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Community-focused nonprofit 501(c)3, focused on providing resources, people and experiences to the Inland Empire. We strive to connect in a relevant, genuine and sustainable way.


StrongerTogetherNow: A world where we can connect with the community in a genuine, supportive way.


StrongerTogetherNow: To inspire connection within communities by providing programs, resources and events that focus on connection.


We want to be an instrument for change, we want to positively impact the community through our effort and commitment.

Our focus groups include:

  1. Community Outreach & Engagement

  2. Youth Outreach

  3. People Empowerment

  4. Mutual Aid & Resources

  5. Local Leadership Accountability


To foster a relationship within IE communities by not only providing programs that alleviate cost concerns to people, but to take on the difficult task and spark in depth conversations that tackle difficult issues that each of these communities face.