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Rhonda Stanton, Broker-Associate, Keller Williams Real Estate

General residential real estate broker, with an emphasis in customer service, in the Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Highland, San Bernardino area, representing primarily purchasers and sellers of personal residences, as well as homes for investment purposes. I am a Certified Short Sale Negotiator with a 92% success rate. Ninety (90%) percent of my business is past client and referral.



  • Twenty acres subdivided into eight 2.5 acre lots. Smoke Tree is paved and county requires other three roads to be paved. Seller says each lot should cost buyer approx 100k to be completed, and that includes 10k per lot needed to pay remaining county and engineering fees. Some work is done, which should enable buyer to get final map within 6-18 months, depending on your water and pavement contractors. If you were doing this from scratch, it could take up to 4 years, plus significant cost increases from County. Property is flat and is 3/4 mile from elementary school, one mile from middle school, 4 miles from Hwy 395 and I-15. Only site-built custom homes adjacent. Buyer to verify ALL information contained in this description. See memo with photos from Cubit Engineering for more info. An extension of time with the county land use dept to complete and finalize the project was granted until 2/16/2020.

Do you have a property in our area that you would like to sell, and it may need work prior to selling?

When Rhonda Stanton is your listing agent, she will act as your "project manager" in getting bids for repairs/improvements, forward to you for approval, and supervise the work being done. She has 20 years of experience working with investors and has a select group of reputable contractors that have reasonable rates with whom she works.

If you need to dispose of a property and don't have the time to do it, and distance is a challenge, contact Rhonda Stanton, 909.213.3304,


  • 17842 Pine Av Fontana 92335. $309,900 . 15 days on the market
  • 16286 Pick Pl Riverside 92504. $512,500. 55 days on the market
  • 911 Church St Redlands 92374. 525,000. 0 days on the market
  • 105 S Center St Redlands 92373. $382,000. 42 days on the market.
  • 930 N Dearborn St Redlands 92374. $390,000. 6 days on the market.
  • 12988 Burns Ln, Redlands 93273. $500,000. 2 days on the market.
  • 5413 Granada, Riverside. $210,000. 3 days on the market.

Represented the buyer

  • 324 Ameno, Palm Springs
  • 314 Mountain Court, Brea
  • 1428 Washington, Redlands
  • 1315 Avalon, Beaumont
  • 1428 Washington, Redlands


You will get an agent that takes the time to educate you about the process, and keeps you informed every step of the way. I love to learn, and I assume my clients do as well. I believe the more you know, the less you stress.

You’ll get an outstanding problem solver. I believe that is singularly the most important quality of an agent, where some agents seem to panic when issues come up, as if problems in a transaction take them by surprise. In real estate, in every transaction, problems always come up. It’s my job to identify them, solve them, and move on to the next step. In 13 years in this business, I have an outstanding batting average at closing transactions, and that is directly related to my tenacity, and my ability to look at an issue from every angle until I find a solution.

You will get my attention. When we are together, either looking at property or reviewing contracts, etc., you will have my undivided attention. I leave my cell phone in the car – I don’t bring it into your home, or along on appointments. I will be asking you a lot of questions, so I have a very clear idea of what you need and want. At the end of the transaction, I want you to be satisfied.

You will have the advantage of my negotiating skills working for you. Prior to selling real estate, I worked in real estate litigation. I have a lot of experience with negotiating and strategizing, and I will use those skills to get you the best possible results.

You get an agent with integrity, who puts YOU first. Integrity is everything to me. If I don’t put your needs first, then I would not be doing my job. Because of that, 90% of my business comes from referrals and past clients. If I do a good job for you, it’s my hope that you will refer your friends and family to me – that’s how I’ve flourished in this business.

You will get an agent who thoroughly markets your home. I have a complete marketing plan that I follow with every listing to ensure that it gets maximum exposure on the market. Over 80% of buyers start their home search on the internet, so my love of technology will be a strong advantage to you, over an agent who does not embrace technology. Home staging included.

When you work with me, you will have a staunch advocate that looks out for your interests, will guide you through the transaction, and acts with integrity when working with you, as well as others. You might not like everything I have to say, but I will always be honest with you.


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  • Rhonda Stanton, Broker-Associate, Keller Williams Real Estate
  • 1473 Ford Street, Suite 200
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Kenny Ling said on May 7, 2018

Rhonda did such a great job helping me buy my first home that I got her to help me sell it too! I was out-of-state when I decided to sell, but I knew I could count on Rhonda to take care of everything for me. She personally oversaw the updating of the house like it was her own, and kept me apprised of the entire process along the way. It was difficult not being physically there, but with Rhonda on my side, I always knew my house and I were in good hands.


Margarita Guerrero said on Mar 10, 2018

I have worked with Rhonda before, one of the most diligent agents I have come across. You won't go wrong working with her.


Brian & Darah Cleary said on Oct 27, 2017

Before we began looking for a home, we asked our friends for a real estate agent they would recommend and were referred to Rhonda Stanton. We were assured that she was trustworthy, hardworking and one of the "good guys". Our subsequent search and purchase proved that they were correct.

Rhonda was, first and foremost, someone we knew had our best interests at heart. It became clear, after looking at many homes, that she was solely interested in helping us find the home of our dreams. We never felt pushed, rushed or inconvenienced. She was patient, flexible and easy going. While some agents may push you to buy something simply for a quick commission, it was clear Rhonda was not one of those agents.

Rhonda was extremely easy to work with and responded quickly to any question, be it big or small. When issues would arise, she handled them calmly and appropriately, making our task of moving our family smooth and easy.

After our sale, Rhonda continued to work with us to facilitate the transition to our new home, and continues to be a knowledgeable resource for us months after the close of escrow.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Rhonda Stanton for your real estate needs. I can now confirm she is one of the good guys."


Jim and Teresa K., Yucaipa said on Oct 10, 2017

Rhonda Stanton sold our home in Yucaipa for a premium price. Out of loyalty, we first spoke to the agent that sold us the house. He gave us his opinion regarding a sales price. We were concerned that we might have to short sell it. We then spoke to Rhonda, and she expressed that she thought we could get around $50,000 more for the house, so we decided to go with her. We had a very large lot with a beautiful pool, and many improvements. Because the house was somewhat unique, we ended up with two offers that were above full price. Through her negotiating, we ended up selling it for another $25,000 higher than our list price!

During the process, Rhonda was accessible and answered all of our questions. She was professional and we always felt very at ease with her. When we look for a replacement home, we will, without a doubt, call Rhonda.


Kristen Selleck said on Jul 4, 2017

Rhonda is amazing and helped us purchase our home last year. She was knowledgeable and wonderful through the whole process!


Toni Momberger said on Jun 21, 2017

My husband I have been buying and selling investment properties for more than 20 years, and when we discovered what a great Realtor Rhonda was, we started hiring her to handle all of our transactions. This was despite my being a licensed Realtor myself at the time.

We hired Rhonda so often that we started feeling like she was a friend, and ultimately, a member of the family.

She is foremost a knowledgeable, capable and honest agent.

She is also a tremendous advocate for her clients, and unfortunately in the real estate environment that is often needed.

As a bonus, she is a magnetic spirit; she is fun, kind and interesting.

I do not know at this point how many houses we have bought, sold or rented with her guidance, but it's more than 10. The first was in 1997 and the most recent was January, 2017. Every transaction has had enormous unexpected obstacles and every one of them went relatively smoothly anyway and closed successfully.

Rhonda has expertise in green (environmental) factors, staging, short sales and investment properties. When she doesn't know something, she says so, and then learns it.

I was the Real Estate Editor for six newspapers across Southern California for two years, and I interviewed and got to know agents and affiliates in all of San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. Rhonda is among the best Realtors I have ever met.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you hire her and aren't happy you did, I will eat my hat.

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