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Sweet Memories Candy & Toys

Sweet Memories is more then just a candy and gift shop, its a place that brings back childhood memories and creates new ones alike, with our ever expanding inventory of fun and silly candy, novelties and toys. It is our aim to offer an exciting place to shop laugh and just have a good time, whether enjoying an old fashioned bottled soda or one of your other favorite candies or toys its sure to be found at Sweet Memories.


Unique Gifts, Toys, Candy and Novelties

Memories are sweet especially when it involves candy from your childhood days. Sweet Memories taps into yearnings for penny candy and a nickel chocolate bar, where the mere sight of Blackjack chewing gum, Bit O Honey taffy or Atomic Fireballs hurtles customers back in time.


  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:00am-8:00pm
  • Thursday and Friday 11:00am-9:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm


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  • Sweet Memories Candy & Toys
  • 24 E State St
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Michele Peters said on Jan 8, 2018

I love that store!


Amy Swanston said on Nov 28, 2017

Best greeting cards in town.


Romy Smith said on Nov 28, 2017

I love this place. So many fun things to look at. I could look around all day😆🍊


Klaudia Vingochea said on Nov 28, 2017

This place is awesome! Such unique gifts. I ❤ this store and the awesome staff/ owners.


Paul said on Aug 11, 2017

We love that store!!!! It's hard for our boys not to go crazy and spend all of their allowance here.


Deborah said on Jul 11, 2017

This shop is my weekly therapy! The Bald Guy greeting cards will get you out of any funk you're in. Oh, and the SOCKS!! Absolutely hilarious. I by socks for my son in the Coast Guard and his station crew LOVES them. I'm thinking of buying a pair for each of them.


Zacharey Jacobson said on Jul 1, 2016

This is a place you will always love to come to. AMAZING customer service, nice cheap prices, and a fun and amazing atmosphere! 100% worth checking out.


Karen McKee said on Jul 1, 2016

This place is a great place for unique gifts, a walk down memory lane or a treat! Everyone that works there is awesome! I really love stopping by on market nights to pick up something for everyone.


Mary Woods said on Mar 26, 2015

I Love this store!


Terri Edwards said on Feb 13, 2015

Just went in there Sunday, lots of interesting things that you won't find anywhere else.


Emily Bendemire said on Feb 13, 2015

Went today!! Very cool shop!

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