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Greensleeves Steakhouse

Greensleeves Steakhouse offers twist on the traditional steakhouse menu. Thoughtfully crafted dishes include locally sourced ingredients and Rocker Bros. meats. Modern interpretations of traditional appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, meats and even vegetarian dishes separate Greensleeves' menu from other downtown Redlands fine dining institutions. Sunday Brunch.


Our Story

In late 2016, a new ownership group announced the opening plans of Greensleeves Steakhouse. 220 Orange Street is one of the oldest early business buildings left standing, originally constructed in 1892. Greensleeves Steakhouse pays homage to the rich Redlands history and sense of community through the display of pictures and stories from the historic town. These memories were collected from members of the community during the restaurant’s initial design phase. A building like this needed its story, structural integrity, and historical significance salvaged. The Greensleeves Steakhouse team happened to be in the right place at the right time to do so.

This space in downtown Redlands, over a century in age, was originally constructed as the The Phinney Block building, housing the Redlands Board of Trade and Chamber of Commerce. The Redlands welcoming festivities for President McKinley in 1901 and President Roosevelt in 1903 were also planned here. Built with brick from local yards, the original owner, Mr. Mo Phinney, was a Redlands pioneer citrus grower and civic worker. Phinney was the most prolific investor on Orange Street, with four buildings completed on the street with this building winning the Redlands Heritage Award in 1985 by the Redlands Historical Society.

Greensleeves Steakhouse aims to honor Redlands rich history and tight knit community by employing some of Redlands most talented and passionate service professionals. There is a deep culture that attracts people to this city and a heartfelt loyalty to this community of thriving local businesses. It is the people that make this town and we are honored to be part of it.

The Greensleeves Steakhouse space has been completely renovated and redesigned, while maintaining its character—from a posh bar/lounge and party room to an outdoor patio. The design cultivates a nostalgic “modern vintage” feel and fosters the renowned Redlands sense of community.

Absent 9

Relax with us upstairs at Absent 9 and the best cocktails and creations masterfully crafted from behind our bar.


  • 11am - 2pm. Bloody Mary Bar, Borderline Bottomless Mimosas, and our New Brunch Menu.


Monday - Thursday: 4pm - 9pm
Friday: 4pm - 10pm
Saturday: 5pm - 10pm
Sunday: 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 9pm


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  • Greensleeves Steakhouse
  • 220 Orange Street
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Connie Roener said on Jul 10, 2018

Ate there for the first time last week and it was fabulous! great service, food, & lounge.


Toni Momberger said on Jul 10, 2018

My first time here. Holy wow with this cheeseboard. And I’m having probably the best gin and tonic I’ve ever had.


Adam said on Jun 25, 2018

I came here a little over a week ago to celebrate my birthday with a large party (18 guests). Charles made the process and experience as pleasant as possible without any issues. Due to the large party we had to place a small deposit down to reserve the private room, which is normal for a upscale restaurant like this. Our server took good care of our large group from beginning to end -- even turning on the NBA playoff game for us while we dined. For those of you who don't know, Greensleeves doesn't have taco Tuesday, they have.... TOMAHAWK TUESDAYS (half-off tomahawk steaks!). One tomahawk is about 40oz so it's definitely good to share between two people. With the value in the tomahawk, it made it an easy choice to select that for nearly all of our meat choices. Our table shared many sides and appetizers, including mashed potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, raw oysters, scallops, mac and cheese, amongst others. All of the above items were great!

The one thing that was disappointing was that they were out of several menu items that I was really looking forward to trying, specifically the bone marrow and pork belly. For those of you wondering what to compare this place to.. the closest I can say is Fleming's-- though the sides/appetizers at Fleming's are slightly better in my opinion. This was my and the rest of my party's first time here, and it will definitely be somewhere we'll be coming back to in the very near future.


Jeran Jaurigue said on Jan 27, 2018

Every time I take a client there we have excellent service, good food and a great time.


Traci Low said on Jan 27, 2018

We love the lounge and had an amazing dinner there recently!!!

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