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Saverino's Deli

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Before Saverino's Italian Deli & Market Dave Saverino worked for his dad 16 years running a deli, grocery store, and produce repacking business. Veronica Saverino worked as a bartender and had her own small business making custom swimwear -- Saverino's deli is now both of their full time jobs.

With a tragic event occurring in 2009 Dave and Veronica decided to open a deli. They had faith with Dave's background in the business that they could make it successful. They have always treated everyone that they have met as friend/family and they bring that same feel to their deli.

When they are not at the deli they are with there two boys Bronx(6) and Blaze(20 months). They enjoy taking their boys to do ANY outdoor activity. Veronica and Dave have been married 8 years and together 14. They enjoy dining out and trying new restaurants, taking their boat out to lake Havasu, and spending time with family and friends. They are both very grateful to be doing something that they love. They will always strive to bring the best to their deli and to the Redlands community.

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