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Downtown Redlands Clock Walk - Self Guided

Kids Holiday Shopping & Activities 05/17/24 at 09:00 PM

14 N. Fifth Street Downtown Redlands CA
All Day on 05/17/2024 + Add to Your Calendar
All Day on 05/18/2024 + Add to Your Calendar
All Day on 05/19/2024 + Add to Your Calendar
All Day on 05/23/2024 + Add to Your Calendar

The Downtown Redlands Clock Walk, developed by the Redlands Visitor Center, is a new and fun activity for families to enjoy downtown Redlands!

The Clock Walk instructions, map and entry form brochure is now available at the kiosk outside the Visitor Center at 14 N. Fifth St., Redlands.

Sponsored by The Rochford Foundation

  • CLOCK 3D TOUR 3D tour courtesy of Wayne Salvatti for Photografx Worldwide.
  • Pick up tour outside the Redlands Visitor Center 24/7.


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