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Mother's Day 2022

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Mother's Day, could there be a better time to get crafty and support local?

Her Fav Restaurant

What mom wouldn't love a gift card to use whenever she wants?! Here are a few yummy gift card suggestions...

  • Badger Bowls: (909)792-2234 electronic gift cards or physical cards available
  • The Royal Falconer: Follow the link directly to purchase your gift certificate online.
  • Oscar's Mexican Restaurant: (909)792-8211

If that's not personal enough, how about...

  • The Eating Room: Get mom a cupcake bouquet! She will quickly deem you the favorite child.
  • La Volata Pizzeria: Their seasonal menu is literal heaven. Make a reservation to sit on the patio, and don't forget the bottle of wine!
  • Carolyn's Cafe: Did you know you could order a whole coffee cake?! ($34)
  • Rok n Fondue: This is for all my cheese-loving, dessert-adoring ladies out there!

Get Crafty!

Not all mama's want food or new things. Some can't wait for those handmade gifts! Here are a few simple activities to make mama her handmade gift.

Step 1: Let mama rest, or get a pedicure (aka getting her out of the way so you can execute your thoughtful crafts).

  • Hand/footprints art: Get those babies in some paint! Ideally in the backyard and in clothes that don't matter. This is a fun (but messy) project. Let the kids finger paint a bunch of pages. The pages do not need to be full or even look great. Cutting haphazard art into shapes makes for a sweet look. While you let the pages dry print out flower or butterfly outlines. Tape the outline to the artwork and cut the shape out. On the back write mom a little note. These are so sweet to frame!
  • Mason Jar Vase: You'll need wide mouth mason jars, food coloring, school glue or mod podge, paintbrushes, a sheet pan, and an oven. Start by mixing your glue with food coloring (in separate small dishes). Have kids paint the inside or outside of their jars. It doesn't matter which they choose, but if you want a smooth finish only have them paint the inside. Set the jars on the sheet pan to help contain the mess. When painting is done flip jars over on their mouths so excess paint can drip out of the jar -one hour is ideal. Pop the jars in the oven still upside down on the sheet pan at the lowest temperature possible. We went with 175 degrees for 10 minutes. You aren't done! Put on oven mitts and flip the jars upright. Bake for another 20-30 minutes. Fill your beautiful jars with flowers for mom!
  • Button bookmarkers: This one doesn't take much. You'll need popsicle sticks, markers, buttons, and glue. Have the kids color their popsicle sticks with their markers. Next, glue the buttons up and down the length of one side. You can get super crafty and break out the hot glue gun to help the kids make a flower at the top of the stick with buttons.

Be sure to write your kids' names and the date on each project!