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Escape Craft Brewery
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Escape Craft Brewery

Craft Brewery and tasting room. Local craft beers with complex flavors and a heavy emphasis on hops. Family-friendly place to host a casual get-together or meet up, grab a pint and a game (football or board game). Additional tasting room featuring bocce ball and private parties. Local breweries. Reception & Event Venue under 200 at the Barrelhouse on Nevada (no kitchen) All locations are Family & pet friendly. Kitchen/restaurant at the Downtown location.


We are Escape Craft Brewery. We are a micro brewery based in beautiful Redlands, California. Using the freshest local ingredients, we take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love.

Dog and family friendly, bring or order out food, house made artisan soda.

Great place to host a casual get together or meet up, grab a pint and a game (football or board game). Additional tasting room featuring bocce ball and private parties.

Escape from ordinary Beer.


440 Oriental Ave. The 60-by-100-foot brick building was built in 1906 by A.E. Taylor for $5,000 for Henry Fisher and his son John, who operated the trolley barn on Citrus Avenue. It was first operated by a laundry and a household storage company using labor from the neighboring Chinatown. It was last used by Rondoor repair shop for Audis and Porches, according to a 1986 historic survey. Downtown Oasis is open 12-10. Kitchen 12-9:30.

Original Location

Nevada st Barrelhouse open 4-10. All locations are Family & pet friendly.


  • JOSH FISHER: Owner / Brewmaster. Josh is the mastermind behind the delicious brews.
  • MELISSA FISHER: Owner. Melissa is the creative visionary behind Escape.
  • Citra: VP of Cuteness. Not only is Citra an amazing hop, she’s also the cutest brew dog around.

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing."

Redlands natives, Josh & Melissa, owners of Escape Craft Brewery met while attending Redlands Senior High and have been together over 20 years. They love to travel and experience adventures. Most of their outings take them to baseball and football games-- they want to see every stadium! They also ENJOY the local food & craft beer scene wherever they go. Josh loves to cook, he finds food & beer inspiration everywhere. Their kids first foods (non-baby food) was chocolate! Chocolate ganache for Cole (7) and Chocolate gelato for Alanna (5). Melissa adores plants & gardening- which is why they have palm trees in the brewery. They have 2 dogs with beer inspired names, of course; Citra- a weimaraner (the coveted Citra hop) and LoopyLinn- a boxer, a spin on Lupulin, which is found inside hop flowers.

"Josh has been a craft beer enthusiast since his early 20s and finds his creative outlet in the kitchen. After being encouraged by a fellow firefighter, Josh dove headfirst into home-brewing much to the delight of our neighbors. Eight years later, countless gallons of beer, our friends encouraged (to put it lightly!) us to open a brewery and the adventure began. We believe that everybody deserves, craves, and needs an escape from the mundane activities of ordinary life. Enjoying a great craft beer is part of how we slow down and enjoy a respite, take a breath. We wanted to create a place for people to come together during their day and just enjoy good friends, strike up a conversation with someone new, and relax."