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Valentines Day & Children's Dental Health Month

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  • Written by: James Patrick Caley James Patrick Caley, D.S.S.
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It's February. Not only do we celebrate Valentine's Day - which makes it a perfect month to get your teeth cleaned or whitened to prepare for this national day of romance. Call us at (909) 798-5117 for an appointment.

It's also the time we celebrate Children's Dental Health during the month.

To encourage good oral health habits at an early age, below are some ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.


  • Make a collage using pictures of mouths cut out of magazines.

  • Draw an open mouth shape on paper, outline the mouth with pink glue (gums), and stick white beans onto the glue (teeth).

  • Cut out a 6" by 4" pair of smiling lips out of red construction paper and an 8" by 1/2" strip of white paper. Snip off little pieces of the white paper strip to make "teeth". Glue the paper teeth on the paper lips to make big toothy smiles.

Other fun kid-activities

  • Go to the store and pick out their own toothbrush and sample-size toothpaste. Take a field trip to a dentist office.

Questions for kids

  • Do you know why we need teeth?
  • What do you think would happen if you never use a toothbrush to clean your teeth?
  • Have you ever lost any teeth? Do you know why?
  • Why are teeth important?

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