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Star Tulip Stuffies...House of Fine Stuffed Animals

"House of Fine Stuffed Animals"-- the kind you normally find partial selections of at gift shops at the zoo or aquarium or natural museum or national parks, arranged by habitat (e.g. Desert, Forest, Africa, Asia, S. America, Australia and also barnyard/domestic animals, dogs--lots of specific breeds--and cats, plus dragons, fairies, fantasy creatures, angels, etc.!) Also featuring decorative garden and standard sized flags and three-dimensional greeting cards and related gift-ware. Established in Redlands in 2003--formerly in the Redlands Mall. stuffed animals southern California

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We are the most intriguing biggest little stuffed animal shop in Southern California (also featuring Decorative House and Garden Flags for the home--and NOW also featuring Designer Scarves for your wardrobe)!

Extremely easy access from two major highways, Interstate 10 and the 210 Freeway, in Redlands between San Bernardino and Palm Springs!

  • Open 7 days a week!


  • Mon. thru Fri. 10 AM -- 6 PM
  • Sat. 10 AM -- 6 PM
  • Sun. 11 AM -- 5 PM


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  • Star Tulip Stuffies...House of Fine Stuffed Animals
  • 1410 Industrial Park Ave
  • Redlands, CA 92374


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Debbie Bramucci said on Jan 7, 2018

Love this place! We bought a bunch of stuffed animals at Christmas time for our daughter and her cousins. Her favorites were the little chick, flying squirrel, plush cat and the dog that looked like a real dog.


Deborah said on Jul 11, 2017

This is my GO TO store for decorative flags, 3-D cards and stuffies. I HIGHLY recommend this shop. Their inventory is better than any museum & aquarium store I've ever been in and costs MUCH LESS!!!


Lisa Jobe said on Jan 4, 2017

We love this place!!


Carmen Valadez said on Sep 6, 2016

Most unique selection of stuffed animals I've ever seen. Great quality and great prices. The stuffed guts and bacteria are my favorite, they are cute, fun, educational, and colorful without being gross.


Kelly Rogers said on Sep 6, 2016

Beautiful stuffed animals of all kinds at very reasonable prices...I am very impressed! I will certainly be back.

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