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What to Know About Redlands Dog Training Services

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From help training your fur baby to what you can expect, get the inside scoop on training your dogs in Redlands.

Redlands is a great town for those who love dogs, with a large selection of parks, trails, and dog-friendly restaurants. The easiest way to take full advantage of the town’s offerings is with a well-behaved pup. Luckily, the dog training services in Redlands are top-notch. 

3 Fabulous Redlands Dog Trainers

1. Pawsitively Mannered

A certified professional dog trainer with a background in Psychology, Pawsitively Mannered offers private, in-home lessons in Redlands and the greater Inland Empire. Additionally, group lessons are available in downtown Redlands. 

Services encompass basic and advanced manners, behavior modification, Canine Good Citizen, family dog training, kid and dog safety, canine fitness, tricks, and more. They also provide Reiki healing for animals and their owners.

2. UDO K9

Having worked with a diverse range of breeds and ages, the UDO K9 team’s extensive experience demonstrates that any dog is trainable. Emphasizing the importance of teaching owners and dogs boundaries and providing structure, they believe this approach fosters a positive relationship. The overarching goal is to enhance the lives of both dogs and owners by offering effective training methods tailored to each individual case.

3. Redlands Rover Ranch

A cage-free doggy daycare, boarding, and dog training resort, Redlands Rover Ranch regularly takes its trainees out and about to practice good behavior.

training a dog

Working with a dog takes time and commitment. Success requires consistency.

What Can You Expect From Dog Training?

Dog training aims to teach obedience, enhance communication, and address behavioral issues. Expect positive reinforcement techniques, consistent commands, and patience. Training builds a strong bond between you and your dog, fostering good behavior, socialization, and a well-adjusted companion.

Consistency, positive reinforcement, and understanding are crucial elements in achieving successful and lasting results. This means finding a great trainer and continuing to reinforce positive behavior after your dog completes training. 

If you have specific goals for your dog, it’s best to discuss those with the trainer in advance. This can help you (and the Redlands dog trainer) establish clear expectations. It will also help the trainer give you tips on making the training as successful as possible in the long term.

Are You Looking for “Dog Training Near Me”? 

If you’re looking for “Dog Training Near Me,” chances are you know your dog or puppy is ready to begin training. Training and socialization are essential for your pet's well-being. The earlier you start, the better. Learning basic commands — like sit, stay, come, crate training, and potty training outdoors — is easier for puppies. 

The good news is that even while looking for a Redlands dog trainer, you can start obedience training at home. As pet parents, you will find that when you make training fun and offer positive reinforcement (such as praise and/or treats), you can encourage the desired behavior. Get excited about your dog coming when called. Offer positive attention after they are released from a sit and stay.

Couple walking dog in Redlands California

From casual strolls to more rigorous hikes, exploring Redlands is one of the best ways to give you and your pup some exercise.

More Redlands Dog Training FAQs

Are Group Classes Worth It?

Definitely. When it comes to dog training, group classes can be an excellent option. Not only are group classes typically more affordable, but they also offer the opportunity for you to learn how to help your dog with basic obedience and give your dog a chance to socialize. 

What’s the Most Important Part of Dog Obedience?

Maintaining consistency in your training is paramount. This involves being consistent in your approach, such as using the same command and intonation when instructing your dog to perform specific actions.

How Long Does Professional Dog Training Take?

The time it takes to train a dog can vary. Generally, it takes six weeks to train a young dog. However, long daily sessions can shorten this time, while bi-weekly training sessions can extend this training period. 

More Dog-Friendly Redlands Recommendations

18 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Redlands

In the broader Redlands area, numerous restaurants welcome dogs for breakfast, dinner, or a casual drink, providing a substantial array of dog-friendly dining options.

Redlands Hiking Trails

With a plethora of dog-friendly hiking trails, there’s a wide variety of opportunities to get you and your dog exercise. Some of the trails even permit dogs to be off-leash in sections.