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Redlands Health Insurance Enrollment and Benefits Center

Serving the Inland Empire for over 20 years with Health, Medicare, Life, Dental, Accident and Cancer Insurance. We're Certified with Covered California to assist with the Affordable Care Act. Our services are FREE. Call for an appointment Today.


About Us

Positive, optimistic, and passionate are just a few words to describe George Litchfield. George was born and raised on his grandparent’s farm in Eastern North Carolina. George’s father was a commercial fisherman who once took Andy Griffith on a goose hunt!

As a young teenager George’s family moved to Pasadena, California, where his dad developed the most successful service station in Los Angeles County.

It was there working for his dad, he learned the meaning of “full service”. As a young man he spent 2 years at a Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and soon afterward, settled down to raise a family in beautiful Yucaipa, California.

George and his wife Terri enjoy traveling and spending time with their five grandchildren. George keeps young by playing racquetball and on occasion pushing the envelope on past times such as skydiving!

For almost 20 years he has enjoyed assisting his clients in these core areas: Medicare Solutions (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D), but he’s also added Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Dental Insurance and Travel Insurance among other products.

George values each and every client, who he also considers his friends….and, it’s because of these relationships, as it was once said of another “George” that makes him feel like the “richest man in town”.

George Litchfield and Litchfield Insurance Inc., has opened up one of the Inland Empire's, most important resources. The Redlands Health Insurance Enrollment and Benefits Center" they will be able help local residents with their questions regarding the new affordable care act.


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  • Redlands Health Insurance Enrollment and Benefits Center
  • 300 E. State Street Suite 203
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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