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CRAFT'D, Meet the Owners

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Two friends by the names of William Merrill and Andrew Valencia came together and brought their vision to life. CRAFT’D strives to bring a necessary convenience within the beverage industry by bringing your favorite beer, wines, spirits and mixers directly to you. Their goal is to create a culture of enjoyment, share in positive experiences, and keep you safely from the temptation to drive under the influence.

CRAFT'D can supply the kegs, spirits, beer and wine for your next event. Here is Andrew supplying local beer for a wedding.

CRAFT'D can supply the kegs, spirits, beer and wine for your next event. Here is Andrew supplying local beer for a wedding.

Their Story

Working at a casino, Will and Andrew first met and quickly became close friends. One of the many similarities they had in common was their enjoyment of beers - craft, domestic, imported, you name it! The two gained tons of knowledge, got to taste and eventually consulted about beer, wine and sprits. It wasn't long before Andrew and Will started spending their spare time testing each others knowledge. They tried different drinks and took turns quizzing one another. Andrew says, "It was during one of these occasions we both had the thought, like many others, what if we could just have more alcohol delivered? Then we could make more drinks and not be forced to end our session."

Unfortunately for Will and Andrew, at that time an alcohol delivery service did not exist. They did some research and found apps that allowed the delivery of alcohol! But they only applied to specific major cities, none of which they lived in or near. The two knew there was a more efficient way for this to be done and not just in large cities. The idea remained only that, until one day at work Will said, "Hey I have a name, CRAFT'D!" And so, the name of Will and Andrew's soon to be local alcohol delivery store was born! They talked it over, and over... and over again. They discussed and questioned whether or not they should actually pursue their vision. Finally both agreed, "YES!" They would do it. They immediately started a corporation and got to work.

Their dream came true the summer of 2017. Andrew tell us "Now we get to share our knowledge, meet amazing people, and offer a service we think is not only convenient for our customers, but also an alternative to drinking and driving."

We have personally called CRAFT'D many times! We needed vodka, soda water and beer for an impromptu barbecue, CRAFT'D delivered in 15 minutes. They supplied the kegs of local beer for our wedding. At our coed baby shower the men ran out of beer and we needed ice, CRAFT'D to the rescue. Not only is their delivery service out of this world, CRAFT'D has one of the most impressive beer caves we have ever seen. If you have not had the opportunity to swing by their store front, you should... like, now.

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Visit CRAFT'D: 1414 Industrial Park Ave. Redlands 92374