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109 E State Street Suite A Redlands CA 92373
Fri, May 17 at 05:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar
Fri, May 24 at 05:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar
Fri, May 31 at 05:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar

Our DM Shelby Montez is bringing an exciting new journey for those adventurers ages 9-16 dont miss out on this epic tale! "The peaceful kingdom of Nestington has suddenly been disrupted by a series of evildoers. Is this just an unlucky coincidence or is someone cooking an evil plot to harm the kingdom? The young prince, Owlbert, has bravely asked adventurers to heed his call and help eliminate those who wish to harm the innocent. While hopefully finding out who is behind this. Will you answer the call, Adventurer?" seats are limited to 6 kids per event please rsvp for each slot individually Refunds will not be given due to seating being limited, but store credit will be given if needed to cancel for any reason. Kids ages 10-16 are allowed to join!

  • Every Friday from April 26 - May 31st at 5 pm

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