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The District- Cocktails, Food, Live Music

Great beer, Great menu, and great music. Menu. Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name.



The idea behind The District really started many years ago when two brothers (Steven & David Kramer) had a simple idea to open a bar that allowed people to feel comfortable, enjoy a good drink and the company of friends. Something they valued growing up was the bonds they created doing just that! As time passed both of them went off to college started families and the dream of owning a bar was put on the shelf until the time was right.

The District was truly meant to be a place of the people! Its not great food, awesome drinks or the music that make it what it is... Although, all of those thing are great! It's you, that makes that unique place where you can go and unwind from a long hard day, or get away from the stresses of everyday life, even if for a moment.

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We truly hope you love what we have created for you and on behalf of all of us at The District, we welcome you! CHEERS to good times and even better memories!


  • Monday closed
  • Tues-Sun 4:30-2:00am


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  • The District- Cocktails, Food, Live Music
  • 19 E. Citrus Ave. Ste 101
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Arlene said on Jan 2, 2015

The comedy nights are so great!!


k_y_a said on Dec 31, 2014

A wonderful family opened an amazing business. Can't beat that!!! Love The District! Pizza and beer!


Gavin said on Dec 31, 2014

I absolutely love that place! Great people, great vibes, and amazing owners.

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