Nectar Redlands

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Dave & Tricia Kelly, owners of Nectar are a BUSY couple-- to say the LEAST!

Dave used to be a safety inspector for a large grocery chain and Tricia once was a bartender. These two have many of the same interests. They both love to travel with their three girls who are Hazel (15), Olivine (8), and Rockie (6 months old). They love road trips and Hawaii most of all. They both hold positions at their church, Citizens Church. Dave is a drummer and used to play in a touring Christian band many years ago. Now you can see him on Citizens worship team behind the drum kit.

Most of the time the couple -- if not working -- are antique hunting, and restoring the big antique they live in here in Redlands, a Airstream trailer and a old bronco.

The pair currently own six retail clothing stores in Southern California. They are constantly traveling places, checking out real estate, clothing brands, and cool boutiques to always fill their stores with the latest trends in fashion in California. They both love fashion, and have been into it since their teen years.
Tricia and Dave have both made these stores their full time position.