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What makes a Dream Wedding Cake?

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The answer, the bride and groom. The wedding cake use to be about serving dessert to the guest, now it is often considered the center piece of the reception.

There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to what you want for your wedding cake. Visit to see just a sampling of the wedding cakes we have created for brides and grooms and how varied they are. Some cakes are designed using elements of the wedding such as color or theme and others have their own personality. Gone are the days of just a white three tiered cake with a bride and groom on the top. Before we get into décor let’s talk about taste.

The taste: The cake can be any flavor you like, just make sure you have a variety to please all your guests. Cakes can be filled with a simple whip cream or whip chocolate, fresh fruit or my personal favorite fresh butter cream. Cakes made with fresh ingredients are going to cost more, but it’s worth it. Most places will offer cake tasting, some charge a small fee but it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.

The Design: When it comes to decoration the easiest way to get what you want is to first find a photo or photo(s) of what you like. Next consider what shape of wedding cake you’d like. The classic and most traditional is round, then there is square which can be chic and sophisticated, and then there is multi-shaped which is unique and can be eclectic. The cake should reflect the theme of the wedding and personality of the couple. The design often uses elements of the wedding, such as color, ribbons, flowers and jewels. Because of televisions shows about weddings and cakes you might have an elaborate idea, often those designs are made with something called fondant. If fondant is used know that it is not tasty. You’ll find it peeled off the cake and left on the plate.

Also traditional the top tier is frozen by the bride and groom and eaten of the first anniversary. At Michelle’s we offer our brides and grooms a fresh cake complementary.