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Tips from a Frequent Traveler About What to do in Redlands

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It's been seven years since Ryan Lonac and his wife Jenni moved to Seattle, but Redlands still feels as comfortable as home. And with several friends and family still in the area, he doesn't complain about getting to visit often. In fact, he looks forward to his quarterly bouts of sunshine and small town goodness.

A passionate artist, avid music fan, and lover of cycling, Ryan enjoys the rich Redlands culture without all the city hoopla. He's the owner and president of a design and marketing firm, RWL Design. Working with small and medium size business, Ryan and his team specialize in experience driven marketing and development. From advertising and brand strategy to content marketing and product design, they help business create relationships with their customers.

But it's not work when he comes to Redlands. It's fun. And because we love a good time, we asked Ryan to dish about what fun things to do in Redlands he looks forward to the most:

What's the first thing you do when you get in town?

Burritos at Rosies
Rosie's is a local favorite and well worth waiting in the line out the door. Photo by Rosa Maria's.

Lunch at Rosa Marias. It’s one of our traditions. I like to get the Chicken, Bean and Cheese Burrito. It’s one of my favorites and there’s nothing like it here in Seattle. They have amazing homemade tortillas. They make great salsas. It’s just good.

Where else do you like to eat around town?

Hand-made Sushi at Sachi
Sachi Sushi has a fantastic menu and an even better sushi chef.

A good friend of mine introduced us to what is now Sachi Sushi in Orange Street Plaza. It’s located next to Vons. This has been a favorite lunch and dinner spot of ours since 2007. I think the owners have changed since then, but we were just there and it’s better than ever.

Caprice Café
Caprice Café offers fine dining in Downtown Redlands. Photo by Caprice Café.

For a fancier night out, we always enjoy Caprice Café. They have an American fare menu that reminds of us of the intimate bistros popular in Seattle.

Are there any annual events or festivals you try and attend?

Redlands Symphony
Redlands Symphony Performing Finlandia. Photo by Michael S. Kelley Photography.

Definitely. We always try and plan our trips to hit one of Redlands Symphony’s concerts. They are an outstanding orchestra that rivals any of the big city orchestras.

When we lived in the Redlands area, we always felt lucky that they were right there in town. Now, when we visit, it’s one of the things we look forward to the most.

You can see Mozart, Copland, or John Luther Adams in Seattle, New York or LA amongst a huge crowd. Or you could see it in Redlands, in a much more intimate setting. To me, there’s no question what’s more enjoyable.

What do you like to do on a Redlands Saturday morning?

Saturday Farmer's Market
The Saturday market always showcases a wealth of fresh produce.

The Saturday morning farmer’s market is a go-to tradition. Just get there early. There’s always a great selection of flowers, produce, and art vendors to browse. Plus, one perk of getting up early is getting espresso from Stell’s on the way.

As a cyclist, what's your go to ride in the area?

Sunset Drive Summit
Looking down from the top of Sunset Drive. Try not to under-estimate sundown when riding up the hill like Ryan ;)

There are so many good rides. But one of my favorites has always been taking Cajon south to Sunset Drive and looping back to town. It’s just a lovely ride, especially now after all the rain from this past winter, the views are spectacular. Cyclery USA has tips for local rides.

Looking for more local insight into Redlands?

About Redlands loves our hometown. Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or visiting for a day-trip, we think Redlands offers something for everyone. Browse our tips about where the locals like to dine. Or check out this awesome one-day itinerary. It features multiple places to eat and things to do in Redlands.

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