information you want posted to must be submitted via email. We will spell check and copy-n-paste.

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