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Oldest Homes in Redlands - Self-guided Tour

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Some of these have been remodeled and look dramatically different than they once did. Also, they're more than nine because of ties. Put the address into Google maps to see the homes: (Homes are private residences, please respect their privacy)

  • 620 E. State St. (1875)
  • 927 Post St. (1880)
  • 31838 E. Citrus Ave.(1885)
  • 7 Grant St. (1887)
  • 505 Chestnut Ave.(1887)
  • 534 S. 4th St. (1887)
  • 940 Chestnut Ave.(1887)
  • 851 E. High Ave. (1888)
  • 814 E. High Ave. (1888)
  • 315 Grant St. (1888)
  • 18 S. Eureka St. (1888)
  • 315 E. Crescent Ave.(1888)

Historical information below is from the Heritage Room at Smiley Library Public Records

620 E. State St. (1875)

No information available

927 Post St. (1880) actual: 1893

Builder: unknown
Owner: Alice Reinhard 1908

31838 E. Citrus Ave.(1885)

No information available

7 Grant St. (1887)

Water connection: 1888
actual construction: 1890
Builder: T. W. Ladd

The original section of the house, begun in 1890, contained the livingroom, diningroom and two bedrooms. The kitchen and bathroom were added in 1910. House was completely rewired for electricity byt the plumbing was in good shape.

The current owner, Sharon Emmerson, spent many hours researching the title grant of the house, plus many hours in the restoration of the home, ceilings were restored to their original height of 12 feet after they had been lowered. A reproduction cast iron electrified cook stove finds its home in the kitchen and adds functional use as well as charm. Full basement under the house with dirt floor - rumored that the wooden floor was torn up and burned for heating in war years.

505 Chestnut Ave.(1887)

Builder: M. E Davenport
Water connection: 1888

The plot was owned originaly by M. M. (or D.) Phinny in 1888, then in 1901, Julia Green purchased the property and hired M. E. Davenport to build her house. The house was finished in 1901.

Interesting note: An article in the Redlands Daily Fax dated February 16, 1929 states that the renter of this home, Joe Lutz was arrested for operating an illigal still inside the home. The authorities confiscated the largest still found here. One very large still was in the kitchen and two smaller stills in other rooms. To operate the stills, the renter cut big holes in the walls and caused considerable damage.

Later in 1947 Ted and Nina Banek purchased the house and added a bedroom.

Gary and Ellen Paytas purchased the home in 1990 and have carefully added a bathroom, a beautiful sitting room and garage while staying true to the style and charm of the home, With its towering redwood trees and beautiful gardens the home is a historical gem on the ”Heights” of south Redlands.

The Redlands Historical Society commends Gary and Ellen Payts for their care and attention in maintaining this remakable home.

534 S. 4th St. (1887)

Builder: unknown
Water connection: 1887 or 1902
Owner B. F. Edwards
Estimated construction: 1910

This home is one of several structures that are considered part of an historical district. At the request of the Office of Historic Preservation, the Redlands survey team gathered these houses together and surveyed them as potential district nominees. Individually they do not nedessarily represent the cream of Redlands structulres but together they are excellent examples of late19th - early 20th century life-styles and architectural style.

940 Chestnut Ave.(1887)

Builder: unknown
Original owner: Peter Hill
Water connection: 1908

851 E. High Ave. (1888)

Builder: unknown
Original owner: Mrs. I. C. Haight
Water connection 1888

814 E. High Ave. (1888)

Builder: unknown
Original owner: possibly Birtha Wagoner
Water connection: 1927

315 Grant St. (1888)

Builder: unknown
Original owner: Geo. A. Isbell
Water connection: 1888

18 S. Eureka St. (1888) actual construction: 1899

Builder: J. W Hollett
Original owner: J. W. Hollett
Water connection: 1888

Hollett was an orange grower and had several groves above Olive Avenue. Strangely, the water connection for this home was on 1888, about 11 years before the home was built.

315 E. Crescent Ave.(1888)

Builder: unknown
Original owner: C. L. Russel
Water Connection: 1888

Article Credit Researcher Erika Lambert - Smiley Library Heritage Room

Photo Credit: Bruce Herwig


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