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Yoga Studio that welcomes everyone!!

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New at Inner Evolution Yoga

Release tension and rejuvenate with this restorative yoga class. This class will nurture your mind, body, and soul by helping alleviate stress and promote conscious relaxation.

Open to all levels, from advanced to beginner, who are looking for a soothing and therapeutic late night yoga class that will help you slow down.

You will have an amazing night of sleep after this!!!

Hot and Cool Yoga

Inner Evolution Yoga Studio is a place where you can relax and socialize as well as place where you can train and learn. We believe the practice of yoga can give all of us new tools for life; tools to relieve stress, regain strength, and to revive ones spirit. Sure, there are a few other places where you can meet people with similar interests: the bar, the internet, corporate gatherings. . . meh. We want you to be inspired and recharged with your experience at Inner Evolution. We have a variety of class types, from beginner to advanced to experimental; we promise that you will never get bored here. This is a place where you can practice progression or just come in and take it easy. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we continue to grow and we encourage your participation in making this a better place.

Classes We Offer

  • Beginners, YIN: slow deep stretch, Gentle Vinyasa (flow), Hot Power Yoga

  • NON-Heated Power yoga, levels 1-2, level 2-3, Mommy and me, pre-natal.

  • We offer 5 community donation classes.

  • Kids and teen yoga coming soon.

  • Free Friend Friday


  • Sandrine: Decided to try yoga after doctors had told her to stop running; it was creating damage to her knees and even though she couldn’t even touch her toes, she gave it a chance. Over the years, she’s developed a passion for exploring the intricacies of what yoga has to offer. “Initially [in yoga] I was very goal orientated, but now I feel it’s so much more – it has truly become an integral part of my life.” It has taught Sandrine to be self-assured while giving her the passion to live life in a way she never thought possible. “I love that I’m continually growing and that I’ve only tasted a crumb of what yoga has to offer.” Sandrine has been blessed to study yoga with some great instructors – both popular and obscure. She currently specializes in teaching a power Vinyasa-flow that will challenge and reward you on all levels. “I encourage you to let go of your preconceptions; listen to your body and challenge yourself with wisdom and love – you are your own best teacher!” Mobile: 909-838-2924

  • Phillip: Born in Kansas and raised in Africa, Philip’s unique upbringing and extraordinary life experiences provide him with a progressive and unparalleled insight into teaching yoga. Philip began studying Yoga in 2003 as a means to improve his rock-climbing skills. He couldn’t believe the power and flexibility he developed that took his climbing to the next level. Not only did his physical strength and stamina improve dramatically, but he found mental clarity; that same ‘connection’ that was there on the rock he found on the yoga mat.

Philip has been certified in both contemporary and classic methods of yoga and continues to blend the best of both worlds, resulting in a style the builds not only physical power, but mental strength and agility as well. No matter what physical shape a person is in, from Martial Arts Masters to Executive Assistants, Philip believes that anyone will benefit from the effects of regular yoga practice.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the area’s top athletes, from Olympic hopefuls to the weekend warriors,” says Philip. “Yoga helps take us all to the next level.” Mobile: 951-204-2793

  • Casper: Inner Evolution Yoga Mascot


All of our teachers have completed YOGA teacher trainings compliant with yoga alliance.


Please park on Redlands Blvd in front of our studio, on State Street (behind us) or on Kendall. Note: The parking lot to the west of us is private parking. Thank you!


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  • Inner Evolution Yoga
  • 555 W. Redlands Blvd
  • Redlands, CA 92373


39 Reviews


David said on Dec 1, 2017

As a 52 yr. old competitive water-skier, I'm always in shape. I've done Crossfit for years and completed 6 Tough Mudders etc., all which require strength and physical ability. But early 2017 I suffered a ruptured L4,L5 disc that impaired the nerve supplying motor function to the right thigh. I couldn't walk or even stand up completely for 2 months. Surgery was not an option, it was a must to possibly regain the function of the right leg. My friend of 35 years suggested I try Yoga to recover and the Physical Therapist agreed. Knowing only one guy that does yoga, I figured it probably wouldn't be enough to get in the shape I need to compete - WRONG. It's tough, if you strive to do the posses correctly. The core strength required is exactly what my PT was striving for and I believe, a solid Yoga body would not have suffered the injury I did. Also the calming rhythm and controlled breathing lends well to managing the stress and anxiety of competition. I intend to continue this for the rest of my life. Thank You Inner Evolution Yoga!


Jacquelyn Grace said on Feb 28, 2017

This was my first "membership" at a yoga studio ever and I love every minutes of it. I did the 30 for $30 deal which was amazing and totally doable for my college student budget and schedule. With a kickboxing and weight training background I needed to switch things up a bit and this was perfect. I mostly took the noon hot power class but I tried to get a wide variety. 30 days was the perfect amount to get a full taste of all the different classes and instructors. The workouts were not only challenging but so much fun. I left each class feeling not only so at peace but also energized. The members as well as instructors were so welcoming each time I came in and I never felt like "the new girl". During all the classes the amount of modifications given made me focus on myself and my workout to push to the next level. I have noticed not only a lot of strength after my 30 days but also how to be present not only while working out but everyday. As funny as it sounds the breathing techniques also reminded me to breathe. Definitely while working out but once again with everything that comes along. I highly recommend this yoga studio and the pricing is worth every penny just based on classes. It's crazy how a room on one of the busiest streets in town can feel so isolated and tranquil. I will definitely be back soon!!


Mari Mizutani said on Jan 30, 2017

I can't find enough words to describe how wonderful, supportive, and ass kicking this studio is! Every single practice has been incredible and any place/thing/activity that happily gets me out of bed to go to the 5:30am power yoga class is worth all the kudos in the world!


Perla Jamal said on Apr 27, 2016

Love your class and the studio in Redlands, CA.


Tatted Chef said on Feb 20, 2014

To find yoga instructors who have activated souls as well as teaching abilities is high on my list of prerequisites. I have found them here ,and as well , a friendly,comfortable place to practice my yoga. I highly recommend Inner Evolution. Great energy and warmth from teachers and practitioners as well... Living in the Light..Love is All ..Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Melissa said on Mar 26, 2013

My family at Inner Evolution Yoga completely changed my life for the better! All teachers are warm, welcoming, supportive, positive and bring their own skills and personalities that totally complement each other and allow you to grow stronger in every aspect of you yoga practice. The community at the studio is kind, generous, supportive, loving and so much fun to be around! I cannot recommend this studio enough. I moved away and I can confidently attend a yoga class at any studio and my practice continues to grow because of the guidance I received at IEY. They are the standard I measure other studios against! Love everyone in this place!!


Kimberly Rice said on Jan 26, 2013

I had such a great time at the acro yoga workshop. I can't wait to learn more.


Houston said on Dec 10, 2012

Philip has amazing energy, very positive. This reflects in the classes he teaches, up beat, positive and definitely energetic. I have ADD pretty bad but he was able to capture my attention and hold it, which is not an easy thing to do for longer than 15 minutes. I was challenged but not to the point where I couldn't keep up with the class. Definitely a great vibe here and an awesome class.


Jeff said on Nov 13, 2012

Fantastic work-out, clean soothing environment perfect for yoga, great location - most of all they treat everyone like family.


Wayne said on Oct 16, 2012

Been here over a year - absolutely the BEST YOGA INSTRUCTORS!!


Lisa said on Jun 27, 2012

Sandrine and staff are amazing yoga instructors--very knowledgeable and friendly. Adorable yoga studio: clean, good music, modern atmosphere. Always leave feeling rejuvenated. Also, great deal for 1/2 off drop-in class! Huge fan of this place :)


Stephanie said on Nov 16, 2011

Hate to say My mom was right.... --.--

but I enjoyed my first yoga class very much.
After walking in I felt less intimidated in taking a yoga class. Like others have said, it is a clean and zen-like atmosphere! Very inviting.

The instructor was friendly and went at a pace in which we could all follow (beginner's class) During class I could already feel some of my flexibility improving (something I'd thought I'd lost much of since doing gymnastics in high school) and my level of stress becoming less and less.

Will be getting the student monthly deal for $35/month for unlimited classes!


Leanna said on Oct 11, 2011

Why I LOVE yoga, and IEY!

I started yoga a year and a half ago, and since then, I can honestly say that my life has changed. Being a dance instructor, I have to keep my flexibility and strength in order to avoid injury; however, Redlands does not offer a great program for mature dancers.
When I was introduced to yoga, I was immediately hooked. Not only was I strengthening my arms, core, back, and legs, but I was also consistently increasing my flexibility. I feel satisfied from yoga, and no longer feel the need to take a dance class. I am challenged and renewed by every class. The icing on the cake is that my body has changed, as well as my eating habits. I now live a healthier lifestyle and I attribute this to yoga.

Thank you, IEY, for helping my along this journey of finding more confidence in myself, and for adding satisfaction to the void that desperately needed to be filled. I appreciate you so much. You rock.



Amy said on Aug 13, 2011

If you are looking for a life change or not inner evolution is the place to go. The instructors are caring and very helpful. The atmosphere is amazing, and I really love the no judgment "Best possible" way of thinking. :D Long story short, They ROCK!


Niko said on Jul 5, 2011

Great environment! $100 for 10 classes.. well worth every penny!!


Morgan said on Jun 5, 2011

If you guys get any more awesome, you're gonna start scaring people. Seriously. People can't deal with so much awesome.


Larri said on Jun 5, 2011

My 6 1/2 month yoga practice has had a major impact on my health and life overall and my Yogacharas at IEY (i.e., Phil, Sandrine, Sara, Ian, and Janna) have played a significant role in my development and results.


Christina said on Jun 5, 2011

Congrats on your first year I'm positive there will be many more years to come, Thank you for making it feel like visiting a home of a good friend every time I'm there. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! And lets not forget about sweet handsome Casper.. he is a great addition.. ;)


Leanna said on May 30, 2011

Inner Evolution has changed the way I feel about yoga! Phil and Sandrine are the nicest teachers, and every class feels very personal. I highly recommend this studio to all levels!


Jenifer said on May 22, 2011

Today Sara Carolyn Beaton brought me to my first class at Inner Evolution, and I must say I have never enjoyed yoga this much. I feel so refreshed, and Sandrine was amazing! I've been feeling like something's been missing, and this helped to shed some of the stress away. Thank you!


Angi said on Mar 9, 2011

Im so grateful this studio has opened. Ive been practicing yoga for quite a few years and have gotten used to feeling like just another student. All of the instructors at Inner Evolution are truly genuine and kind. They have taken the time to get to know me and make me feel like im a part of the studio. On top of their kindness, they are truly gifted at teaching and guiding us though our breath and poses. I feel safe to listen to my body at all times. They emphasize letting go of ego and competition. Ive heard other studios say that but ive never felt that it was ever really practiced. Inner Evolution embodies it. If you havent tried it yet, you need to!!! Wether you want power yoga, gentle, beginners or stretch.


Larri said on Feb 13, 2011

Six weeks ago I tried Yoga for the first time in my life of 47 years. Two weeks into my new practice, I came across Inner Evolution Yoga. I tried one class and knew this is where I belong. So far, I have found this to be a very rewarding experience and I'm learning that Yoga can benefit me in more areas that just fitness and health. Phil and Sandrine have an awesome studio. They sincerely care about their students. I know that I have much to learn in my journey. That's just what they have taught me, it's a journey. The studio is cool too. it's upstairs and the windows allow you to overlook the city of Redlands as well as the mountains to the North. I look forward to every class I attend and appreciate the 5:30 a.m. class that allows me to get my day started right! If you have never tried one of their classes then you really don't know that you are missing out. Although i haven't studied Yoga in India (yet) I still know that what I'm getting from this studio is right. It's certainly right for me!


Lori said on Jan 26, 2011

My life changed for the better when I signed up for the monthly unlimited yoga at Inner Evolution. I love the 5:30 am hot power yoga classes on MWF. If hot yoga's not for you, the wonderful owners, Phil and Sandrine, offer a wide variety of classes at all levels. As soon as I walk through the door, I feel a peacefulness settling in. Yoga at its best!


Kathryn said on Nov 10, 2010

Inner Evolution Yoga is the best! I am not experienced in yoga, so I have been in the beginners class which has been amazing. Through the classes I have come to love yoga and enjoyed the changes with my flexibility, strength training and weight loss. I am so thankful for the teachers and their care and concern for each of their students. Great price, awesome location!


Robben said on Oct 11, 2010

This is a very good class and Philip is an excellent instructor. Philip has a friendly and helpful attitude. I highly recommend it.


Jennifer said on Aug 22, 2010

This yoga studio is a rare treasure. Truly. I’ve been doing yoga for about 3 years and I’ve been searching for the right yoga studio to really call my home and I feel like I’ve finally found it at inner evolution yoga. I studied yoga in India and learned first-hand the depth that yoga has to offer. I have had a hard time finding a studio that teaches the aspects of yoga that go beyond the physical, but this studio does! The way they combine a powerful and challenging asana practice with mental discipline and stress release is cleansing and invigorating. The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting. Phil and Sandrine are excellent teachers. They cater to each student’s individual practice needs, and also make a point of getting to know you, making you feel welcome and excited about yoga. This place is seriously awesome. Some day when I own my own yoga studio, I want it to be a lot like this.


Shane said on Jul 30, 2010

I really like your website. I'm a designer and was very impressed with the quality.


Lisa A. said on Jul 28, 2010

I have been practicing yoga for twelve years and am highly enjoying the challenge these classes offer me. I have practiced all over Redlands, and the US for that matter, and am very pleased Phil and Sandrine opened such a beautiful and welcoming studio here. I look forward to sharing my time and energy at Inner Evolution


Valerie said on Jul 22, 2010

Today was my first day of doing yoga with your studio. I am an avid runner, and wanted to do something that would help my running and my body, and I think I found the perfect solution. I absolutely loved the class :) thanks again!


Julie said on Jul 19, 2010

Thanks for the great class today. I want to let you know that yoga has helped my tendinitis. I am scheduled for surgery next month but I don’t think I will need it now. I thought it might aggravate it and lucky me it was the opposite. Who knew? Thanks Sandrine & Phillip


Beth said on Jul 1, 2010

What an awesome place to do yoga. I love it. These are real people following their dream and it shows...its their passion.


Brian said on Jun 29, 2010

Beautiful studio, wonderful kind, knowledgeable teachers. Ive taken classes from all of the teachers now and can honestly say i enjoy them all. I especially love the Yin classes because since i usually only do power yoga i find that this class has made me even more aware of my body and how it needed to hold poses longer and deeper. I love seeing Casper too.


Steph said on Jun 29, 2010

I have been practicing yoga at various studios and at home for the last 5 years. I am so grateful to have found this beautiful studio. I love Sandrines 5:00 power yoga class. She challenges me to take my practice to a deeper level. I love the music she plays because it always gives me that push to hold poses just a bit longer, and she always makes me smile and laugh. She challenges me physically and never lets me forget to breathe. Even though i need a shower as soon as i get home cause i get so sweaty I feel like ive let go of my days stress from work and can be a much nicer, happier person to my family. Thank you!!!


Julie Hoy said on Jun 9, 2010

I highly recommend you try Inner Evolution Yoga. I like the way Phillip personalizes the instruction and as a beginner, I immediately felt at ease. I felt great afterwards, very relaxed. It's also a nicely designed and soothing space that is very pleasant to spend time in.


Mona said on Jun 9, 2010

I started practicing with Phil 3 years ago. I soon found yoga creeping into other aspects of my's more than a practice; it's a way of life. Phil's voice entering your head, "Best Possible". Always reminding you, you are in this exact moment, not in the past, not in the future, but here and now and all you can do is your best. I found this so applicable: work, home, and socially. My first experience with Sandrine was as a fellow student. Wow, how I was impressed. Graceful, assured and humble. Then I was lucky enough to be her student. The two of them are a great blend. They are similar and yet still provide a unique style to each of their classes--ying and yang if you will. Yoga is an individual experience and they do a remarkable job reminding you their space is a safe place to take it easy or push your limits; supporting you every step of the way.

Seeing their dream come to fruition has been such a joy to observe and I feel very lucky to have been a small part of it.


Michael said on Jun 9, 2010

went to two hot power hour sessions already. the $20 unlimited yoga a month deal is amazing. after i get through the class i feel cleansed and refreshed. the instructor, Phil has the room heated, which loosens the muscles and amplifies the experience. i can tell that i've improved from the first class to the next. i also appreciate the fact that Phil takes the time to break down the poses.

inner evolution yoga is a place that teaches me how to embrace physical challenges and rise above them. would highly recommend this to anyone interested in yoga, no matter what level.


Ammery Philebar said on Jun 9, 2010

After doing mat pilates for a while I started feeling like I wanted something more challenging. I found Phil and Sandrine through a mutual friend and have since become completely addicted to yoga! I did try a couple of other studios in the area but the sense of family and the easy going "no competition" atmosphere are what keep me coming back and encouraged in my practice. There are so many variations to each class that I attend so I never get bored or feel like I have reached a limit. If anyone out there wants a place to call their yoga home, from beginner to advanced, this is the place to come. You will always feel welcome and are guaranteed to meet friends along the way:)


Joshua said on Jun 8, 2010

I have had the pleasure of going to this new yoga studio and I gotta tell ya its the best one i have ever been to. The atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door is amazing and the staff is extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable.

The studio itself is very modern in nature while the classes are very challenging and therapeutic. I am fairly new to practicing yoga and my experience with inner evolution has been fantastic. I would recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for the full yoga package.



Deb Weis said on Jun 8, 2010

I realized the benefits of studio practice (over DVD's) almost a year ago and since then, I have been searching far and wide for a the right yoga studio for me. I have found it--excellent instructors who are also kind and dedicated, a beautiful space, so many classes to choose between (many levels and times), fun music, a balance of physical work and life lessons, and a welcoming and growing community of diverse people. Some days, I opt for a gentle class and some days I want a workout; in every case, I always leave Inner Evolution Yoga in better shape, both physically and mentally.

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