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Visiting Redlands Jewelers today, you will find a wall-to-wall showroom of fine jewelry and a large collection of Citizen watches. Redlands Jewelers provides in-house jewelers, full time Graduate Gemologists, a certified clock maker, and sales persons to serve all of a customer’s fine jewelry needs, including custom design and appraisals, plus professional clock repair for your family’s precious timepieces. Stop in for a complimentary jewelry inspection and cleaning and see for your self how this small business started back in 1971, has expanded into what it is today. Clock repair.

1 North Fifth St. Redlands, CA 92373


43rd Art, for Heaven's Sake! Fine Arts Festival

Art, for Heaven’s Sake! is a three-day annual art festival held in historic Redlands, California on the grounds and gardens of the Redlan...

  • 10/14/2022 at 6:00 pm
  • 10/15/2022 at 10:00 am
  • 10/16/2022 at 11:30 am

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The Murals of Downtown Redlands

Depending on how you count, there are at least 40 painted wall murals in and around State Street in Redlands. These works of art are part of the charm that helps make our downtown area so unique.

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Starting Your Relationship With a Jeweler

Wedding rings are a big deal.

The gown will get packed away. The flowers will die. Sometimes you’ll look at the photos.

But you will wear your rings every day for the rest of your life.

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The Face of Redlands, Part 2 "YOUNGBLOODS"

The YOUNGBLOODS photography art exhibit took place in 2014. It was the second phase of Redlands' Photographer Marc Piron's "The Face of Redlands." The purpose was to raise funds for unique art installments to Downtown Redlands and the Downtown Art Walk. Watch the video here.

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Happily Ever After -- the Incredible Impact of Shopping (and Marrying) Local

Your comfort, your health and your personal wealth got a boost this spring -- because of a wedding.

And it wasn’t even yours.

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Our Story: About Redlands

What's one thing we love to do? Publish a good business highlight! The stories behind Redlands' local businesses always teach us and leave us inspired. So, we figured we should finally tell our own story in celebration of About Redlands' 20th year driving tourism, supporting the community, and promoting local business. We hope you enjoy!

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Citrus Jewelry & Loan Gets Quizzed

It is easy to assume the worst when you hear the words "pawn shop." However, when managed responsibly, a pawn shop can play a worthwhile role within a community. They not only have the ability to loan money (saving many people from tough situations before their next payday comes), but you can also find high quality items at reduced prices. Citrus Jewelry & Loan is one of the well-run pawn shops -- here they are to debunk myths and clarify commonly asked questions.

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Who is Compassion Rocks Jewelry?

Compassion Rocks is a company focused on giving back to victims of violent crimes across the nation. The local Redlands business was born out of owner/founder, Carey Rocha's, own personal experience...

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Redlands Fall Photo Contest - Home Edition

Amateur photographers armed with smartphones and seasoned professionals entered the Redlands Fall Photo Contest - Home Edition showing their passion for Redlands CA. Entries included homes that looked or are known to be haunted, Historical, Victorian, and Redlands homes from childhood memories.

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Juneteenth Celebration & Music Festival

The Juneteenth Celebration & Music Festival is a FREE event! Bring your friends and family, but most importantly, spread the word. Not sure what Juneteenth is? Continue reading...

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Hands On Knitting Center

Hands On Knitting Center is a fiber arts store which opened in 2011. There, one discovers natural yarns and fibers of both animal and plant origin, many of which are machine washable.  There are also patterns, pattern books, and the tools (needles, hooks, looms) necessary to create sweaters, socks, scarves, shawls, hats, gloves, cuffs – you name it. Since weaving looms are expensive, the Center offers looms for rent, so one can try a weaving project without having to purchase a loom.

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New Zealand is Full of Adventure, Scenery and Wine

Travelers often think of New Zealand as just beautiful vistas as seen in “Lord of the Rings”. While this country does provide stunning landscapes, you will also discover a fantastic wine scene, unbelievable lodges and happening cities. New Zealand is comprised of two main islands, together about the size of California, located 4,385 miles southwest of Honolulu and 994 southeast of Australia.

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