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  • Written by: Martha Green The Eating Room
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Our meal at Caprice Restaurant began with Ahi Tar Tar which was my favorite. It was served with homemade potato chips which was better than any cracker I have had. This appetizer was light and tasty with a little kick. You all know I don’t like spicy foods and this was perfect. I enjoyed the presentation with the Tar Tar molded in the center of the plate and the potato chips neatly arranged in a circle. Very clever. Next, we were served the Quail wrapped in bacon with Brussels sprouts in a blackberry sauce. This dish was one of the most unusual presentations which looked like art. Very tasty. Next, the most beautifully prepared Sonoma lamb chops were presented. Very lovely presentation with white beans and Tuscan kale. I really enjoyed the kale. As a southern girl it reminded me of the greens back home. The meal was topped off by a specialty dessert- Caramelized apple custard tart with French vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel. You all know how much I like my dessert and this was one of the best. Very light and no overly sweet. The perfect ending to a wonderful dinner. By: Martha Green

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