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10 Ways to Spice up Your Rentals at Your Next Event

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Rentals were once known to be your normal plastic tables and plastic chairs, but have you ever thought about adding customized rentals to your next event?

Here are ten ways to spice up your next event with a few custom wood pieces curtesy of The Vintage Establishment:

  1. Make it custom!

    Change your plastic tables out for custom made wood farm tables.

    Farm Tables

  2. Step up your vibe!

    Mix a few wood farm tables with the plastic tables to add an elegant look to your event. Adding a few wood touches to your event changes the whole vibe.

    Sweetheart Tables

  3. Focus on the farm tables.

    Use a few farm tables as accent pieces for your appetizer table, dessert table & guest table. Place the tables through heavy traffic.


  4. Let them lounge!

    Add a lounge area to your event. Extra seating away from the tables adds a gorgeous atmosphere and look to your event.

    Like this!

  5. Incorporate a backdrop.

    People love to snap photos and what better way for a selfie than with a backdrop. You can even add the backdrop behind a dessert table as well.


  6. Spice up your sweetheart table.

    Farm tables can be used as head tables at a wedding. If you want to incorporate just a few, add a sweetheart table with an accent chair and put your family or bridal party at a farm table.

    Like this!

  7. Create a bar area.

    Add a custom bar with some belly bar cocktail tables. People love to stand and mingle at any event and by adding some cocktail tables your guests can gather around they can set their food and beverages down.

    Like this!

  8. Get creative.

    Basic changes can even add a beautiful elegant look. Changing plastic chairs for fruitwood folding chairs. A plastic table for an elegant vintage desk. A gorgeous buffet can be used for a serving table.

    Like this!

  9. Benches or church pews?

    Try changing out regular seating for our custom-made wood benches or stunning church pews. Chairs are nice and all, but unique seating changes the whole look of your event. Pair it with our farm tables or just extra seating throughout the event.

    Church Pews

  10. All you need is one.

    The Vintage Establishment has various antique, vintage, rustic, modern & custom pieces that would change your event completely. All you would have to do is add one unique piece to your event and it would spice everything up.

    Check it out.

The Vintage Establishment is here to provide the best rentals for your next event. We also specialize in making custom pieces! If there is something you have your eye on for your event or for your home, send it our way and we will make it (contact Ashley + Nicholas). We are much more than a rental company. If you fall in love with what you see, let us help you bring it into your home!