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CRAFT'D, Meet the Owners

Published: May. 17, 2019

Two friends by the names of William Merrill and Andrew Valencia came together and brought their vision to life. CRAFT’D strives to bring a necessary convenience within the beverage industry by bringing your favorite beer, wines, spirits and mixers directly to you. Their goal is to create a culture of enjoyment, share in positive experiences, and keep you safely from the temptation to drive under the influence.

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What is Ixchel Triangle?

Published: May. 07, 2019

Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of the moon, love, gestation, medicine and textile arts. Tory Jones, owner of Ixchel Triangle, teams up with artisans in Guatemala to produce incredible leather and handwoven huipil inspired bags. The Mayan goddess perfectly represents this company and their mission.

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7 Wine Pairings To Try This Summer

Published: May. 06, 2019

Summer is upon us! There is no better time to kick back outdoors, enjoy the longer days, and split a couple bottles of wine with friends and family. But what to pair with these wines?

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