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Mu Restaurant

MU Restaurant is a place for people to eat, drink and gather. Located in Redlands, CA, it includes a bar, a lounge, and an al fresco patio. Vegan and Gluten-free options available. Menu First Grade Seafood fresh weekly. Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name. Private Venue 40 max

Our Story

MU Restaurant was established in 2006 by founder Daranee Muongpruan. The cuisine is modern in approach while at the same time drawing inspiration from Ms. Muongpruan native land of Thailand. The restaurant draws many — from casual patrons to culinary connoisseurs alike — from the greater Los Angeles area and is considered a premier destination to dine, drink, and relax.

The philosophy behind MU is simple: make Thai inspired food with local ingredients. Often, this starts with her and Chef Michael collaborating on what fish she should buy, what local produce is available, and how stripped down yet elegant the dish can be. For a city so far inland, though, getting fresh-caught seafood requires a daily commute and intuitive buying. Daranee starts her days at 4am at the Los Angeles fish market. Before she took up this morning ritual, she would order fish and have it delivered, like many other restaurants outside the immediate proximity to the ocean. The quality of product she was receiving was not up to par however, so she did her research. Where do serious chefs go for their fish? She wanted to go there too. She wanted to serve her clients something she would want to eat herself.

Research led her to the early morning fish and seafood markets in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Harbor is the thruway to the Pacific Ocean’s bounty, but only if you know where to look and when. A steady supply of the West Coast’s seafood streams in through the morning marketplace where fishmongers sell the day’s catch. The apt restaurateur has to be there early, long before the rest of the city comes to life, to find the best seafood at the International Marine and L.A. Fish, the two prominent fish markets. Most of the reputable sushi restaurants in Los Angeles buy their fish from these markets, so Daranee finds herself there amongst the sushi chefs. The fish market is traditionally a male dominated area, like the kitchen itself.