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How Long Have People Been Enhancing Their Lashes?

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  • Written by: Nicole Hays Cocoslusciouslashes
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You might be surprised just how long eye-lash extensions have been around. Women have been looking for ways to enhance their eyes not just for the past several years, but millennia!

Beauty isn't a fad -- women have been experimenting with different ways to express their beauty though enhancements for ages!

Let's take a trip through history to learn how the desire and demand of lash enhancement has grown.

19th Century

The 19th Century is where the idea of lengthening one's eyelashes to enhance the eyes was born. While a successful technique was never accomplished, many news sources published lash advice. A few of which were...

  • How to cut the tips of lashes to make them grow longer (yikes).
  • How to use walnut leaf pomade to promote growth.
  • Even a painful method of sewing hair into the eyelids to create fake lashes (seriously, OUCH)!

This brings a new definition to"Beauty is PAIN." Am I right ladies?!

20th Century

In 1902 famous hairstylist and inventor Karl Nessler patented a method in the UK to weave artificial eyelashes and eyebrows. By 1903 he was selling them in his salon. It grew to be a popular culture in Hollywood. And like many trends of the rich and fabulous, this would lay the groundwork for the widespread popularity of lash extensions. In 1916 Film director D.W. Griffith was unhappy that lead actress Seena Owen’s eyes did not stand out on camera. He asked to have long false eyelashes made so her eyes would really POP. As techniques improved, eyelashes were not only for actresses or the social elite. They quickly became very popular with the general public!

21st Century

The 21st century brought landslide advances! Better lashing methods were developed, making them much more accessible. Unlike artificial eyelashes of the past, these modern lash extensions are much more precise. These extensions were developed in Japan or Korea in the early 2000s and were in widespread use by 2004. They quickly became a favorite among celebrities and famous movie stars. Eyelash extensions have only increased in popularity!

As you can see eyelash extensions have a long and interesting history. They are not going anywhere any time soon! If you haven't tried the lash trend yet, it might be time to contact Nicole of Cocoslusciouslashes.

Please DM Nicole through Instagram --> HERE

Who needs lashes...

  1. Anyone getting married...

    Your eyes will pop.

  2. Busy (and sleepy) mamas...

    Seriously, you wake up with breath taking lashes!

  3. If you suffer from Trichotillomania...

    Also known as trich, is when someone can't resist the urge to pull out their hair. Lash extensions can aid as a reminder to not pull out your eyelashes.

  4. Chemo recipients...

    Nicole has many clients come to her post-chemo to feel like themselves again. Remember, you don't have to get a full volume crowd-stopping set. They can be as dramatic, or natural as you want.

  5. Someone looking for a confidence boost...

    Anyone! Lashes are for everyone.

  6. Anyone with a birthday coming up...

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