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Precision In Movement

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Pete Lingas, owner of Institute for Precision In Movement, has always loved being active. From running around during recess in grade school to playing basketball in college, he has always enjoyed sports and the life lessons you can learn from it. With the activities, came the injuries. "I was one of those "always-injured" athletes. I used to deal with tendinitis in my knees, plantar fascitis in my feet, low back tightness...any ailment relating to sports I am sure I have suffered through it. Back then, I thought it was just "part of being an athlete. Boy, was I wrong!

It was only after 3 years of orthopedic and sports physical therapy specialization training that I learned about a better way to address these common sports problems. This specific movement strategy, based on scientific evidence and biomechanics, can both lower one's risk for injury and improve their performance. I decided to take myself through this training, spending hours upon hours testing and fine-tuning the techniques.

Fast forward to today, you can catch me playing pick-up basketball or running around town…without any limitations or fear of re-injury. It's now my passion to teach anyone interested in learning about safe and efficient movement strategies. There is a noticeable lack of awareness on how important your movement mechanics are and the direct relationship to injury and decreased performance. I hope to contribute to this problem and connect with other people who believe in the same mindset. As a physical therapist, I often see patients who have been moving incorrectly for years and finally reach a point of injury. To combat this, I believe if we target the youth and teach them while they are young, it will set them up for success for a healthy future.

I do not have a family yet. Still working on that. I spend most of my free time playing basketball or table tennis at the local gym, hanging out with friends, or reading/listening to books and podcasts. The other times, I'm am working on growing the business and teaching for the physical therapy students in Loma Linda."