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Meet Matte Coffee

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Matte Coffee is a coffee company focused on unifying the world through coffee. They ethically source beans from all over the world, and roast them in such a way as to highlight the characteristics of the place of origin. Matte Coffee strives to give each person they interact with a personalized experience, tailored to their specific wants and needs. Read more about their story!

What does the start of your day look like? 

I would take a wild guess and say that a vast majority of everyone’s morning starts with a cup of coffee. You might think it’s such a menial part of your day, but that one interaction/moment in the morning sets the precedent for the rest of the day. It may just be caffeine and sugar for you, but we think that coffee has the ability to be life-altering.

Jess and I met while managing a coffee shop together in Oregon and fell in love with the unifying qualities that the cafe seemed to bring. The shop was our home away from home, and the employees and customers were our family. We both felt an insatiable desire to learn more about this product that brought us together. Jess dove headfirst into the education side of coffee and wanted to teach others all there was to know. Meanwhile, I needed to understand why coffee tasted the way it did, which prompted me to obtain my Q-Grader’s Certification. It taught me to accurately explain the subtle and unique qualities to decipher what “good coffee” tastes like. With more and more education, we slowly started to realize that coffee wasn’t just bean water, it acted as the great connector in an increasingly distant world. 

Matt, Jess and Brylee -- their bulldog.

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We think of the coffee industry as being in the industry of people, with coffee as the catalyst. Every interaction we have with someone is an opportunity to positively impact their lives; whether that’s simply providing someone with their morning cup of joe, partnering with them to create something special, or giving the necessary resources to become the best version of themselves. Whatever it looks like, we want to help you in your journey. 

 This business is the outcome of two people standing up time and time again. Our story includes feelings of inadequacy, the fear of letting others down, anxiety, feelings of depression, ill-equipped to face the challenges ahead, or constantly being knocked down. But this story isn’t about the victim, it’s about the hero who gets up and fights, regardless of external circumstances. Our purpose is to unify the world through coffee. If any of this resonates with you, we welcome you to come along with us as we navigate this crazy, wonderful life together. If you’re thinking to yourself why these people are so corny, then you’ve captured us perfectly. Our passion for the artisanal craft that is coffee and our love for people are what drive us, so you’ll have to excuse the corniness.

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