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5 Fall Fresh Face Tips

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  • Written by: Nicole Bray Synergy Skin Care
  • Published:

The change of seasons is a nice way to remind yourself to check-in with your aesthetician about your skincare routine. Just to make sure you are treating your body’s largest organ (the skin) with the care it deserves. 

Fall weather is slowly making its way to us. The air will be cooler, and drier. You should be giving your skin a little extra hydration to keep it balanced. However, there are a few things you should be doing consistently for your skin throughout the year. As your local skin fairy, here are my 5 favorite skin tips. Give them a try! Your skin will thank you. 

  1. Sun Protection.

    How many times did your mother tell you to put sunscreen on? A zillion?? Well, it was for a good reason! Ultraviolet UVA (the aging ray) and UVB (the burning ray) will cause many types of skin damage, including:

    • Skin cancer
    • Wrinkles
    • Freckles
    • Age spots
    • Discolorations
    • Benign growths

    Note: UVA, the aging ray, is present even when the sun is not. Applying sunscreen rain or shine is essential. The best anti-aging product in the world is sunscreen.

  2. Exfoliate.

    As we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. This means the body is slower to generate new skin cells that have been shed. When old skin cells pile up on the surface of skin they can leave our skin looking dull, rough and dry. Build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores. This in turn leads to blemishes and acne. Proper exfoliation removes the clogging barrier of dead skin cells and uncovers fresh new cells. This allows for products to penetrate deep into the skin, making them most effective. In short, exfoliating speeds up cell turnover. This is exactly what we want!

  3. Choosing the correct products for your skin type.

    This is a HUGE reason for having a knowledgable aesthetician on your side. They will be the ones to evaluate your skin type in great detail to best customize treatments and skincare routines. Your aesthetician will explain the order in which products should be applied, how often, and how much to apply. Skincare routines can be confusing. Your aesthetician is here to help.

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  4. Eat for your skin.

    We all know the saying, “You are what you eat.” Though you may not turn into a double fudge ice cream sandwich, your skin will still suffer if you are not eating well. While treating your skin type with your aesthetician's recommended home care does help, eating correctly is crucial. Heathy skin thrives from eating a well-balanced, healthy diet. Gut health will effect the way your body retains nutrients found in your diet - leading to poor absorption of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

  5. DO NOT sleep in your makeup.

    I cannot stress enough, sleeping in your makeup is a horrible idea! It is not good for your skin (or your pillowcase). Going to bed without washing your face is bad news and can have a cumulative harmful effect, such as:

    • Clogged pores
    • Trapped environmental pollutants and free-radicals that can damage skin cells - including collagen, leading to premature skin aging.
    • Acne 
    • Dull, sallow, or parched skin 
    • Disrupt the skin rejuvenation process

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